Son of Whitebeard Ch 12

Chapter 12: Wipe Out

Vegeta took less than 1 minute to reach at the location.

Before anyone can react, Unbounded killing intent covered the whole island.

After seeing the tearful face of Nami, Vegeta just can’t control his killing.

Killing intent is so powerful that whole village is trembling under it.

Vegeta unconsiously activate his Madman stealth step, and took the sword from one of the soldier.

Every Navy soldier show the cold face of Vegeta, and trembles.

They are feeling like death itself is standing in front of them.

Nami also saw the face of Vegeta, and unconsiously remind him.

“Vegeta, run away! This has nothing to do with you!”

But before she can convince him, Madman stealth Step activated.

With the support of Observation Haki, Madman stealth steps are within the range of Navy soldiers.

No-one can see even the figure of Vegeta, and legs and Hands of all the soldiers starting to seperate.

In just a minute, full Shura show is finished.

Not even a single Navy soldier is killed, but every soldier is without arms and legs.

Everyone is just begging to kill them, but Vegeta ignore everyone.

After saying that, Vegeta just ignores everyone, and covers the whole island with Observation Haki.

After finding the location of Arlong park, Vegeta once again used his stealth step and disappear.

“Shit, he went to fight Arlong.”

“Arlong will kill him, I have to stop him.”

After thinking the next step of Vegeta, Nami forehead is covered with sweats.


After a minute.

Arlong Park.

Arlong is laughing with his fishmans.

“Nami has kept rejecting Boss offer to be his woman.”

“Now we see, how she will not agree.”

“Navy already start taking her all collected money. After that Nami will have no option other than to be Arlong Boss wife.”


“I just want see her disappointed and crying face, when Navy is taking away all the money.”

All fishmen pirates are laughing and joking with Arlong.

Real world is not as beautiful as it looks in Anime.

Vegeta directly kick the main door of Arlong Park.

“Arlong… Arlong… Arlong, finally, we meet.”

“Who are you boy?”

Arlong arogantly asked.

“Dead people don’t need to know the identity.”

After saying this, Vegeta didn’t gave a single chance to talk.

He directly starts his Stealth step, and starts cutting down hands and legs of everyone.

Before anyone can react, tens of body parts are lying down on the floor.

“Attack, kill this guy.”

Vegeta speed even make him fearful, so Arlong wants to use numbers to kill him.

Vegeta didn’t waste time to remove the cannon fodders.

Only Arlong and his three top guards are left.

“Boy, I will kill you and then I will kill the whole village. You killed my brothers.”

Arlong eyes turned red.

Vegeta didn’t have mood to chitchat with Arlong.

Chew and Arlong choose the long distance attack, and Hatchan and Kuroobi chooses the close range.

But speed of Stealth step almost make him invincible under the strength of 1000. And how can we forgot to explain his Observation Haki.

He can predict opponents attack, and attack at faster speed than opponent. Within few minutes, Kuroobi is dead.

If he didn’t wish to destroy the plot, he would have killed Hatchan as well.

After killing Kuroobi, Vegeta just used his stealth step and come behind Chew.

Chew is also dead in one shot.

Now only Arlong and Hatchan is left alone.

“Arlong, first you killed someone mother and now you intend to force her to marry you.”

Vegeta shook his head and once again used his stealth step.

Vegeta directly come in front of Arlong, and before he react, his Armament Haki applied sword cut off Arlong’s nose.

“Hey… Hey, what are you flustered for? I have just started, I will cut off your legs then hands, after that I will hang you in front of the villagers, so that they can humiliate you, and then kill you.”

Vegeta evily said.

“Why are you doing this? We are not enemy.”

Arlong asked in fear.

At this time, Nami, Nojiko, and Kaya reached to Arlong Park.

“You come here, killed Belemere, occupy village, torture villager, want to forcefully marry Nami, there is nothing wrong in this.”

Everyone face is full of confusion, Nami even have some anger in her heart.

“You can do this, because you have strength. I kill you because I have strength.”

“This world works on the basis, who have more strength.”

“You were the slave of Dragon, because you are weak. You also were tortured more cruelly than Nami, because you are weak.”

“Do you know, why I am saying this. I want to teach my friends a direct lesson and tell them the importance of having strength.”

“Some year before, Nami mother is killed in front of her, she can’t do anything. Today, her sister was shot in front of her, and she can’t do anything.”

“Nami, are you listening?”

Vegeta turned his face, and looked towards Nami.

Nami face is covered with tears, but still nodded.

Arlong tried to walk toward pool, because if he reach there, he can just run away.

Vegeta moves like a ghost, and cut off 4 limbs of Arlong.

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