Pervert in One Piece World ch 2

Chapter 2: System Function!

No voice comes from the system but a transparent screen opens in from him.

There are only two boxes on the screen which are labeled as: Active Power, Passive Power!

Raj thought something and finally clicked on the Active Power icon.

It elaborates into three boxes: Copy-paste, Cut-paste, Back.

What the hell is going on here???

“System, at least explain the functions of these options?”

The system doesn’t produce a single sound.

He finally understands the AI system of the system is totally crashed. He has to understand all the functions by himself.

He pressed the Back button. It directly takes him to the previous screen. So, he understands that it works just like a game, you can move on the previous screen.

He finally clicked ‘Copy-paste’ option. A new screen pop-up and show the name of Robin with her picture.

On the lower part of the screen, it shows

Connected computer: Robin

Skill: Ancient Language expert (Copy)

Talent: A-class in Fighting (Copy)
S-class in planning (Copy)
S-class in information collection (Copy)
SS-class in learning (Copy)

Fighting power: C-class soldier (Captain) – (Unable to copy)

Devil Fruit: Flower-Flower Fruit (Level 1) (Copy)

Armament Haki: A-class talent [Blocked] – (Unable to copy Currently)

Observation Haki: S-class talent [Blocked] – (Unable to copy Currently)

Conqueror Haki: C-class talent [Blocked] – (Unable to copy Currently)

Copy Chances remaining: 3


Main Computer: Raj

Skill: None

Talent: F-class in fighting
D-class in swimming

Fighting power: F-class… (even a child can beat you)

Devil Fruit: None

Armament Haki: F-class talent [Blocked]

Observation Haki: F-class talent [Blocked]

Conqueror Haki: [Blocked] (No chance to activate it)

Every time your copy chances finishes, you can copy it with the same computer after 1 Year.

[Reminder: You can only copy the talent, not the power…. So you have to practice it yourself…. Don’t bring same to the name of system]


After reading everything, Raj heart starts to beat like he is having the heart of a horse.

Means I can have everything, devil fruit, Haki…. Hahahahaha… Soon, I will be the god of this world.

[Ting! You only have 10 minutes let to copy]

“What? Is it based on time?”

“Ok, Copy A-level fighting talent, SS-class learning talent, Copy Flower-Flower Fruit.”

[Ting! System start processing…. 1%…. 8%…. 87%… 100%…. Successfully copied]

[Exciting from the Copy-paste function]

When Raj saw, there is a screen with three options: Copy-paste, Cut-paste, Back.

Only two options are bright, copy-paste option became dull in color.

Raj clicked on Cut-paste.

A screen pop-up in from of him, it has only three options: Life (83 years left), Devil fruit, Back.

Raj finally understands everything. You can deprive their age here as well as Devil fruit.

Robin saved his life as well as she is the character Raj like the most in One Piece, So Raj definitely not gonna grab her age.

So, Raj returns to the main screen, where there are two options: Passive Power, Active Power.

He directly chooses the passive power option.

A Pop-up screen comes in from of him and it has some note written on it.

[Passive skill: System will accumulate some energy from the nature and when it feels, it will directly upgrade your stats to double.]

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