Chapter 8: Party!

After around 5 minutes, Nami and Nojiko started to cough some blood and wake up.

“Cough Cough!!”

Sanji immediately became active, and appear on her side, and shouted: “Nami Swan~~~ Nojiko Swan~~ Are you okay?”

Shin took back his ability, but he didn’t took back his hand, and keep massaging their breast.

“Are you alright my beautiful angles? Do yo…..” Shin was on way to say some beautiful lines, but Sanji once again disturbed.

“You bastard, first take off you hands!!”

“Nami Swan~~ I am the prince who saved you!!”

Shin didn’t take off his hand, and keep enjoying the massage.

Nami and Nojiko felt alright, except they both felt the hand on their breast which is massaging them in different angels. And exactly pushed the point which induce lust.

Nami and Nojiko both face turned red, and directly slapped Shin.

“You Bastard Shin!!” X2

Shin didn’t dodge, and at the last moment pinched the nipples, and let go of their breasts.

With his level of strength, Shin didn’t even felt a little bit of pain, and keep smiling while looking at his hand.

While Sanji eyes almost started to breathe fire, and he also wants to replace Shin’s position, and wants to enjoy.

But when Sanji attack, Shin easily dodges his attack. After all, his strength is more than 20 times than Sanji.

After that, Shin didn’t stop to get beaten by Nami and Nojiko, he went towards the forest to copy some animals.

And finding animals with his Penetration vision ability is too easy.

Shin choose Poisonous Snake, Eagle, Lion, Tiger, Monkey, Ape, Mouse, Cat, Dog.

He choose Eagle, so he can fly.

Mouse, cat and dog are most common animal, so they help him sneeking into the place.

Poisonous Snake, so I can provide unlimited amount of poison.

As for Lion, Tiger, Monkey and Ape, he copied just to mix into the forest.

And after into into Eagle, Shin started to fly around into the Conami forest for searching some weird animals.

With eagle body, flying is pretty easy. He felt as if flying is his body instinct.

“I have to say, flying is just too addictive.”

Shin found that when you turned into animal shape, you body will have that animal instinct. And not only that, you have that animal abilities.

Like now Shin turned into Eagle, so he can fly, as well as his eyesight became too good.

And this ability started to evolved in his own body because of Adapt ability given by the devil fruit absorption.

After knowing this effect, Shin also copied Spider and Owl.

After all, Spider sense and Own night vision is just too good ability to be left out.

Shin fly around for a long time, and when night started to come, he went towards the Cocoyashi village.

This time, village is still in shock. Most of the peoples are cursing Nami and Nojiko, along with Luffy group.

After all, in orginal series, Conami island got free from Arlong’s terror without sacrificing anyone, but now, half of Cocoyashi village has been wiped out.

But luckily other 19 village has started the banquete, and enjoying their freedom.

Luffy and others don’t care about villager felt happy for help or not, But Nami, Nojiko and Genzo are pretty tense. After all, they know that they helped the village, but villager now think that their loved one killed because of these two girls.

Although villagers don’t dare to do anything to these girls until Luffy pirate group is there, but when they go away, Nojiko and Nami life would be worse.

Sanji keep smoking his cigrette, and suggest: “Luffy, how about letting Nojiko join our crew? Just like Nami!!”

All of them turned silent, and looked towards Luffy.

Luffy smiled with happiness, and shouted: “No problem!!”

Although Luffy decided to take only best fighters, but seeing Nojiko block the bullet for Nami, and fightning along side with Nami, he know that Nojiko has pure heart.

Sanji immediately became excited, and come in front of Nojiko while dancing, “You heard it Nojiko swan~~!! You gonna be our crew from now on!!”

Nojiko looked at Nami with distress, and wants to know if he created nuisense.

Nami smiled towards Luffy, and nodded his head. With this arrangement, Nami will also take care of his sister.

Although being Pirate is dangerous, but she can’t left his sister alone in this cold village.

After Shin left, villager wants to kill both of them, and Nami has seen the hatred in their eyes. If not Luffy stand in the mid, and beat anyone who come forward, villagers would have killed them.

Genzo wants to say that he can convince the villager, but he know that this is almost impossible thing. So, he closed his mouth.

Suddenly at this time, a eagle entered into house,

“Woooo!! Where did this eagle come from?”

Sanji immediately became excited, and shouted: “Let’s try baked eagle!!”

And before anyone can react, it started to transform back into Shin.

Luffy’s eyes immediately started to shin, and shouted: “Shin, you can even transform into eagle!!”

Everyone face is just filled with shock.

Even Nami and Nojiko, who know Shin from childhood got shocked.

Although Usopp already explained them about their recovery, but still seeing with their eyes make them shocked.

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