Chapter 74: This Is My Explanation!

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“No! Never!” At this moment, Li You Ran revealed a calm smile. “I’d rather have the Li Residence burnt to the ground than mobilize you!”

His smile contained an interesting mix of tenderness and chilling ruthlessness. “As long as our people are still alive, the Li Family will still exist, but if you are going to show yourself, what the black masked men do no longer matter. One thing I can be sure of, we will eventually attract the attention of countless eyes! Regardless of whether or not your identities are exposed, the Li Family would end up in hot soup! Also, the rumours regarding the Li Family having the Xuan Core would spread in all directions. When that happens…”

“Senior, please remain in this secret chamber for now and do not come out! Once the matter is settled, I will immediately arrange for someone to send you out of the city! If your help is required in any other matter, I will immediately inform master and the other seniors.” Li You Ran laughed lightly. “This time, not only am I not going to stop him, I will send more people to them to kill! I’d like to see how Old Man Jun settles this!”

“His sins are no different from the crime of rebellion. Even if the royal court was willing to overlook it, would the Emperor tolerate it? Li You Ran gave a rare sneer on his face.

“Well, if that is the case, I won’t say anything else. I will accommodate your wishes. The white-robed man’s face displayed dissatisfaction but he nodded helplessly. “Junior, if you have the time, you should visit Master. Master has been… very worried about you.”

“Senior, rest assured, I will.” Li You Ran gave a faint smile and walked out.

At this moment, there was a sudden “boom” sound from an exploding aerial signalling firework. The explosion created an array of colours in the sky, extremely beautiful.

Following the fireworks, all the masked men in black retreated just like a receding tide. They disengaged from their battles and retreated; some leapt across the walls while others rushed out through the doors. In a twinkle of an eye, they have disappeared into the vast night… …

Then, the sound of thunderous hooves resounded as thousand of calvary reacted. In an orderly manner, the military cavalry units rode towards the Li Residence at high speed! In a blink of an eye, they arrived before the Grand Perceptor Li’s Residence’s door. A series of orders sounded, the cavalry dispersed and encircled the Li Residence.

“Boom” the main gate was smashed open. Grandfather Jun Zhan Tian stepped inside, his body was exuding with a killing intent!

His body was covered with a sky blue luminance due to him channelling the Sky Xuan qi within his body. Although the Li Family would not dare to do anything to him due to his authority, he must consider in the ‘what if’s. After all, it was better to be safe than sorry.

On both sides, the two team of elite soldiers entered the compound in two rows and their swords flashed.

“Everyone belongs to the Li Family, get out here! Assassins have appeared within the city and I am conducting a search on the entire city!” Grandpa Jun roared, his voice shook the entire residence.

“Ha Ha Ha, turned out that Old Brother Jun had personally come. Your presence has honoured my humble abode.” The Grand Preceptor Li Shang smiled and stepped out from the main hall. Step by step, he sohwed an eager demeanour of a person who had finally have been reunited with his long-lost twin.

Jun Zhan Tian’s face remained passive, “Grand Preceptor Li, please keep your subordinates and relatives in check. Princess Ling Meng had just suffered from an assassination attempt. Therefore, I am performing my duty by searching and capturing the assassins. If anybody here gets injured by interfering with my military duties, I will not be held accountable!” Thereafter, he waved his hand, “Search!”

“Hold on!” Li Shang stepped forward, his white beard drifting lightly. The gentle look on his face flickered for a moment before he said in a loud voice, “Senior Duke Jun, you’re the Grand Marshall of the kingdom’s military force; a Duke of the kingdom; a person with great authority and weight in the royal court. Yet, I am the Grand Preceptor, another great figure in the royal court and a Duke! Without His Majesty’s decree, who would dare to be presumptuous within my Li Residence?”

Jun Zhan Tian revealed traces of emotions and sneered, “Grand Preceptor, are you suggesting that any high ranking official within the royal court has the right to harbour assassins in their homes? Search! Anyone who dares to obstruct, kill them without any mercy!”

At this moment, hundreds of soldiers begun marching in from behind, heading towards the Li Residence’s inner compound with the intent of searching. Li Shang’s body trembled in anger and shouted,” Jun Zhan Tian, how dare you act so brazenly, overstepping your official boundaries! Are you planning to rebel?”

Jun Zhan Tian laughed out loudly, “Grand Preceptor sure knows how to joke! This senior official is just trying to toot out the assassins who attempted to assassinate the Imperial Princess. How is my action overstepping my official boundaries? How is this considered brazen? How am I planning to rebel? Grand Preceptor, you’ve been trying to stop me from searching your residence for quite some time now, Could it be that there is a connection between you and the assassins?” Thereafter, Grandpa Jun Ignored him and waved his hand to signal to the soldiers to hasten their search

At this time, a white young man stood up and smiled, it is the grandmother Li leisurely. I saw him respectfully on the war of the day a ceremony, said: “If your husband Lord Ye search impeachment, Li up and down, of course not dare to defy; but if there is no imperial edict, Jun grandfather so good at a product manager Home search wantonly; Oh, even if the gentleman husband is not afraid of shadow oblique body, but I still have to look at the face of Li, once the words came out, it seems to anyone who does not look good ?!

At this moment, a white-robed young man stepped forth; it was none other than Li You Ran. He gave a ceremonious salute of respect to Jun Zhan Tian before speaking up. “Since Senior Duke Jun wishes to conduct his search, we certainly wouldn’t oppose you. However, without His Majesty’s decree, your actions today would tantamount to a wanton act of trespassing into the home of a high ranking court official. Ha Ha, even if Senior Duke isn’t afraid of the consequences, the Li Family still needs to maintain our reputation. If this matter were to spread, then both our reputation would end up being smeared!”

Jun Zhan Tian stared coldly at the refined looking young men standing before him. He could not help but recall his grandson, Mo Xie. His grandson could have ended up being more powerful than Li You Ran if it weren’t for the sinister attack! When he thought about that, his fury burst out and coldly asked, “What are you implying?”

“This junior only has one simple question to ask Senior Duke Jun. Senior Duke Jun constantly reiterates that the reason for conducting the search was to find assassins in my family’s residence. It doesn’t matter where or how Senior Duke received the information that the Li Family was harbouring assassins. However, what will Senior Duke Jun do if you are unable to find the assassins here?” Li You Ran smiled gently and took another stepped forward,”Should that happen, Senior Duke Jun will need to give an explanation to the Li Family!”

Grandpa Jun laughed out loudly. Suddenly, he took a step forward and fiercely slapped Li You Ran in the face. A “pa” sound was heard, followed by a kick from Grandpa Jun to Li You Ran’s stomach, Thereafter, Grandpa Jun furiously shouted, “This senior is in the process of searching for assassins! Even your grandfather Li Shang doesn’t dare fart in front of me, but you? What are you? You dare start a debate and find faults with me? You want an explanation? This is my explanation!”

“Pooh!” Jun Zhan Tian spat out. “What a joke! If we could not find the assassins, that would suggest that the Li Family is innocent! Obviously, if we cannot capture the assassins, then we will have to resume searching! What else is there? I am more interested in asking you this. Your Li Family, from the elders to the juniors have been desperately trying to stop me from conducting my search. What are you planning? Could it be that the Li Family is planning a rebellion? Are you the mastermind behind the Imperial Princess’ assassination attempt? If the assassins were to escape due to your actions of hindering my duties, does your Li Family have enough heads to bear such a responsibility?”

These words were directed at Li Shang. Clearly, Grandpa Jun did not regard Li You Ran as someone with the qualification to even speak to him.

Even when there is a confrontation between two military force, hierarchy must be considered. If a bunch of rookies were to be sent into the battlefield, they would only end up dead and abused. Obviously, Li You Ran understood this logic. However, he could not stand the sight of his grandpa’s humiliation. Also, there were indeed some people that must not be found that was staying inside their hidden chambers. If they were to be found, that would be akin to having yellow mud smeared onto their underwear. Everyone will still think its shi*t, even if it is not. Even if the Li Family is innocent, everyone will still think that they are guilty! Left with no choice, he had to step forward and hope that Jun Zhan Tian would consider his status as the top of the military force and let this go.

How could he have guessed that Jun Zhan Tian currently no longer cared about his status quo nor his reputation? A slap and a kick executed in a flash! Li You Ran may be a genius but was limited in experience. His current level of cultivation was only at the Gold Xuan, a difference of Heaven and Earth compared to Grandpa Jun’s Sky Xuan. Also, he was caught off guard and therefore had to endure a slap in the face and a kick to his stomach. All he felt was his mind was ringing and stars were spinning right before his eyes!

Although Grandpa Jun did not use any Xuan Qi in his attacks, they were both done in front of thousands of eyes. For Li You Ran, this strike was similar to striking his heart!

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