Chapter 36: Conflict

In the tent, Danzo considered it for a long time, but finally gave up this choice.

If he pursues speed alone, he can indeed increase his speed to a level comparable to or even surpassing those of the second and fourth Hokage in a short time.

But if he doesn’t have enough points to activate in spirit, then he doesn’t have the ability to control this speed.

When the time comes, slam on the accelerator and get up the car quickly, but there is no technology to control the car. It is definitely possible that the car accidentally knocks over the railing and crashes.

Reach out to increase the physical body to activate the follow-up skill Brass Body. Except for speed and spirit, Danzo can only choose power and physicality.

In terms of strength, Danzo has just learned.

Everyone is a mortal body, and they cut it with one knife. Except for those who attach great importance to physical cultivation, Danzo generally can’t handle that.

But in the same way, if someone accidentally overturned the car and was chopped by someone, Danzo could not help it.

As the hot torrent appeared in the body once again, the piercing pain was more intense than the previous one, but this time Danzo was prepared, but he did not faint like the pain before.

Feeling the changes in his body, the pain in Danzo’s eyes was a little less.

Watching my body slowly become stronger and stronger, this feeling is extremely wonderful.

And when Danzo activated his skills, Homura also rushed to Siming Mountain.

“Where is Danzo?” As soon as he stepped into Konoha’s camp, the first person Homura looked for was Danzo.

“Master Danzo has some insights during the first battle and is retreating.” As Danzo’s confidant, Torune, stood up and answered first.


Homura helped with his glasses, and said angrily: “He is a ninja in retreat, when I am a fool? Call him out. I have to take care of the things that caused battle damage before he escape from battle.”

Danzo hides in the retreat. He would not believe it.

From his point of view, Danzo hid because of his previous departure from the team and did not dare to face him.

Torune’s face that had been softened because of the victory was cold again because of Homura’s words, saying: “Danzo-sama has an order, no one is allowed to disturb him.”

Facing Torune’s attitude, Homura also stagnated, and then said angrily: “I order you as a Hokage consultant to call me Danzo.”

After more than ten years have not walked out of Konoha Village, young people now look like this Are there no elders?

“Master Danzo is not here, and he has instructed that you will be responsible for supervising the prisoners of Hidden Cloud Village after you come.” Torune is still in that tone and expressionless face.

“Regulatory capture?!”

Homura widened his eyes, and said: “Hokage let me go front, in order to take over his seat as war leader, which also led to casualties!!!”

“He still What face is staying on this front line!”

In his opinion, whether he or Koharu came to fight this battle, he could easily win the victory.

Dignified Hokage consultant, Danzo actually let him be a logistics manager!

There was a cold light in his eyes. Originally, he planned to retell the old with Danzo, so as not to make the relationship too stiff, since that’s the case, now he is not welcome.

“War situation”

Torune has a frown, unconsciously learn to smile mocking hoist Danzo said: “Do not know who had been opposed to sending troops, and sacrificing Hyuga poor lives.”

Homura’s face froze, although Koharu mentioned this matter at the beginning, but he did not object.

Being beaten by a junior, Homura’s face was sore.

In order to conceal this irritability, he glared at him and said, “What kind of attitude you have! Do you know who you are talking to? That’s how Danzo disciplines his subordinates?”

He was refuted again and again. He could not bear it anymore.

He had also seen Danzo’s subordinates, and he was very tough.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know that the Danzo-sama he admired was already a half-handicapped ordinary person, and he didn’t have the strength to secure his position.

Homura thought with disdain.

“Homura-sama, this time the loss is entirely the result of Hyuga’s own blame, and this matter cannot be pushed to Danzo-sama.” Uchiha Fugaku came to explain after hearing the news.

Homura stared at Fugaku: “So, you have to stand on Danzo’s side?”

His eyes are full of inquiries, when did the Uchiha family and Danzo have such a good relationship.

“This incident is indeed not the fault of Master Danzo.” Fugaku insisted on his statement. Between Uchiha and the village, Danzo was promised to him, not Homura.

Other Uchiha clan people gathered around, and people from other clan also looked faintly here.

Danzo just brought them to victory, and the strength is obvious to all.

This is a world where the strong are respected. It is now outside, on the battlefield, not in Konoha Village.

Homura wanted to take the chicken feathers as an arrow, and rely on his own generation to say things, and few people would listen.


Kakashi, who was observing secretly, couldn’t stand up when he saw other people approaching with ill-faced faces, and jumped out with the people from Anbu.

Wearing a mask, Kakashi stood opposite Homura, his attitude was obvious, he was also on Danzo’s side.

It’s just that Kakashi chose to stand up because he didn’t want to see the conflict between Konoha.

“I have reported the matter of Lord Danzo to Lord Hokage through the battle report. This matter is indeed not the cause of Lord Danzo.” Kakashi explained.

Although the battle loss was indeed partly due to Danzo’s departure, before leaving the team, Danzo had issued an order not to approach Siming Mountain and conflict with Hidden Cloud’s main force.

It was indeed because of him that Hyuga Hizashi refused to obey orders.


Homura sneered, and said: “Kakashi, you have chosen to stand on Danzo again. Interesting, but I would advise you that it will not end well.”

Staring at Kakashi, although there is a mask, but Homura, who is a Hokage consultant, certainly recognized his identity as Shinobi, but he didn’t expect that after Sarutobi’s Anbu came to the front line, he would be brainwashed by Danzo again.

“I’m just telling the truth from facts.” Kakashi’s face under the mask became cold, and he did not refute his identity, and said calmly.

But after finishing talking, he left with Anbu directly, he didn’t want to care about the mess here.

He is going to find Danzo, and here only Danzo has the status and can manage Homura.

As soon as Anbu left, the surrounding crowd gathered here again.

In the face of the surrounding crowd, behind Homura, the team that had just followed him to the battlefield slowly became agitated.

But now is not the time for infighting.

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