Chapter 37: Suspicious

Siming Mountain, Konoha Camp.

The two teams Homura and Torune faced each other.


Homura laughed loudly, and said: “Since Danzo wants me to help him deal with logistics and control Hidden Cloud’s prisoners, then I will do the same.”

Fugaku and Torune breathed a sigh of relief, Homura good to take a step back, Danzo gave the order to die, and no one was allowed to disturb him at this time.

But immediately, their faces were blue.

“But Danzo now has some real ability to make you so obedient.”

“Could it be that you were cursed by him and have to listen to him? This is very similar to Danzo. That old guy’s style.” Homura glanced at Tomura and Fugaku in front of the crowd, and said in a calm manner.

This is Danzo’s usual method, and Homura has also heard of it. Many high-level people in the village know this.

He said this under the public in order to make everyone suspicious of Danzo and seize power.

Sure enough, after he said these words, many of the Uchiha clan couldn’t help but look towards Fugaku in front of the crowd.

The patriarch’s recent performance is indeed a bit weird, is it true that Danzo has been controlled?

The eyes around Fugaku also noticed that his face became stiff.

Of course he was not controlled by Danzo, but there was no way to explain those difficulties to these people.

Fugaku was not talking, and Torune frowned.

The scene cooled down, and the team that had been victorious and vigorous became a little stiff because of the arrival of Homura.

Homura looked at all this with some contentment, no one knows how to instigate people better than me.

He has a good relationship with Danzo, and if he had been in the past, he wouldn’t have been so embarrassed by Danzo.

But since he learned from Sarutobi Hiruzen that Danzo was truly regaining his youth, whether it was Koharu or himself, in fact, they have somewhat rejected Danzo.

They have different ideas from Sarutobi Hiruzen.

Does strength matter?

Maybe they thought it was important when they were young.

But since they were old and became Hokage consultants, they valued power more and prestige.

As long as they are in the village of Konoha, they just say that there are no two. Few people in the village can refute their opinions.

Everyone is obviously of the same generation, so why can you go back to your youth, focus on candlelight, and enjoy the right for decades, but we have to drag this remains out.

When I thought about my treatment when I came to this camp before, I thought about Danzo’s arrangements for him.

The more Homura thought about it, the more angry he became, and he unscrupulously began to discredit Danzo’s reputation. Danzo’s current strength did not exist, and he did not need to care about this guy’s face.

Although there are a lot of people at the root, he has brought enough manpower to the front.

But before he waited for Homura to be proud, a figure came to his side with a thunder, and blasted out with a punch, directly blasting Homura a dozen meters away, hitting the crowd behind him. Directly overturned several people.


Homura stared at the figure that suddenly appeared with wide eyes, and commanded the crowd to surround the figure.

But the people of Homura hadn’t moved yet, and they were surrounded by the crowd at the root.

Danzo’s eyes flashed with cold light, and he stared at Homura who was staggering and said: “Homura, you are going to give me a problem since then.”

Before activating the skill, he learned the news that the old guy had arrived at Konoha camp.

Although he had expected that this old guy would not give him a good face when he came to the front line, what Danzo kept rushing to see was the old guy’s smearing his image.

“Danzo! What do you mean!” Homura asked loudly while clutching his chest, feeling that his ribs had been broken.

The punch was so powerful that he was almost beaten to death.

Danzo looked at him, a trace of pity flashed in his eyes.

He actually kept his strength, but he didn’t expect that this punch actually triggered the passivity, and the 20% crit damage nearly killed the old guy.

He considered the situation before taking the shot and did not play a killer.

But after the shot, he thought about how to keep his hand just now, and didn’t kill him directly.

“What do you mean?”

He took a step forward, and the figure had already straddled several tens of meters to reach Homura.

The people who were supporting Homura backed a few steps tremblingly, watching Danzo warily, but stood in front of the injured Homura to block them.

However, Homura had some conscience, stared at those people, and came to Homura to hold him.

“Before the war, you shook the military’s mind. I didn’t kill you on the spot. It was enough to save face!”

The thick suffocation was overwhelming and headed towards Homura. Danzo had no strength before, so he could only talk to these people in good spirits.

It’s different now!

With killing intent in his eyes, he stared at Homura unabashedly.

“You! Your strength?”

Homura pointed to Danzo and said in disbelief, “No… impossible! Sarutobi has already said that your strength is greatly damaged! You can’t have such a speed and power!”

But then, his eyes widened, as if he realized something.

“You…you are acting!”

There are many thoughts, but Homura still relies on his understanding of Danzo to sort out his intentions for the first time.

All of this is hidden in the acting, in order to let Sarutobi put down his guard, he is still thinking about Hokage’s seat in his heart!

He wants to continue the feat of this war and compete with Sarutobi for the seat of Naruto!

Shaking his head, Danzo didn’t want to explain these things to him at all, saying: “Since you are injured, go back to the village of Konoha obediently, and I will let the people at the root send you back.”

“As for the people you brought…”

Danzo looked at his team with a little fear. There were familiar faces in the team.

Mito, Utatane, Sarutobi …

Most of them are the children of these three families. Although they have never met before, Danzo is the root leader, so the information he needs is very clear.

The three of them are good calculations and plan to send their children over for gilding.

“Leave all your people, just to make up for the loss of Hyuga team.” Danzo said and smiled unconsciously, which made everyone in the team behind Homura tremble.


Homura gritted his teeth and said, “Sarutobi want me to take your place, and because of you, you have caused so many casualties, you still have the face to stay on the front line. right?”

“I’m not here, do not let you waste this led the team to do?” Danzo mercilessly replied, “you are not forgotten I had then?”

A step closer, Danzo looked straight to Homura.

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