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Peerless Emperor System ch 35

Chapter 35: Since you came, don’t leave!

The palace, the living room.

“Your Majesty, is it delicious?”

The little maid sent a delicate cake to Pulkit, watching Pulkit eat a small piece, suddenly she nervously asked.


Pulkit ate a small piece of cake, smiled at the little maid, just wanted to say something, suddenly felt a very strange feeling coming, his face changed, his eyes instantly switched to Rinnegan and the feeling of being peeped, disappeared instantly.

“Your Majesty… Your eyes…” The little maid was shocked and looked nervously at Pulkit.


Pulkit closed his eyes and opened again. It has already recovered the ordinary black eyes and smiled at the restless little maid. While eating the cake, he smiled and said: “Your cooking skill is good and it’s really delicious.”

“Your Majesty…”

Little maid face turn red again, but she did not notice it at all. Pulkit’s eyes were thoughtful.

Just now… should it be Haki?

A little bit of nice.



In the magnificent corridor of the palace, Sambidi trembled and suddenly gave a quick gasp.

Stanley looked back at Sambidi and didn’t care. He continued to take the two to the living room where Pulkit was.

“Vice Admiral Sambidi, what’s wrong with you?”

Sambidi suddenly seemed to be panicked by the fright, the Momousagi suddenly burst into surprise and quickly leaned back and asked.

“Master, this palace is filled with many masters…other…”

On the face of Sambidi, with the horror has not dissipated, he thought about the Rinnegan eyes that appeared directly in his consciousness. The tone was a bit dry: “Pulkit is very strong, his eyes are very strong and terrible…”

“Pulkit Arya? Eyes?” Momousagi looked at Sambidi in an unclear manner.

However, Sambidi did not continue to explain it, suddenly became silenced.

Momousagi did not ask much, but there was some doubt in her heart. The eyes of Pulkit Arya are terrible? What did Sambidi saw?

Keep walking, for a while, Sambidi abruptly asked.

“Momousagi, you said, will you have something to fear when you use Observation Haki?”



“Your Majesty! Navy has already been brought.”

The luxurious living room where Sambidi and Momousagi walked in, and Stanley quickly salute with respect to Pulkit, in front of the sofa.

“Well, You have worked hard, go and rest!”

On the sofa, Pulkit slowly tasted the cake made by the little maid, and nodded to Stanley and smiled.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Stanley retired with respect.

At this time, Momousagi and Sambidi also saw Pulkit for the first time.

It seems that at the age of twenty, luxurious white gilt robes will be extraordinarily slender, with black short hair and a handsome face with a smile like sunlight. At first glance, he is like an ordinary big brother next door.

However, both Momousagi and Sambidi clearly know that this young man who seems to be harmless to humans and animals. He has alone destroyed a whole Navy force!

“His eyes…how…” Sambidi looked at Pulkit’s extremely ordinary eyes and couldn’t help but frown.

And the Momousagi, can not help but look at Sambidi, Pulkit’s eyes are quite ordinary? Where is it terrible?

Momousagi and Sambidi looked at Pulkit, and Pulkit was also looking at the two of them.

Sambidi is a burly middle-aged man. Apart from his strong momentum, there is nothing to pay attention to. It is a Momousagi, so Pulkit could not help but look at her.

Dressed in a white justice coat, inside, there is a pink shirt. Boobs are quite big and nice shape, wearing tight pants. There is a long sword at the waist, and under the long hair of the brown colour, it is an extremely delicate face. At this time, She also looks at Pulkit with curiosity.

“Momousagi, seems to have appeared in the original, or the future Admiral candidate?”

Pulkit secretly pondered in his heart, and then look at the little maid on the side and said: “Sasha, you go out first!”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Maid retired.

“You two, please sit down!”

Pulkit smiled at the Momousagi and Sambidi.

Momousagi and Sambidi looked at each other and sit on the sofa opposite to Pulkit.

“First I introduce myself, I am the current king of the Kingdom of Haryana, Pulkit Arya.” Pulkit smiled.

“I am Vice Admiral Sambidi from the Navy headquarter,” Sambidi said.

“I am Rear Admiral, Momousagi.” Momousagi said with a smile on her face.

“Oh? Did it turn out to be Mr. Vice Admiral and Miss Rear Admiral? This is really a privilege to meet both of you!” Pulkit smiled, but his face did not have the privileged look.

“So, I don’t know why two big officers of Navy come to my this small country?” Pulkit smiled and looked at Momousagi and Sambidi.

Momousagi and Sambidi looked at each other. Sambidi nodded and took a deep breath. He looked at Pulkit seriously. “If this is the case, then I have something to say. Three days ago, Kingdom of Haryana attacked the Kingdom of Rus, and also destroyed a unit that our navy went to rescue?”

“Well, this is the case.” Pulkit nodded while eating the cake.


Momousagi and Sambidi thought that Pulkit would give an explanation but Pulkit was very calm, which made them somewhat not understand the situation.

When the Momousagi touched Sambidi, he smiled and said: “Mr. Pulkit, ??we did not want to hold you accountable for the responsibility of the Kingdom of Haryana, but the Navy as an organization to maintain the stability of the sea, the Navy needs to establish an absolute The prestige, so the discussion above decided a treatment plan.”

After a pause, Momousagi looked at Pulkit without any special reaction and then said: “The Kingdom of Rus will be officially summarized as the territory of the Kingdom of Haryana. The Kingdom of Haryana will also be officially invited to become a member of the world government. In the future, no matter what difficulties you encounter, our navy will provide full help! But at the same time, in order to safeguard the prestige of our navy and to give an answer about the 143th branch Navy soldiers. The upper level decided and hope that you can join our navy as an instructor of the Navy. How do you see it?”

After that, both Momousagi and Sambidi stared at Pulkit’s look.

In general, it is basically impossible for a country to reject this condition.

To become a member of the world government, the king can become the instructor in the navy and officially joined the Navy. This is a dream for any power because it means that as long as it is not too excessive, the country will be able to do whatever it wants in the whole world!

However, both the navy and the Momousagi understand that the Kingdom of Haryana is different.

The strength shown by the Kingdom of Haryana is likely to be rejected.

Once rejected, the order issued by the Navy’s high-level officials is to eliminate the Kingdom of Haryana!

However, after the previous display of power, they saw the tip of the iceberg of the Kingdom of Haryana. They felt that this possibility was very small…

Pulkit’s mouth showed a strange smile.

“I used to think that the Navy would send a fleet directly or even an Admiral to attack…. It seems that I have looked down on the navy.”

Pulkit smiled: “But about the Navy’s proposal, I am sorry, I refuse!”

Momousagi and Sambidi heart suddenly sink.

Sambidi stared at Pulkit: “Pulkit Arya, you are going against the rules of the Navy, do you know?”


Pulkit did not care about the smile, looking directly at Sambidi and said.

“The so-called rules are only prepared for those who cannot survive without rules. I only make rules that others have to obey, do you know? You have already broken the rules I have made i.e. showing your arrogance in front of me.”

Sambidi stood up fiercely, staring at Pulkit coldly: “Pulkit Arya, do you really want to fight against our navy? What do you think of your ninja assassination tactics team?”

“Are the troops very strong? Do you think that with a little strength, can you really compete with our navy? Believe it or not, as long as the Navy headquarters personally send a fleet, your Kingdom of Haryana will cease to exist!”

“I don’t believe it.” Pulkit smiled.


Sambidi suddenly became angry and just wanted to say something but Momousagi on the side grabbed him fiercely and smiled at Pulkit. “Sorry, Mr. Pulkit, Vice Admiral Sambidi got too excited, since you disagree with our proposal, we will go back first!”

After that, the Momousagi pulled up Sambidi and got up and left to the door.

“What are you doing?” Sambidi suddenly stared at Momousagi.

“Vice Admiral Sambidi, calm down, now is not the time to fight. First, we have to report the situation here back to the headquarters and then think about something else.” Momousagi whispered.

“But… this kid is so arrogant to not put Navy in his eyes…” Sambidi was a little angry.

It is said that the Momousagi is also somewhat helpless.

To be honest, she was the first to see such a person who did not put the Navy in his eyes, but who gave the other party the strength.


Just as the Momousagi pulled Sambidi to the door of the living room, Pulkit suddenly spoke.

“Two Navy Officers, since you are here, don’t think about leaving!”

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