Chapter 62: Professional and Non-Professional

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Upon realizing that Ye Gu Han was too busy to chase after him, the other assassin leader let out a huge sigh of relief. He scanned his surroundings as he was escaping and noticed that the douchebag, Jun Mo Xie, had somehow shifted himself and was now facing the sky. Jun Mo Xie’s eyes appeared to be slightly open too. The assassin leader was caught by surprise: Is it possible that this asshole is still alive?

The assassin leader swivelled his head around and realized that Ye Gu Han was still trying to finish off the other assassin leader, which meant that Ye Gu Han had no time to attend to him. The escaping assassin leader felt bolder.

Our mission to kill Princess Ling Meng was a failure. But what if we were to kill Jun Mo Xie instead? The capital would descend into chaos too, right? The assassin leader halted his footsteps and crept up to Jun Mo Xie, ready to stab his sword into the body of the douchebag!

Right at that moment, Jun Mo Xie opened his eyes and slyly whispered, “I am going to f*ck your mother!”

Amidst the loud thundering of incoming horses’ hooves, no one could hear the low whisper from Jun Mo Xie. They were at a distance too far away, several zhangs (3.04m), to pick up anything. Not only that, they were also too busy paying attention to Ye Gu Han’s battle. Only the fleeing assassin leader, who was close enough, could make out Jun Mo Xie’s words. Instantaneously, a huge wave of fury swept over him!

Just because I was unable to deal with the Sky Xuan expert, you think you can taunt me like that? What makes you think that I cannot kill a pathetic hedonist like you?

The assassin leader swooped down, his sword poised out in a vicious manner. “I will take you down!” he cursed.

Just then, a jade blue color shot out, seemingly bringing the whole azure ocean with it. Out of nowhere, a deep blue flying dagger appeared, going straight for the assassin’s throat!

“OMG…Sky Xuan…” The assassin leader was stunned and his whole body was rooted to the spot. Shock, along with his initial momentum of moving downwards, caused him to lose his balance and fell. Even before the assassin leader reached the ground, the deep blue flying dagger had already penetrated deep into his throat!

Even at the moment of his death, the assassin leader was still perturbed. Ye Gu Han was 30 zhangs (91.2m) away from him, so how did the flying dagger appear here? What just happened? The assassin leader’s eyes bulged widely even in his death, just like a scholar in seek of knowledge…

The injuries that were inflicted on Jun Xie earlier on were not light and his movements were slow. Even though the sword wound was manageable, the wound from the two kicks given by the Silver level assassin was constantly throbbing with pain. As Jun Xie watched the Gold level assassin fall to his death, he realized, to his utmost horror, that the assassin was still tightly gripping onto his sword…

“You unrepentant bastard!! Screw you and your whole family!” swore Jun Xie under his breath. With all his might, he forced his body to move away from the sword that was heading directly towards him.

Splat! The corpse of the dead assassin leader dropped right smack into Jun Xie’s lithe figure. Immediately, the sword in the dead assassin leader’s hand slit into Jun Xie’s thigh, right where there was the most flesh!

If the sword had slit just slightly to the left, Jun Xie would, unwittingly, have become a eunuch within the palace…

“Shit… F*ck!” The already weak Jun Xie was flattened by the heavy body of the dead assassin. He was immobile. The next thing he knew was that the sword had slit his thigh. A new wave of pain washed over him. The Young Master Jun lamented to himself: Even a dead assassin is able to use his sword to harm me! What are the odds!? Why am I so unfortunate!

Unfortunately, the sword had pierced through Jun Xie’s thigh and straight into the ground beneath it. Any attempt to move his thigh would aggravate the wound. Worst still, it might even damage his tendons. As a result, Jun Xie could only remain still, with the dead weight of the assassin leader pressing on to him. The image of the dead assassin piercing his sword through Jun Xie was a sight to behold!

You asshole! Moaned Jun Xie, who was on the verge of tears. This is already my second time being flattened by another man in this world! At least the first time was a living man, although he was fat and nauseating. But now, I am actually being flattened by a dead man!! And I can’t even move!

Unluckily for Jun Xie, the face of the dead assassin leader was just directly in front of his. As Jun Xie observed, he realized that the bastard had died with his eyes open. His curiosity was piqued and he scrutinized even more carefully. In the dead assassin’s eyes, there was only the expression of doubt and confusion, instead of resentment or malice.

You asshole! Are you trying to tell me that you cannot find your way to the Underworld? Stop looking at me because I don’t know! Cursed Jun Xie viciously.

In Jun Xie’s situation, most people, regardless of how courageous they are, would be trembling when there is a dead body pressing down on them. However, Jun Xie was not like most people. He was still able to converse with the dead. In other words, he was powerful!

With a loud smack, Ye Gu Han disarmed the other assassin leader. With lightning speed, his blue sword struck out and poised itself at the man’s throat. “Tell me who sent you!” demanded an enraged Ye Gu Han. He had to ferret out the mastermind behind this assassination mission, to prevent it from happening again in future. He would happily protect Princess Ling Meng as long as he could, but he might not be able to be there for her forever. What would happen if a Sky Xuan expert was restraining him in the next assassination attempt?

The assassin leader gazed coldly at Ye Gu Han, albeit with a hint of despair that was evident in his eyes. He suddenly let out an unexpected laughter, “Ye Gu Han, what makes you think that I would talk? Hahaha… I can’t believe it! Who would have thought that you, the world-renowned Solitary Star of The Horizon, Ye Gu Han, would actually be so naïve! And you are a dignified Sky Xuan expert too! Hahaha!” As the assassin leader laughed, blood that was as dark as the night sky spewed out of his mouth. Moments later, the assassin leader had stopped breathing. His gaze was still fixed upon Ye Gu Han, and his eyes were still taunting.

It turned out that the assassin leader had swallowed the poison pill hidden in his mouth as soon as he was captured!

The pill was extremely vicious. It sealed the airway of the victim and caused him to vomit out blood!

Ye Gu Han sighed, but he had a look of admiration on his face. He murmured, “At least you are a real man! I will not harm your body then.”

By then, all the assassins had been killed and the whole area was quiet. Even though Ye Gu Han had spoken in a soft tone, Jun Xie was still able to hear his words clearly. Jun Xie wanted to laugh out loud: Utter rubbish! How can you even call him a real man? The value of a real man is actually worth so much more than that pathetic piece of shit!

Would you have let him live if he had not committed suicide? Even if you did, since he is a ‘real’ man, would the chief assassin spare him? What about the mastermind behind this assassination attempt? I have come across stupid people before, but you are by far, the stupidest I have ever seen! And you are also a Sky Xuan expert! What a terrible Sky Xuan expert you are!

Contempt washed over Jun Xie: If you intend to take him alive, the most basic thing you must do is to knock out his teeth if he still has the ability to move! That is the very first thing you should do! As for the blocking of acupuncture points, disabling the inner qi and whatnot… Omg! Must I really teach you every single thing?

Incompetent! This is too unprofessional! The professional assassin in Jun Xie could not take it.

Amidst the ground strewn in huge pools of blood, Princess Ling Meng frowned, giving the impression that she could not stand the overpowering stench of blood. She approached Ye Gu Han and said, “Uncle Ye, since when were you able to master this impressive flying dagger technique? As soon as we go back, please teach me!”

Upon hearing the mention of flying dagger, Ye Gu Han composed himself. He faced the sky and cupped his hands respectfully, “Thank you senior for lending a helping hand today! Junior is extremely grateful! Princess Ling Meng is still inexperienced. If she had somehow offended senior, please spare a thought for her and ignore it. If senior have any requests, junior would certainly fulfill them as best as I could to repay senior’s help!”

Deep down, Princess Ling Meng was like his very own daughter. She was the only person that made living worthwhile. When the mysterious expert decided to save Princess Ling Meng, it was equivalent to saving him! Of course, he did not tell anyone that it was actually he, who had been saved. Regardless, Ye Gu Han was still extremely thankful.


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