Pervert in One Piece World ch 3

Chapter 3: Robin

After reading this, Raj time is over and he directly comes out of the system panel.

As soon as he comes out, time flow starts flowing at normal speed.

Suddenly a warm current flows in his body and structure inside his body starts to change.

He knows that he got the Flower-flower fruit. He also can feel that he also create arms on things around 100 meters.

He looks at Robin who is still sobbing on the ship. He smiles and directly kisses her lips.

(Hey, don’t think that our Protagonist is a Loli-con, he is just trying to surprise the girl, so she stops crying.)

And it really works, she stopped crying and look at him with angry eyes.

Raj smile and look at the eyes. He said: “Robin, I am also from the Ohara. You are the one who saved my life. Currently, other than you, I don’t anybody alive. I am alone.”

“So, please don’t cry, I really don’t know how to make to smile.”

After some thoughts, Robin’s face has a grateful smile but her eyes still have some tears.

After she controls her emotions, she asked: “What, we are gonna do?”

Raj looks at her and tries to give her some advice based on experience.

“I think, Navy knows that we are the survivors of Ohara, at least, they definitely know that you are the survivor of Ohara. So, they will try to hunt you down, by making you a wanted criminal.”

Robin’s face is filled with fear.

“Hey, I don’t want to die.”

Raj smile: “Don’t worry, I am with you. We will handle every situation easily. Even if it is tough, you will have me for help.”

Robin smile at Raj, after hearing this. She suddenly remembers the kiss he taken away. It was her first kiss.

On Ohara Island, other than scholars, no-one will talk to her like that. They thought that she is a devil.

She suddenly remembers her ‘Devil’ title and got frightened… She thought that if Raj knows that she is a devil, he will definitely leave her.

Raj saw her face filled with fear, he thought she is frightened by the Navy.

Raj said: “Hey, I told you, I will always be there for you, Ok, Don’t cry.”

After hearing this, Robin mood gets a little bit better, so she plans to tell him everything beforehand.

Robin said: “Even if I am a devil.”

And she uses her power to create lots of hands-on boat.

Raj is from the earth, even if he knows that she has the devil fruit power, he can’t adjust so easily. So, take a few steps back subconsciously.

After seeing this scene, Robin eyes filled with tears again.

He is just like them, he also abandons me.

Raj looks at Robin, whose eyes are filled with tears. He smiled and said: “Robin, if you are a devil, then I am definitely a devil god.”

He also used his devil fruit powers and multiple hands come out from his back.

“What, you are also like me?”

“Foolish girl, you have eaten a devil fruit.”

“I also ate the devil fruit. They are the fruits have different powers. Mine power is Copy-Copy fruit. Just now, I copied your devil fruit. So, don’t worry, you are not some devil. You are just a cute little girl.”

Robin faces directly turn red while hearing ‘cute little girl’.

Raj has to plan everything before landing. Robin was betrayed multiple times in the Anime. So, he has to create a condition where they can develop peacefully for some years.

Raj looked at Robin who is still in her, ‘cute little girl’ dreams.

Raj said: “Robin, we have to plan everything, before landing. Or else, Navy will kill me and capture you to the Impel Down.”

Robin asked: “What is Impel Down.”

“It is a place where they lock most ferocious criminals and torture them for life.”

“So, we have to plan everything before landing.”

Robin said: “I want to fulfill my mom’s dream of finding Void Century history.”

Raj smiled and said: “I know, but you have to become powerful before finding the history. Do you know, why Ohora is destroyed?”


“Because they have no power to protect their rights. Think, If your mom is as powerful as the Navy guys who came, Can they destroy your island?”

“So, our first priority is to find a place where no-one can find us, and you have to start wearing boys cloth and act like boys till we get powerful enough.”

“Hey, Can you tell me, which year is it?”

Robin’s face is filled with doubts: “You don’t even know the year? Have you come from the mountains?”

Raj face turns red, he can’t tell her that he is from a different world. He got the memory from the previous owner but memories are too complicated. And according to human behavior, we will skip everything which is too complicated. So, he only gets the basic idea about his situation. He doesn’t have a clear understanding.

Robin still answered him: “It’s 13th october 1513.”

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Pervert in One Piece World
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