Chapter 77: Huge Waves In The Imperial Court

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The next day, the Imperial Court was filled with intense disputes from various groups. The scene was akin to a group of merchants and farmers arguing at the marketplace.
The atmosphere turned silent after the ritualistic greeting towards His Majesty. Just like the calm before the storm…
A pile of petitions calling for the impeachment of Jun Zhan Tian was stacked before His Majesty. After observing the Imperial Court, His Majesty was surprised to see a number of vacant positions. Although he expected it, this result has greatly surpassed his expectations, “Isn’t this a little too much?”

He already received the report last night. However, the report only had names written on it. To witness the results was something else. A good chunk of the Imperial Court members had disappeared… His Majesty was unable to get used to it!

For example, one was a student in a classroom with a hundred students. If someone were to receive news in the middle of the night that thirty of their students had either transferred or dropped out, that person will feel indifferent. However, when that person notices the empty space in the classroom… This comparison was probably an apt description of what was happening in the Tian Xiang Kingdom’s Imperial Court.

After the Imperial Princess suffered from the assassination attempt last night, Grandpa Jun took action and issued a declaration that a calamity had occurred. Within Tian Xiang City, flames began rising rampantly and people were murdered. More than ten high-ranking members of the Imperial Court ended up being decapitated. Also, many of these people were once the Jun Family’s bitter enemies…
Also, all those men had another common aspect. These men chose to side with one of the Imperial Princes. However, this common aspect was something that everyone had chosen to keep it to themselves. Right now, blurting that out would the same as courting death!

There were twelve amongst last night’s incident had the qualifications to stand in court today. Coincidentally, there were split equally into groups of four amongst the three Princes. The people were an Assistant Minister of Justice, two Assistant Minister of Personnel, three from the Minister of Rites, one from the Minister of State Revenue, three Imperial Censors and two scholars. These were people that could be accountable in court. As for those who are not in court, how many were killed?

Those who had consistently opposed the ‘rough’ members of the Imperial Court and had been badly hurt during the kingdom’s present crisis have all come together. This was simply part of a certain highly positioned individual’s plan. Although last night, he himself had been angered to the point of having his eyes turn blue…

For the ministers who were sharp-eyed with a great memory realised something. Today, there were new faces within the Imperial Palace. Most of the usual people disappeared. For example, the Captain of the Armed Guards, Murong Qianjun. He was a talent whose promotion speed was considered ‘rare’, at times getting promoted three times in a day. However, this rising star of the Murong Family had at this point in time disappeared to who knows where…

It seemed that the carnage within the Imperial Palace was no less vicious compared to the outside. A lot of people became nervous.

“What happened last night? Why are there so little people today? Who can answer me?” His Majesty was indeed a master amongst masters in the ‘political affairs’. Blinking his eyes, he used the corner of his eyes to stare at Jun Zhan Tian who was dozing off. Senior Duke Jun was truly feeling sleepy from yesterday’s events. This was obvious just by looking at his face. Otherwise, he would not have dozed off in the Imperial Court; he had almost begun snoring…

His Majesty’s pretence of not knowing what had happened was the opening act for the Imperial Court members to begin their barrage of accusations! Within the Imperial Hall, a large number of people went down on their knees.

“Your Majesty, we seek justice.” A huge number of ministers spoke out with tears flowing down their eyes, They had grief-stricken expressions as they kowtowed vigorously.

“Dear Ministers, if you have anything to say, just say it out in detail. Rise up and tell me all about it,” The Emperor frowned with a puzzled look on his face.

The ministers all turned on Senior Duke Jun, Jun Zhan Tian, once His Majesty finished his sentence. They started their barrage of accusations, “Although he is someone who had accomplished great merits for the kingdom, he disregarded the kingdom’s military laws. He mobilised the kingdom’s military forces for personal reasons. He abhorred the kingdom’s laws and regulations. He viewed the powers of the Imperial Family with contempt. He acted wantonly. He trespassed the residences of ministers. He allowed his subordinates to wreak havoc and act lawlessly.” There were even some heavyweight accusations, “He had amassed his own personal army. He has the intention of rebelling…” In short, there were innumerable accusations directed at him, all supposedly supported with conclusive evidence!

Thereafter, the accusations escalated to the next level, where it was recommended that Jun Zhan Tian be dismissed and his entire family decapitated, going so far as having his nine kindreds exterminated… At this moment, the atmosphere of the Imperial Court had become intense.

Everyone’s faces were flushed red, each and every one of them was filled with rage. In the end, they all chorused out, “Not killing Jun Zhan Tian endangers the Imperial Family’s powers! The people would not be appeased if Jun Zhan Tian was not killed!”

Jun Zhan Tian turned his gaze up with his eyes slightly closed. He could only think of his heavily injured grandson as he watched the performance by the ministers in the Imperial Court. He was pondering on how to ask His Majesty to loan him the best Imperial Doctor…

“Jun Zhan Tian! You old thing, you actually dared to act in such a brazen manner! What do you’ve to say for yourself?” His Majesty questioned him in a very harsh tone, seemingly furious!

“Your Majesty, yesterday, I received news that the Princess had suffered from an assassination attempt just outside the Imperial Palace. Luckily, the Princess managed to escape unscathed. However, hearing that those criminals dared to act so wild; going so far as to profane the dignity of the Imperial Family, this old minister felt an unquenchable anger gush out from my heart. Thereafter, I received further news that the assassins may harbour the additional intention of assassinating the members of the Imperial Family and high-ranking officials of the Imperial Court. This old minister feared that any delay would bring about irreparable consequences. Therefore, I had to mobilise the army before reporting to Your Majesty, all for the sake of capturing the assassins. To this point, I’ve indeed committed a mistake. This old minister begs Your Majesty’s for a careful inquiry and just punishment!”

The Emperor’s mouth was about to lash out, but had forcibly held himself back, “You old brat! You’ve already said everything in great detail, what else do I have to inquire? Inquire my buttocks! You’ve portrayed yourself in such a righteous light, punishing you would make me a muddle-headed ruler! How am I supposed to continue with this punishment?”

“Resume.” His Majesty, the Emperor, frowned seemingly unpleased. His Majesty was truly at a loss on how to continue from there.

“Yes! I was worried about the matter and didn’t have the time to inform Your Majesty. This old minister got up in the middle of the night and rushed to the military field without dressing up properly. Although the mobilization of soldiers was executed quickly, we were unable to stop the assassins. These assassins had come prepared and turned the city upside down in an instant. I’ve exerted every last ounce of effort without reserve and served as a vanguard to wage a bloody battle against the many insidious assassins. It took a while but we finally managed to handle this disaster and finished off the assassins! There were hundreds of assassins, their bodies were then hanged for public display before the city gates. Yet I dare not claim credit for these actions because there were some regrettable events. Although this old minister had tried my best, there were lots of officials whom I’ve failed to reach in time, thus resulting in them being brutally murdered by the assassins! Their horrible deaths were all due to my carelessness and slow response to this situation! I am willing to accept the punishment for my crime of sloppiness in executing my duties!”

Grandpa Jun sighed, mourning, “All those lives were the pillars of the Tian Xiang Kingdom…” He rubbed his eyes and appeared to be on the verge of crying.Honestly, he was just feeling sleepy…

Upon hearing Senior Duke Jun’s words, all the ministers within the Imperial Court heard turned to face one another, “What? You’re willing to accept the punishments for your crime? Accept your mother’s head! Listening to you, you are simply the great hero that has single-handedly saved all of Tian Xiang Kingdom! Acting decisively, turning the situation around in a matter of moments, the one who carried a heavy burden to save the common people, the loyal minister who placed the importance of protecting the dignity of the Imperial Family before everything! Since you’ve put it that way, not giving you a great amount of reward would be a huge loss of reputation. Yet, you said that you are willing to accept punishment?”

Besides, was there anyone here who did not know that those men in black were part of the Jun Family? Assassins? What a joke? How does one describe the act of turning lies to facts? This is how! We have seen outrageous, but we have never seen such a high level of chutzpah before! Turning the act of raiding other people’s residence into a meritorious deed, this level of gibberish expertise had reached a completely new level!

A mountain worth revering!

As for those dead men that were left hanging for public display, if the Prison Chief of the Minister of Justice were to examine, he would certainly find them very familiar, “Because those people were simply a bunch of death row prisoners. However, their execution date was bumped up by you, Grand Marshall Jun!”

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