Chapter 7: Rich man!!

Suddenly Wind around him started to flow wildly, and lightning directly appeared covered his body.

“What just happened right now?”

Shin tried to control the wind around him, and slowly wind started to clam down, and lightning also started to converge a little.

After controlling the ability, Shin immediately opened his property panel to see what happened.


Character Card: Shendu [76%]

Talismen: Snake (Lv 1 – 84.1%), Dog (Lv 2 – 14.3%), Pig (Lv 1 – 57.3%), Horse (Lv 1 – 0%), Sheep (Lv 1 – 0%), Monkey (Lv 1 – 0%), Tiger (Lv 1 – 0%), Rat (Lv 1 – 0%), Dragon (Lv 1 – 0%)

Ability: Fire, Lightning, Wind, Adapt, Dragon Transformation

Skill: Conqueror Haki (Lv 1 – 3%)


Shin face turned dark.

Although he got two powerful ability which he never thought, but 3 most desired talisman are still not available.

Strength, Speed, and Gravity.

Shin just shook his head, and started to check other places where Arlong might have hidden his treasure.

Along with that, Shin also found that Monkey Talisman have not scanned a single animal to transform. So, he has to scan different kinds of animal, and then only he can transform into them.

As for how long he can transformed in that form, he is not confirmed.

Shin went to Cocoyashi village, where he found that almost everyone is surrounding hospital.

Shin patted one of the guy’s shoulder, and asked.

“Hey, what happened? Why are you all serious?”

Boy immediately want to turned around, and punch this guy, but when he saw who came, his face immediately turned pale, and he falls down in fear.

“Don’t eat me…. please!!”

Shin face turned dark, but when he looked forward, he found that everyone eyes are filled with fear. And they immediately a way for him.

Shin put an evil smile on his face, and started to walk forward.

Just when he reached to the center, he found that Nami and Nojiko are bandaged by Usopp, and their condition are not good.

Shin face turned dark, and asked: “What happened? Why didn’t you send them to the doctor?”

Luffy face is also grim, and said: “Doctor died in previous attack. And village doesn’t have any more doctor!!”

Shin face also turned grim, and by looking at Nami and Nojiko situation, chances of their survival are small.

“Okay move aside, I will heal them!!” Shin doesn’t want those beautiful girls to die.

“Are you a doctor?” Usopp asked with unbelieveable mindset.

Shin shook his head, and said: “No, but I have devil fruit ability to heal!!”

Luffy’s eyes immediately, while Usopp bring Shin to Nami.

Sanji face filled with distrust. After all, he saw Shin turning invisible, then turning into dragon, then how can a person have healing ability as well.

Shin didn’t care about anyone’s opinion, but still explained.

“My devil fruit is Desire-Desire Fruit!! It means that, it can give me any ability which I desired. Like now I desired to heal Nami and Nojiko.”

Shin is not telling them his real ability, instead he is telling the fake one, Navy spy can hear about his ability.

And not consider him having two or more devil fruit user.

Shin put his hands on Nami and Nojiko’s breast, and activate his ability.

Sanji immediately want to kick Shin away, but Zoro caught him this time.

Their body immediately covered with white light, and wound started to heal.

Shin concentrate on healing inner organ wounds, rather than other wounds, which shows his powerful ability.

Shin felt that his stamina started to consume at much faster rate. After all, he is healing two person fatal wounds.

But now Shin body is atleast 512x times stronger than normal person in One Piece world.

His strength already reach superhuman level.

If you consider Luffy’s strength is at current level, it is around 30. And Shin strength is around 512.

With this contrast, you can understand the difference in power level.

“Hey, all of you are under arrest!!”

At this time, a marine captain appeared with soldiers, and decided to take action.

This guy is Marine Captain Nezumi, who was ordered by Arlong to take Nami’s treasure. So, she can keep doing work for him.

At that time, Arlong didn’t know that his devil fruit was stolen. And when he heard that devil fruit was stolen, he turned mad, and even thought that Nami dared to steal his treasured devil fruit.

So, he decided to kill Nami.

And just when they reached Cocoyashi village, Arlong and Luffy fight was over, and Dragon Roar along with Conqueror Haki hit marines soldiers, and they fainted.

So, he only found beaten down Arlong along the way, and decided to take away the treasure, as well as credit to arrest Arlong.

But this time, villagers look at him like they are looking at a fool.

‘You puny marine wants to arrest Dragon!! Did he have death wish?’

But before Nezumi can give order to arrest, Luffy’s hand stretched, and directly punched on his face, and fly him away.

“Don’t disturb!! Don’t you know my ship doctor is healing the crew members!!”

Luffy face is filled with anger, as well as slyness. He really wants to take Shin as his partner.

Shin wants to punch Luffy’s face, but he didn’t deny this time.

He also know that to get last three most important Talisman, he has to travel to the world. So, why not travel with bunch of jokers, who won’t let you bore.

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