Source system Naruto ch 23

Chapter 23: Inexplicable

“He is a poor little guy, you must have heard about him, he called Naruto. Looking at the satisfied look of the diners on the face, Teuchi can’t help but say something funny.”

However, Teuchi just said this much, the look on the diners’ face was frozen, and quickly swallowed the innermost noodles and screamed.

“What! It is… that demon…”

The words have not finished yet, the diners smug Teuchi’s mouth consciously, looking at the delicious noodles in front of him, and he felt struggled in his heart.

“Eat, or not? This ramen is made by the ‘Demon Fox’. What if it is poisoned?”

“Okay! fine don’t eat it? But… this kind of delicious food is really rare…”

Obviously, they heard it that the bowl of ramen is made by the ‘Jinchuriki’ that everyone knows in the village, but the villagers have selectively forgotten everything when they had just eaten a bite.

However, even so, the lingering fragrance left in the mouth just made him suck his mouth.

“Eat! This kind of food, even if it is poisonous, then I also recognize it!”

Thinking of this, the diners were silent, no longer asking anything, but quietly eating ramen with a low head.

When Teuchi saw the diners’ attitude, he also showed a kind smile, and then turned around and returned to the curtain.

There is the first, naturally second, and slowly the Le ramen noodle restaurant has a strange situation, every diner who comes to eat will hesitate for a while, then lower their heads and silently eat ramen.

“Oh, it seems that the food has successfully convinced these people.”

Looking at the strange and silent ramen noodle restaurant, the face of Teuchi showed a hint of relief.

After a moment, Kurenai and Kakashi stepped into the Le Ramen noodle restaurant and called Naruto. “Naruto, give me a bowl of ramen.”

As a special ninja of Konoha Village, Kakashi and Kurenai are still very famous in the village of Konoha. Their voice has just appeared to arouse the surprise of the diners in the ramen noodle restaurant.

“Hey! The special Junnin Kurenai and specIAL Junnin Kakashi, how have you come here?”

“Do you know, the demon fox boy …… Naruto….?”


The arrival of the two made the originally silent ramen restaurant start bustling again, directed at both of them people at restaurant start to ask them.

For the inquiries of everyone, Kakashi replied very slyly. “I just know that I had eaten the ramen Naruto had made this morning, but I don’t have words to say.”

Kakashi thumbs up for the taste, and Kurenai is very agreeing. “Yes, it is definitely the most delicious food I have ever eaten!”

At this time, Kakashi and Kurenai both advertised for the Le Ramen restaurant and praised Naruto’s delicious Ramen.

Seeing the two people’s attitudes, the diners in the ramen noodle restaurant were not surprised, and then they showed a ‘thinking’ look, and their mind was no longer so disgusted with Naruto’s existence. At least, they can make them late for such delicious ramen.

With the take-off roll of Kakashi and Kurenai, the attitude of the diners in the Le Ramen noodle restaurant has changed a lot. This situation has kept Naruto on the road after standing behind the curtain. The heart was relieved a little, then he handed the two bowls of ramen in Teuchi’s hand and said: “Uncle, this is for Kakashi and sister Kurenai.”

“You little devil, you can always rest assured.” Looking at relieved look of Naruto, Teuchi couldn’t help but smile. He took the two bowls of ramen from Naruto’s hand and turned and walked out of the curtain.

———————————————————————————————————————————————— —————————————

The lunchtime soon passed, and under the tasteful food made by Naruto, a group of diners left the ramen noodle.

After everyone left, Kakashi chatted with Teuchi in the ramen noodle for a moment and then got up and left the restaurant, but Kurenai did not say a word from beginning to end, just stare at Naruto with her pair of beautiful eyes. Naruto’s eyes were also smiling.

Staring… Staring…

Finally, Naruto couldn’t help but ask unnatural Kurenai. “Sister Kurenai,… What happened to you? Why are you staring at me like this?”

“… …” Looking at Naruto’s fearful face, Kurenai couldn’t help but laugh out, then got up and strolled to the Naruto and touched his head and said: “Haha, Naruto, you are really so cute!”

Kurenai said this and stroke Naruto’s face with her hand.

[“Ting… Kurenai’s feelings add 10 points to the host!”]

The system’s prompt sounded again, and Naruto’s mouth twitched with a smile, but this smile hit in the eyes of Ayame.

After seeing the expression on Naruto’s face, the young Ayame felt like someone is going to rob her beloved doll from her. Nameless anger raised in her heart and she stared at Kurenai with her pair of watery eyes. “Hey, you woman, what are you doing to Naruto, let him go!”

“Umm, how, little Ayame, are you feeling jealous?” When Kurenai heard Ayame, She unexpectedly looked at Ayame and said.

When she heard Kurenai’s teasing, Ayame inexplicably panicked in her heart. Her little face turned red like blood, and she quickly refused. “No, absolutely not!” While talking, Ayame still sneaked at Naruto, who buried his head in Kurenai’s arms, and she couldn’t help but become angrier. After a cold cry, she twisted her head.

[“Ting… Ayame’s care for the host increase the sensitivity of 35.”]

[“Ting …… Ayame lower favorability host 3.”]

[“Ting …… Ayame host favorability increased 4.”]


With a jealous flag, Naruto’s ears constantly ringing sound system tips, it is the constant fluctuation of other’s affection for Naruto.

When Naruto heard the system’s prompt, he couldn’t help but wonder, “I wonder, what’s wrong with Ayame? Her volatility so fluctuating?”

Think of this, Naruto uses the sensibility system to secretly explore her Good feelings.

Name: Kurenai

Identity: Konoha Village Resident

Feelings: 75

“Hey! 75!” Seeing that the affection of Ayame has reached an astonishing 75 points, Naruto’s heart was silently surprised, and then looked at Ayame. There is a complex look in her eyes that he doesn’t even know…

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