Chapter 47: The Blood Caused By Snot

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“Who? Who the fuck was the one blowing off his snot? Fuck, get your ass out here! Watch as this senior annihilate your nine generations!” A sharp, angry voice sounded with unparalleled anger.

Jun Mo Xie turned and saw a young man wearing green silk gown at the stairs with an alluring woman within his left arm. This man had an expression of rage as he furiosuly tried to rub away the yellow lump on his right cheek that was none other than Tang Yuan’s snot.

Tang Yuan was seated with his back facing the stairs when he blew his nose off to the ground. It was extremely inprobably for his snot to hit someone, much less landed on a person’s face. However, due to some coincidence, Tang Yuan had blown his nose the very moment the youngster and the woman were ascending the stairs.

During that time, the young man was busily kneading the woman’s bosom, their heads just appearing from the stairs. It was then that the mass of snot flew over. If not for the fact that they had their faces turned to the side, it might have directly entered his mouth…

Jun Mo Xie’s eyes were bulging and his tongue was tied. After some time, he laughed and clasped his fists in respect, “Fatty Yuan, there’s no match to your accuracy. Respect ah… respect…”

Tang Yuan was also dumbfounded. He laughed ruefully, “It’s not my accuracy which is amazing. It’s this fella’s luck which is truly too heaven-defying…”

This statement from Tang Yuan was certainly on point. Tang Yuan and Jun Mo Xie knew almost all of the notorious Young Masters within Tianxiang City. This young man had an overbearing attitude with a face full of arrogance, indicating that he was no ordinary person, yet, neither Tang Yuan nor Jun Mo Xie could recognize him. This could only mean that this man was a nobody amongst the local debauchees.

Not only did this nobody get his face hit by snot, he had currently provoked Jun Mo Xie and Tang Yuan, the two most notorious debauchees in the capital. As such, his luck can truly be considered Heaven defying.

As the two of them were speaking, the young man suddenly turned his attention towards them. Releasing the woman from his left hand, he marched over aggressively and roared at Tang Yuan with a twisted expression. “You damned son of a bitch fatty, are you looking for death? And you, flower boy! What are you laughing at, you son of a bitch?”

Jun Mo Xie’s face suddenly became dark and sinister. He had originally thought of advising Tang Yuan not to beat him to death. After all, the one at fault was still Tang Yuan. But after listening to those words, he slowly sat down. This person simply deserved to die!

Tang Yuan was not a virtuous gentleman. And he happened to be in the most depressed state of his life and was in dire need of a punching bag in relieving his stress. Once he heard those words, he exploded. His fat spherical body blasted off like a volleyball that was kicked at full power as he slapped the youngster in the face. A palm as big as a bear’s fell upon the youngster’s cheek.

The youngster had never expected that Tang Yuan, who was indeed in the wrong, would actually attack him without uttering a single word. This type of bully was indeed uncommon in this world!

His body was weak and simply unable to avoid the strike. All he could do was take it straight on, his body spinning twice before falling on his ass onto the ground. Before him, stars started flashing and his brain felt like it bounced around in his skull. Then, his mouth wide open as he spat out blood and four white teeth.

With a savage face, Tang Yuan rushed forward, his close to two hundred and fifty kilos body slammed down upon the poor bastard, landing one punch after another on the man’s face. He cursed.

“Screw your granny! Do you dare to play the victim when I am in a bad mood? Me blowing my snot onto your face is a way of showing you respect, but you still dare to curse me? If I don’t beat you to death today, then I will be letting your mother down, you stupid bastard!”

Each word was accompanied by a punch, each punch following a certain rhythm. The resulting sounds were similar to that of a pig howling in the midst of being slaughtered.

A cracking sound could be heard as the poor bastard’s leg was abruptly broken from the sheer weight of Tang Yuan’s body… The youngster cried out miserably one more time, his body convulsing, his head slacks as he fainted.

It was at this moment that the woman who came together with the youngster recovered from the shock. A shrill high-pitched scream broke out, instantly rising in intensity.

“Stop screaming!” Tang Yuan shouted ferociously, his eyes staring at her viciously. The woman stopped in shock.

She covered her mouth fearfully before running down the stairs. A huge bang could be heard followed by a wretched cry and a tumbling sound. Apparently, the woman had lost her balance while running down the stairs and ended up tumbling down.

“That is enough! Since you have already vented your anger, just leave him be. If you continue beating him, he will really die!” Jun Mo Xie frowned, as he began to feel exhausted from today’s outing.

“So what if I really end up killing him? What would happen to this senior if he dies?” Tang Yuan gave the man two more brutal punches before standing up, panting as he did so. It was not that easy for Tang Yuan to punch people. After all, it was something that required effort. Tang Yuan was obviously quite tired as his eyes squinted. “In this whole capital, the number of people I, Tang Yuan, are unable to kill can only be counted on one hand!”

“This bastard seems to have some background,” Jun Mo Xie indicated towards the outside with his chin. Urgent footsteps could be heard as no small amount of people rushed towards them.

Tang Yuan dismissed it with curled lips. “He but someone that we both can’t even recognize, what worthless background would he even have? Just a waste of space! Even if his ancestor were to come, this Young Master will just use a single finger to send them back to heaven!”

“The… the two wicked people are upstairs. Qin… Young Master Qin is also up there.” The panicked voice of the woman was heard from below. Following that, the sounds of swords being drawn out from their sheaths were heard as the sound of footsteps from the stairs was heard.

In an instant, six warriors with cold looks on their faces came to stand before the two of them. Noticing the young man covered with blood sprawled on the floor, their faces became rageful. One of them had similar looks to the injured young man, his face squarish, sporting a beard, he roared angrily as his eyes seemingly shot out waves of fire. “What the hell are you just standing there for? Quickly help the Young Master up and deal with these two insolent beasts!”

Four of the warriors acknowledged the order. They stepped forward, ready to act.

Beside them stood several men wearing officer uniforms. They laughed as they asked. “Clan Leader Qin, do you want to let us handle this matter? We will certainly…”

“What nonsense! My son has already been beaten to such a sorry state, and still want me to let you all handle it? Today, this two bastards will be settled by me, not a single hair on their body will be let off the hook! I am curious to know, which bastard dares to touch my, Qin Hu’s son! Especially in this Drunken Immortal Establishment located in the northern area of the city!”

The two officers originally wanted to ingratiate themselves up to him but instead ending up provoking him. They felt embarrassed and became silent.

The person who was furiously clamouring on about revenge was the Clan Leader of the Northern City Clan, one of the Six Great Clans within Tianxiang City.

As for the youngster lying on the ground, he was none other than the only son of Qin Hu, Qin Xiao Bao, a debauchee with quite the considerable background.

“Your son is “untouchable”?” Jun Mo Xie stared at him with cold eyes as he watched Qin Hu express himself in such a domineering way. “Then what would happen if your son tries to do something to us? Are you saying that us, the common man, can only be bullied by your son?”

Qin Xiao Bao could certainly be considered as a debauchee with a considerable background. But it must be compared to the right people. And today there would be a calamity for him, for the two-person he had bumped into just happened to be the two debauchees with the biggest backing in the capital.

In addition, one of them happened to be in dire need of venting his wrath. Qin Xiao Bao’s current situation was tantamount to a little rabbit showing off before a tiger and a wolf. This was truly a case of man trying to push Heaven’s will.

“Hahaha… who dares touch my, Qin Hu’s son? Whoever dares, I will destroy his entire clan!” When he heard Jun Mo Xie claiming to be “common man”, Qin Hu’s heart became set as he viciously stared at him. “Little flower boy, it appears that you are wanting to die for you to beat my son to such a state.”


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