Scientist to God

Scientist to God

John traversed into the Marvel Universe, with a system of great scientists. And told the world about the power of scientist.

“Iron Man is nothing, his set of Ironman Suit are just for my houseworker to buy food! Tony, I seriously warned you, you have to pay me a patent tax!”

“Hulk came to harass me again, have you forgot about your spanking? But I have solved your runaway problem, and some sequelae should be.”

“Captain America, don’t always show off your shield, your shield is not unusual, I can already produce it bulk!”

John once said: “I am a scientist, I can do everything which I can imagine!”

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Chapter 22: Black widowChapter 23: Meet Professor-XChapter 24: Working with Professor-XChapter 25: Ability test
Chapter 26: Bet with HarryChapter 27: treatment of NormanChapter 28: Share transferChapter 29: ElectroChapter 30: Electro appears
Chapter 31: The body of Electro.Chapter 32: The vampireChapter 33: The threat of vampiresChapter 34: Recessive genes and dominant genesChapter 35: Captain America
Chapter 36: Arresting Electro.Chapter 37: Catching ElectroChapter 38: Met Professor-XChapter 39: Blade WarriorChapter 40: Met Blade
Chapter 41: The Vampire BibleChapter 42: learning vampire textChapter 43: Finally can go to the hotelChapter 44: Convinced the Phoenix womanChapter 45: Why the mutants must be difficult to change people
Chapter 46: Repairing defects of Cyclops eyesChapter 47: Using laser eyes to grillChapter 48: Smart creatures have no desireChapter 49: Black beautyChapter 50: Remove the vampire virus
Chapter 51: pharmacyChapter 52: Vampire eldersChapter 53: Sacrifice startedChapter 54: Vampire Holy LandChapter 55: Blood god resurrection
Chapter 56: Catching blood godChapter 57: Curing the 3rd brain domainChapter 58: Hacker SkyeChapter 59: Handsome manChapter 60: Anna
Chapter 61: MagnetoChapter 62: General StrikerChapter 63: SHIELD wipes the buttChapter 64: Looking for MagnetoChapter 65: Mutant Brotherhood
Chapter 66: Mr. Kelly came to ask for help!Chapter 67: White QueenChapter 68: Mystique informsChapter 69: Magneto baseChapter 70: I already knew it
Chapter 71: Dialogue with Magneto!Chapter 72: You are my knightChapter 73: QuicksilverChapter 74: Liberty IslandChapter 75: The consequences of legislation
Chapter 76: Red Devil and Blue DevilChapter 77: Break into the X-weapon baseChapter 78: Drowning Freedom IslandChapter 79: Base Research materialsChapter 80: President became a mutant
Chapter 81: Abuse of the US presidentChapter 82: Mr. Kelly supports the mutantChapter 83: General RossChapter 84: Natasha is a viperChapter 85: Dr. Connor