Chapter 59: Sky Xuan?!

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When Jun Xie noticed the assassins approaching in his direction, he came up with an idea to prevent being caught. He feigned collapsing but he was actually concentrating every ounce of his skill on to his chest. The buildup of energy caused his outer and inner robes to protrude outwards, which formed two delicate layers of protection over his chest. When the assassin directed a heavy blow on Jun Xie’s chest, the pulsing outer robe acted as a shock absorber and absorbed most of the momentum. Some of the resultant momenta from the kick was also dissipated by the pulsing inner robe.

As a result, the momentum of the kick that got through the outer and inner robe was only less than one-third of the original kick. This tiny fraction of force only managed to leave a minor impact on Jun Xie. However, the present Jun Xie had a hard time enduring both a sword wound and two kicks. Therefore, Jun Xie simultaneously channeled the Art of Heaven’s Fortune, along with the protection, to aid in his defense. The Art of Heaven’s Fortune congregated all the blood from his injuries into a single pool of blood which he spewed out. Although the amount seemed terrifying, it was in fact, inconsequential.

The Art of Heaven’s Fortune was able to mask the sword wound and made it appear like a flesh wound. However, the two kicks directed by the assassin on Jun Xie’s chest caused him a significant amount of pain.

If these assassins had delayed their mission to deal with Princess Ling Meng until after Jun Xie had left, or if they had omitted Jun Xie in their assassination mission, Jun Xie would have been able to leave calmly. Princess Ling Meng was, to a certain extent, Jun Mo Xie’s dream lover, but not Jun Xie’s. Hence, Jun Xie would have no qualms at all by disregarding her. In order for heroes to properly guard the beauties against harm, they must first be well-equipped with strength. It turned out that strength was just what the Third Young Master Jun was currently lacking!

Even with that, the assassins still decided to target Jun Xie, which infuriated the Evil Monarch. The probability of something similar happening again in future meant that Jun Xie would not condone what they just did!

I have never failed to deal with those who have hurt me or those who intend to hurt me! Since you intend to execute me, be careful and watch your back! I may not have the ability to annihilate you now, but you can be certain that this would definitely happen next time! Although this brings me no benefit, but believe me, I would not hesitate to do it! Mused the injured Jun Xie.

As a result, Jun Xie did not leave when he was supposed to. Upon noticing the plight that Princess Ling Meng was in, he mimicked the qi of a Sky Xuan expert by utilizing his unlocked meridians. His flying dagger was then submerged in the qi before he hurled it out.

Just as the two assassins were about to raise their swords to kill Princess Ling Meng, an uneasy feeling washed over them. A dazzling brilliant radiance of blue lighted up around them, forcing everyone to scrunch up their eyes.

Dark blue!

Out of nowhere, a small flying dagger appeared and intersected the path of the two swords that was heading towards Princess Ling Meng’s body!

The small flying dagger gave the impression that the entire dark blue night had come along with it. The ominous color resulted in an ominous feeling to wash over everyone!

Yet, the azure radiance that came with it was absolutely sensational!


Sky Xuan expert!

The two assassins let out a terrified wail, and their expression turned into that of pure horror. Their mission of killing Princess Ling Meng was completely forgotten and they hurriedly withdrew their swords before backing off hastily. The two assassins looked like they had just seen a deadly viper!

The strength of the flying dagger was something they could not simply ignore!

No doubt, both assassins were like two adults attacking a child, as Princess Ling Meng only had the power of Silver Xuan. However, in the presence of a Sky Xuan expert, a Gold Xuan expert seemed only like a baby at best, or more so an ant!

Within Tian Xiang Empire, there were only a few Sky Xuan experts, so how could one appear out of nowhere, especially at such a vital moment?

Even though the flying dagger was saturated with the azure color, there appeared to be no strength that came with it. The flying dagger had fallen lightly to the ground and had intersected the space between the two assassins and Princess Ling Meng. It resembled a willow branch as it swayed gently. The azure radiance remained intact, and the original color was restored after some time!

The people present at the scene were astounded and they immediately came to a standstill. They were all fixated on the small flying dagger that was embedded in the ground, and their expression was that of bewilderment!

They had just witnessed the small flying dagger transforming into an invincible trench! The flying dagger was still saturated with the deep blue color, long after it was hurled out! Based on what had happened, the level of skill of the Sky Xuan expert is, no doubt, at the apex! This level is close to that of the Spirit Xuan!

Moreover, the flying dagger was hurled out inaudibly, as if it does not contain any strength. However, the extreme precision of its trajectory proved otherwise. It showed that the flying dagger served to deter instead of to kill! This established that the Sky Xuan expert was not in the least bit worried and that he did not view any of the assassins as a threat at all. It was evident that the expert could have killed all of the assassins if he had chosen to, should they attempt to harm Princess Ling Meng! It was not an exaggeration to say that the expert could kill these assassins with just a flicker of his finger.

Those that were present at the scene were all extremely proficient individuals who possessed a tremendous amount of experience. How did the stealthy intentions of this expert escape their watchful eyes? Just as the two assassin leaders were about to stab Princess Ling Meng, a figure that was clad in blue appeared. An ocean-blue glow radiated around him. He had previously hidden in the dark shadows of a nearby house and was about to jump into action when he noticed the flying dagger. Instantaneously, he froze, and shock filled every part of his body.

The eyes of this figure shone light blue, which signified the color of someone that was at the bottom of the Sky Xuan rank. Although he could be viewed as someone powerful, he was still inferior to the person that had hurled out the flying dagger.

Underneath the masks of each of the nine assassins were an expression of complete fear and slight dilemma. Although they were trained assassins, each of them still treasured their own lives. If they had a slim chance of winning, they would not hesitate to fight it out. However, they were now faced with an impossible task with no chance of winning; they would certainly lose their lives. There was no choice but to retreat!

On the other hand, Princess Ling Meng’s bodyguards could now relax and they became extremely happy! Princess Ling Meng had a legendary person protecting her which mean that Her Highness’ safety was guaranteed! In the event that the Princess was assassinated, and the assassins did not harm the bodyguards, the bodyguards would still suffer the wrath of the Emperor. Even the bodyguards’ family may not be spared.

When Princess Ling Meng opened her eyes, she saw the events that had taken place around her. She noticed the flying dagger embedded in the ground and felt a wave of gratitude washed over her. Without the ominous dagger, she would have been killed!

“Who is the senior that is present? Do you have any information? Show yourself please,” said the leader of the assassin in a courteous voice. His hands were cupped respectfully towards the sky and he stood tall and straight. The leader was attempting to act innocent by pretending he did not comprehend what the expert was doing. If the Princess saw through his act, his mission to assassinate the Princess would fail and it would be over for the assassins. Hence, his only way out now is to act dumb!

If the Sky Xuan expert truly intended to protect the Princess, their mission would have no chance of succeeding, even if they were to fight till they die! Their only hope then would be to retreat!

Despite the fact that Princess Ling Meng was the princess of the kingdom and the favorite daughter of the Emperor, how could she qualify as someone who has the most powerful Sky Xuan expert as a bodyguard? Only the Emperor of Tian Xiang Empire is entitled to have this expert as the bodyguard!

The street remained deathly silent.

Obviously, this secretive Sky Xuan expert would not reveal his identity so easily to these insignificant people.

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