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Chapter 22: The Silence of Diners

Naruto quickly prepared a bowl of exquisite appearance Ramen in less than a moment and placed in front of Ayame.

Because of the special task issued by the system, Naruto prepared the Bowl of ramen noodles very careful. Therefore, it’s attribute is delicious +18. Although it has not been tasted, the appearance and the taste of the fragrance have reached an extreme level.

For the delicious +18 ramen, Ayame has no resistance at all, and it instantly collapses. The saliva can’t help but stay away from the corner of the mouth. Her line of sight stuck at the ramen noodle bowl in Naruto’s hand.

“Sister Ayame, ramen noodles!”

Looking at Ayame’s expression, Naruto smiled mysteriously. After all, when cooking ramen, even the maker of Naruto almost couldn’t help but eat it a little, so let alone mention others.

Looking at Ramen bowl in Naruto’s hand, Ayame couldn’t sit still anymore. She quickly stood up and took the chopsticks, took the ramen bowl from Naruto and without checking the temperature of the ramen, she ate it.

“Ahhh… hot… hot… hot…”

The ramen had just been cooked, so the temperature was relatively high. Under the recklessness, Ayame was flushed, but she did not spit out the noodles from her mouth. Her small mouth was feeling uncomfortable, and it was hard to swallow the hot ramen.

“Wow, call…call… it’s hot but so delicious, it’s Dad’s ten… No, no, a hundred times better delicious!”

“Hey, how is it delicious, pull The noodle restaurant is still open to me.” Teuchi feels a kind of sour taste in his heart, because of Ayame compare him with Naruto.

Teuchi felt very hurt on his daughter’s undisguised praise, he looked at Naruto with full of resentful smug look, and lamented in his heart. “I, is it wrong to make a decision…”

Contrary to the emotions of Teuchi, Naruto has no modesty. It is natural to nod and say, “Of course, the craft of the uncle still needs to be improved.”

In this way, Naruto has already regarded himself as a master, but obviously, Naruto has completely forgotten that Teuchi is standing behind him and is still jealous.


Little Naruto’s voice just fell, a casserole’s big fist slammed on his head, and then the sullen voice of Teuchi fluttered from behind.

“Little devil, what did you…just…say?”

“Oh!” Naruto’s head was attacked, and he screamed aloud while rubbing his head, he whispered, and then said with no bones. ……”I said that I can’t catch up with my uncle’s craftsmanship. Even if it’s for me, I won’t be able to catch up for ten years.”

“This is right, well, Ayame, you eat it soon, and prepare for work, the guests are about to come.” When Teuchi heard Naruto’s answer, he nodded and said it to Ayame.”

“Well, I know.” Looking at the way Teuchi hit at Naruto’s head, Ayame was a little more smiley. After smiling for a moment she continued to eat ramen in her hand and thought at the same time. “It’s really delicious, it would be nice if I can eat such ramen in the future…”

Just as Ayame think about it in her heart, Naruto heard a systematic reminder in his ear.

[“Ting… Congratulations to the host for completing a special mission: to make a satisfying lunch for Ayame, mission reward: 10 mission points.”]

“Call, finished, great!” Hearing the system sound, Naruto exposed a brilliant smile, then rushed to say, “Sister Ayame, you eat slowly, I’ll go to help first.”

Then, Naruto turned and walked into the curtain.

[Ting… Make a regular dough, cooking skill +3, ordinary dough attributes: delicious +4.]

[Ting… Make a fine dough, culinary proficiency +5, ordinary dough attributes: delicious +6.]

With the flour, Naruto’s ear constantly reminds him of the system. As cooking has been improved, the dough made by Naruto is also more advanced, and the layer of delicious attributes is much higher than the morning.

It’s just the time for Ayame to eat ramen. Naruto has made 2 delicate doughs and 3 servings of regular dough.

“Boss, a bowl of shrimp ramen please!”

Hearing the voice of the guest, he hit the five group of ramen on the table and said: “Naruto, it is enough to use 5 groups of noodles at noon. Come and help me to make ramen and noodles first for the guest.”

“Oh, okay!” After hearing Teuchi’s call, Naruto nodded and took a small squat from the dough and began to pick it up.

I have to say that even though Naruto’s cooking is only junior, in the world of Naruto, his cooking has already stood at the top. A small amount of dough is changing shape in the hands of Naruto. The hour is flat and eventually Slowly, under the shaking and shaking of Naruto, it became a thin noodle with uniform thickness.

Later, Naruto threw the noodles into a hot pot and boiled for less than 5 minutes. A bowl of delicious +16 exquisite ramen was freshly baked.

Although the delicious attribute is 2 points lower than that, that Naruto has done for Ayame, but the scent that is emitted is more attractive than the one he made before. It is not too much to say that it is fragrant.

So the ramen noodles have just been completed. The diners smelled the scent of the ramen noodles. Their eyes brightened, and said to Teuchi behind the curtain: “Hey, Teuchi, it seems that your cooking has gone up a lot, this fragrance..”

He said and sucked his mouth and his face showed a look that he couldn’t wait.

When Teuchi heard the praise of the diners, a bitter smile appeared on his face. He wanted to say that this is Naruto’s craft in front of him, but he said: “This ramen is not what I did.”

“Ah? Isn’t it what you did? It’s must be hard for your daughter to do it.” When he heard Teuchi’s words, the diners showed a horrified look on his face. After giving a strange look, he sighed and said: “However, little Ayame has a wonderful talent in such a small age. You seem to have a cloak in the future!”

“Oh, that’s the gimmick, forget it, she still has a long way to make ramen.”

It is like cooking is also a kind of ‘art’.

However, after hearing Teuchi deny, the diners’ asked again with full of doubts. “Not Ayame? Who is that?”

The diners whipped up the ramen and blew it, then stuffed the noodles in his mouth.

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