Chapter 45: Meeting Tang Yuan Again

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Could there be an even higher existence than Spirit Xuan?

With the knowledge of internal strength cultivation, the answer to this question was a resounding yes!

There must be a higher existence!

However, this was a different world. Even though the cultivation of both internal strength and Xuan Qi followed the same path, the results might not be similar. It was possible that the rules in this world were different and that Spirit Xuan was the limit in Xuan Qi cultivation!

Jun Mo Xie was unable to come up with a conclusive answer with his current understanding of Xuan Qi.

In addition, all the meridians in Jun Mo Xie’s body had been completely opened after going through the Pulp Rending Meridian Cleanser.

He had already achieved the realm of Hundred Interlinked Vessels of a Pre-Celestial Stage expert. In terms of meridian quality alone, he was far superior compared to those in the Spirit Xuan realm! However, in terms of battle strength, he was not even close to being able to match one.

After all, regardless of how much potential he had, he had only came to this world for a single month. Just being able to reach his current stage with the body of the original Jun Mo Xie was already considered a miracle.

This was due to the wondrous powers of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune! If one were to practice any other cultivation skill, a single month was not sufficient for one to reach even the starting stages.

To add to that, he had the Exquisite Hongjun Pagoda acting together with the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune to open up all the meridians in Jun Mo Xie’s body. This was equal to giving unlimited space of potential for Jun Mo Xie to fill them up one by one.

With Jun Mo Xie’s current level of strength, even an ordinary Silver Xuan expert could deal with him, especially in a fight to the death! However, it would be not so if it was an assassination. After all, assassinations were what Jun Mo Xie did for a living.

Adding to that, the fully opened meridians also gave Jun Mo Xie access to a peculiar ability. While not being able to completely replicate it, as long as he had seen a Xuan Qi cultivation formula once, he would be able to imitate the forms from the formula, although the strength would obviously not be present.

With this, Jun Mo Xie could not help but think.

It seems that I now have another method of deception…

The next day, Jun Mo Xie appeared yet again on the training ground, causing everyone to be shocked! Yesterday’s training was capable of giving the house guards no small amount of suffering. Even now, many areas on their body were aching to the point of death. And somehow, this Young Master was able to arrive earlier than them.

After yesterday’s training was over, almost every single of them found themselves looking at their Third Young Master in a different light, even their hearts were filled with respect. But, all of them were convinced that their Third Young Master would not be present tomorrow. It was not the question of having the willpower to continue but his physique being unable to cope with the stress.

Unexpectedly, they would arrive to see Jun Mo Xie standing ramrod straight with a sword-like gaze present on his face. Everyone felt as though they were in a dream.

Is this still the useless, death awaiting, freeloading Third Young Master?

How had he manage to climb out of bed?!

Jun Wu Yi had long since arrived at the training grounds. Sitting in his wheelchair, he observed everything that was happening. Although he had already expected Jun Mo Xie to appear, he was still surprised. With Jun Mo Xie’s physical strength, there was no way he could have endured that kind of training, Jun Mo Xie would have been in a serious condition today.

That was why Jun Wu Yi felt that it would be understandable even if Jun Mo Xie did not show up today. In Jun Wu Yi’s opinion, even if Jun Mo Xie had shown up, he would be fatigued to the point of unsightliness.

Yesterday’s training was something that Jun Wu Yi would not be able to easily complete even with a healed body. He would never have expected that Jun Mo Xie would appear in a far superior state as compared to the guards before him.

Could I have misjudged the intensity of the training?

Once again, another high-intensity training started. To their shock, the guards could see that Jun Mo Xie’s speed had increased instead of decreasing. Although some of his paces were lacking, it was more steady and decent compared to yesterday.

The surprise did not end there. In the following training, Jun Mo Xie had begun catching up to the speed of the house guards. Eventually, he was even able to surpass some of them!

This occurrence caused no small number of the house guards’ eyes to turn red. Such a rapid increase in strength had never been seen before. In fact, something like this was indeed unheard of.

But their Young Master was currently turning a myth into reality right before their very eyes!

The Young Master’s body is soft looking and tender while ours is rough and tough! If the Young Master is able to do it, why can’t we?

This question had once again set ablaze to the guards’ hearts! Their thirst for power caused the training sessions to increase in intensity! Almost every one of their eyes were bloodshot as they gritted their teeth and trained like a wild beast with their life on the line…

None of them was able to realize that even while training, Jun Mo Xie had eight heavyweights strapped to his body and the fact that he had his own special training before coming to the training grounds. Moreover, Jun Mo Xie had also added in more aspects for his special training.

Climbing, stone grasping, level movement, arms control, stealth…

Jun Mo Xie had each of the twelve long hours of a day carefully divided, not wasting even a single minute.

On the third day, Jun Zhan Tian received the news about Jun Mo Xie’s training and had secretly come over to observe. Although pleased with Jun Mo Xie’s motivation, Jun Zhan Tian was worried that rather than improving, Jun Mo Xie would instead end up wasting his efforts. But after seeing Jun Mo Xie training that one time, Jun Zhan Tian never showed up again, he simply walked away silently and calmly. The Housekeeper, Old Pang was able to feel clear that Jun Zhan Tian was very happy and moved!

Alone in the study, Jun Zhan Tian uttered a few tunes to himself. He even became drunk for the first time after a long time. After becoming intoxicated, he held a wide grin on his face.

After that, he walked off, staggering unsteadily towards the room with the memorial tablet of his deceased wife. There, he mumbled for the whole night.

On the second day, he came out with a grin, several tears could still be seen remaining in the corner of his eyes…

On the day before the Autumn Festival, Tianxiang City had already begun to liven up. Everyone was dressed up, and every corner was decorated in abundant colors. For those who had left home had started returning to celebrate the Autumn Festival. How could the place not be lively?

In mid-afternoon, within the highest floor of the Drunken Immortal Establishment.

A group of bodyguards was seated together at two tables. There was another table between the two tables, where only two people were seated. These two were naturally Jun Mo Xie and Tang Yuan.

Tang Yuan who was seated opposite Jun Mo Xie constantly sighed, his brows knitted up into a scowl. For the past few days, he had suffered greatly. Tang Wan Li had almost torn away all of the fats from his grandson.

Firstly, he was grounded, no longer able to take even one-step out of the residence. After which, whenever Tang Wan Li recalled the incident of the Xuan Core being stolen, he would have someone summon Tang Yuan over. Which would lead to a round of cursing and jumping around in anger?

Next, he would slap Tang Yuan a few times to vent his anger before telling him to scram. This situation would occur more than three times a day. Simply put, whenever Tang Wan Li recalled the incident would be whenever Tang Yuan had to go over.

Tang Yuan had originally lost a great deal of face. He nearly lost his fiancée, causing his future father-in-law to give a good scolding. His fiancée was in tears. She insisted on breaking off their engagement by threatening to kill herself.

There was no helping it if such a thing could have nearly occurred today, who could say that it would not have happened the next day. If that was to happen, what then could she do…

Whenever his father saw him, the first thing he would do was slap him in the face. After that, he would go look for a stick to beat him with. His mother although wanting to restrain his father, was too fearful. His knitted forehead has had no chance to become smooth at all. Whenever his little brothers met him, they would ask him.

“Big brother, when will you go to the Thousand Gold Hall again? Please allow us to bask in your glory as well…”

After saying that, they would burst out into laughter…

However, the most painful matter was that each time Tang Wan Li scolded him; he would be forced to kneel down on an abacus. For this matter, a special iron abacus was made.


There was no need to ask. Considering how heavy Fatty Tang was, a normal abacuses would have long broken down every time he kneeled on them. After these few days, even the specially made iron abacus had started to bend…

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