Chapter 71: Heart of the Emperor

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As Princess Ling Meng recounted what had happened, His Majesty’s face started becoming deadly serious and his eyes turned icy cold. His Majesty’s head was lowered as he listened silently, moving not even in the slightest bit.

The events involved the safety of His Majesty’s own daughter. Not only that, it had also embroiled another ‘crucial’ person. This person had often remained neutral to political issues, but his involvement in today’s events and the consequences that would result from his involvement were simply too great. It was so great that the Emperor himself may not be able to bear it, or even want to face it!

As an Emperor, his own daughter was almost assassinated. Yet, His Majesty had to care about that debauchee. Could there be no love amongst the royal bloodlines? How sorrowful!


“From what you have said, Jun Mo Xie had gone to deliver a warning to you before the assassination attempt happened?” pondered the Emperor.

“Yes. Although I am not certain, I believe that Jun Mo Xie’s actions are not suspicious. Perhaps he had found some clues regarding the assassination attempt,” remarked Princess Ling Meng in a low but firm tone.

“Clues… Jun Mo Xie is such a worthless person, how does he have the ability to find any clues… Never mind, these are all insignificant details. Regardless, another master appeared and saved Jun Mo Xie before taking him away. This means that Jun Mo Xie did not die, correct?” questioned the Emperor as he became mysteriously profounded.

“That is true, Imperial Father,” confirmed Princess Ling Meng. She knew that His Majesty had intentionally avoided mentioning Ye Gu Han even though His Majesty was aware of his existence. She herself also chose not to mention his name.

“If that is so… then why is Jun Zhan Tian going crazy? He even ignores the consequences of sounding the Generals Summoning Drum!” pondered the Emperor. “His grandson is still alive and the Jun Family had not fallen to the point where they have no descendants. Why then, would he act this way? What he is doing is simply…”

His Majesty straightened his body and took two steps forward, his fingers gently tapping his forehead. He slowly continued, “His grandson is not dead, but Jun Zhan Tian went mad for no reason. Sigh… one thing is clear: Jun Mo Xie has yet to reach home. Hmm, I suppose that Jun Zhan Tian must have heard that his grandson was in danger, but Jun Mo Xie had failed to return home so he lost his mind. Hahaha, it seems like I have underestimated them. This stone… how many birds will it kill?” smiled His Majesty coldly.

A thought suddenly popped into Princess Ling Meng’s mind and her beautiful face turned pale. If it was really what she had imagined, then the consequences that would result from this misunderstanding would be too huge for her to bear!

“Since Jun Mo Xie’s life was no longer in danger, why didn’t you send a message back to the Jun Family? Meng’er, you were too careless… Meng’er, did you remember something else?” Noticing that Princess Ling Meng’s face had turned pale, the Emperor smiled as he tried to suppress his anger. However, his eyebrows and eyes were already furrowing in fury. His daughter always had excellent manners and conduct, so why did she suddenly make this mistake today? Could it be that the assassination attempt had affected her so badly?

“Imperial Father, before Jun Mo Xie’s corpse was found… uh, I mean, during the period when we were unable to locate his body, I… I sent someone to report the news to Senior Duke Jun. It was only after the messenger had left when the old man appeared and located Jun Mo Xie before carrying him away.” Princess Ling Meng stammered awkwardly as if she had difficulty speaking.

“Then what happened next? The message was sent, but Jun Mo Xie was found to be alive. Did you not take any action to fix the situation?” The Emperor looked at his daughter disappointedly. At the same time, his heart was touched: Old man? Could it be that besides Ye Gu Han, there are others protecting my daughter too? If that is the case…

The Emperor contemplated the possibility while keeping his face passive.

“Given how great an impact the news would have, steps would no doubt have to be taken to correct the misinformation. However, all of my bodyguards were injured at that time. Thus, I have entrusted the new information to Murong Qian Jun and requested that he send a message to Senior Duke Jun to inform him that Jun Mo Xie is still alive. If Senior Duke has yet to receive the news that Jun Mo Xie is still alive, then the only possibility is…”

“That is not a possibility. It is obvious that Murong Qian Jun did not send any messenger to report the new information to the Jun Family. If he did, this would not…” the Majesty let out a heavy sigh. A murderous and savage expression quickly flickered across his face before it disappeared just as fast. “I have no more questions for you, you should go and rest now.” The Majesty stroked Ling Meng’s hair as he said that. His hollow eyes gazed over the Imperial Palace and he suddenly felt that the bright yellow color that represented nobility was an eyesore.

This assassination attempt is rather peculiar… how unexpected. His Majesty slowly deliberated when suddenly his eyes turned sharp!

Sigh, I suppose it is time to ‘wash’ the palace.

I wonder, will the palace be even brighter if I use human blood to wash it?

Far away, the pounding sound of the war drums ceased. The entire world was replaced by a stifling ominous sense.

Jun Zhan Tian, I hope you will not make things too difficult for me…

A complex expression appeared in the Emperor’s eyes before disappearing almost instantly.

As he watched his daughter walking away, the Emperor folded his arms and pondered for a moment. Suddenly, he said, “Shadow, go and take a look. Do not interfere unless it is absolutely necessary, and tell Jun Zhan Tian that his grandson is still alive. If he wants to throw a fit, let him be, but it must not be too extreme! Hmm, while you are at it, help me pass something to him. Sigh, the old soldier has held on to this for far too long…”

After saying that, His Majesty picked up a writing instrument and scribbled something on it. Rolling up the note, he turned around and said, “Go.”

There was a gust of wind, and a figure that appeared imaginary materialized. The slip of paper that the Emperor was holding disappeared and a faint shadow could be seen flying out of the Imperial Palace.

“I will let you be presumptuous. However, in return, you must lend me your sword!” whispered the Emperor menacingly, a smile spreading across his face.

The Emperor had always planned meticulously. However, he had underestimated the extent of Jun Zhan Tian’s fury! In addition, the message had come too late…

“Men, send in the Great General Dugu Wu Di,” commanded the Emperor with a loud sigh: I will let things remain chaotic for now. Hopefully, there will be some people who understand and choose to control themselves. As for those who do not understand, there would be no sense to keep them. Or rather, they will not be fit to stay.

It is not that I do not allow you to fight. Rather, only those that emerge victoriously can be considered capable! Even if you fight, you must keep within the line! Those that cross the line will only bring about a calamity upon themselves…

Princess Ling Meng returned to her own bedchambers after leaving the Emperor. It was only then that she realized that her Imperial Father had only questioned her about the Jun Family. All the questions were concerning Jun Mo Xie. Not even a single question was about His Majesty’s own daughter, who was the main target of the assassination attempt!


This assassination attempt is simply too suspicious. It had involved her, an Imperial Princess, and was possibly the sinister result of the other Princes. Was it possible that in her Imperial Father’s heart, this attempt was less important as compared to the Jun Family?

Or was Imperial Father avoiding something?


Remembering how mysterious her Imperial Father had looked, Princess Ling Meng could not help but shiver. Thankfully Uncle Ye and that mysterious expert are protecting me…

The distressed Princess Ling Meng reached into her bosom and retrieved the three small and exquisite flying daggers. She held them in her hands and noticed that they were only as big as her palms. They were slightly curved, as thin as a layer of onion, and beautifully crafted. Even the sum of the thickness of the three daggers was not much. Princess Ling Meng was puzzled. How could such a small flying dagger contain so much power, to the extent that it was able to force a group of murderous assassins to retreat without a fight?

The flying dagger laid still in her palms, its body reflecting the light from her lamp. The reflection was a crystalline radiance, colorful and dazzling. If someone were to see it, he would assume that such a dagger was a toy that belongs to a kid from a rich family. Who could have know that this was a weapon that was used by a powerful master?

I would most definitely be able to recognize this unique flying dagger, should it appear before me again! Princess Ling Meng thought contentedly to herself. Her heart was filled with a sense of longing as she thought: This absolute master is one that even Uncle Ye looks up to. What kind of person could he be?


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