Chapter 43: To Forge Metal, One Must Be Strong

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Everyone thought that the Young Master would be unable to handle it and fall any second now. How could their debauchee Young Master endure this type of hellish training?

Some even wagered that Jun Mo Xie would simply give up within an incense’s time. However, against all expectations, Jun Mo Xie endured from the start till breakfast; his body had been staggering unsteadily right from the beginning.

He… he had actually held on! Everyone rubbed their eyes in suspicion; they all thought that they were dreaming.

Thereafter, they began to speculate whether the Young Master would participate in the afternoon training.

Most of them felt that the amount of training in the morning had already passed the Young Master’s capacity. It was already an amazing feat for him to endure till now!

After eating breakfast, there was only half an incense’s time for them to rest. However, none of them realized that Jun Mo Xie did not even consider resting.

Not wanting to waste any time at all, he returned to his room as he ignored the pain coming from his aching muscles.

Producing several bamboo tubes fully pierced with steel needles, he placed them methodically on the table. He then produced one bamboo tube without any steel needles on it and placed it within the formation of the preceding bamboo tubes.

There was only the length of a palm’s thickness between each of the bamboo tubes containing steel needles. Jun Mo Xie was aiming to hit the bamboo tube within the formation using only his fingers and without touching the tubes on either side of his palm. There was an extra requirement whereby his palms had to pass through three bamboo tubes before hitting the final tube which strike would make a sound.

This little training was to train the flexibility of the fingers to its peak! This training may have looked simple, but was in fact extremely difficult!

The needles were everywhere, causing any wrong amount of strength or failure in flexibility to cause the finger to be pierced by the steel needles. The resulting pain would then cause the fingers to shake even more, which in turn would lead to the fingers being pierced by more needles.

Jun Mo Xie maintained an indifferent face as he calmly inserted his hands, which had just undergone the intense morning training, into the bamboo poles…

When afternoon training began, the house guards found Jun Mo Xie standing on the training grounds, his fingers swollen and dripping with blood, but his face seemed better.

In the following afternoon training session, he continued to persevere as he staggered unsteadily onwards till the end!

This result caused every one of the house guards’ eyes to pop out!

Nonetheless, although he had managed to complete the training, half of them still believed that it was already far beyond what the Third Young Master could endure. It was already highly commendable of him to continue his training even until now!

He would not be able to continue on until late afternoon, would he?

Contrary to their predictions, in the late afternoon, he remained.

At this moment, all the guards were ignited as their hearts roared!

How could we, as veterans of a hundred battles and hundreds of training sessions lose to a tender looking, pampered young master who had not suffered any bitterness at all?

This thought caused these men who were already standing on the cliff to Hell to drop down into it. As long as Jun Mo Xie did not stop, all the house guards would grit their teeth and endure to the end! As a result… everyone ended up being too fatigued…

Since Jun Mo Xie was directing the training, it was only natural that Jun Wu Yi would be present as well.

After inciting everybody’s morale to such heights, how exactly did Jun Mo Xie intend to train them? This was something that piqued Jun Wu Yi’s curiosity. However, after witnessing the contents of the training sessions, Jun Wu Yi felt a as if someone had dunked ice cold water over him!

He observed the guards carry a huge and rough log run through the grounds without a single gap between each other, Jun Wu Yi’s eyes opened widely. Then, after that, he spotted Jun Mo Xie amongst them, carrying the same type of log as he ran.

Jun Wu Yi could not help but rub his eyes fiercely before staring again, and again he rubbed his eyes. In the end, he rubbed it so much till his eyes suffered from pain as well!

If there was nothing wrong with his eyes, then the sun must have risen from the west today! How is this possible? Is this still my debauchee nephew? This is simply beyond ordinary!

After night finally came, Jun Mo Xie finally ended the training. Those highly capable and sturdy house guards were all fatigued, each like a dead dog. Every single one of them laid flat on the ground, like paper blown by the wind, as they gasped for air. Not a single one was capable of standing up!

As for the two company leaders, one was bent as he gasped violently for breath, the other too bent, as he kneaded his waist.

Jun Mo Xie’s face was pale, his body seemingly about to fall, but he remained standing upright. With an eagle-like gaze, he scanned through the chaotic crowd of soldiers as he suddenly screamed out.

“Get your worthless ass off the ground and stand up! In three breaths time, those who cannot stand up will be instantly eliminated! Get your worthless body out of here and commit suicide, for you do not have any rights to stand here! If you cannot even compare with this prodigal debauchee, what is the point in you even living?”

Immediately, everyone stood upright. They gritted their teeth as they staggered about unsteadily. A few of them were almost unable to control themselves and were about to fall over, but was held up by those around them.

If they were to lose to the third Young Master, then they would really have no face to continue living.

Jun Mo Xie panted as he stared at them with a cold gaze.

“As of now, who among you can still claim that you are not trash? Huh? With just a single day of training, all of you have actually become such a sorry sight! Even though I am a debauchee, I am still able to stand, but you lot? All of you still are capable of lying down on the floor? Are you able to feel any shame at all? And you all still call yourselves a veteran of a hundred battles? Pui!”

All three hundred guards had their faces etched with scorching shame; one by one, they all lowered their gaze to the ground.

If this Young Master, who was looked down by everyone was able to persevere and still stand upright to boot, then what reason could they have to lie down?

Jun Mo Xie’s participation in today’s training was something everyone had witnessed. All of them felt their body aching and their mind’s exhausted after today’s training.

So how did this young master manage to endure it? Everyone knew that for this debauchee to handle today’s training would require a greater mentality and effort than them due to the difference in foundation.

Everyone gazed at Jun Mo Xie, their eyes filled with some degree of awe and respect! Because what Jun Mo Xie had done today was done without the slightest of foundation! On the other hand, they were a group of well-trained men…

Jun Mo Xie gave them all a cold gaze before turning around and walking off, leaving only one sentence.

“If this were to happen again tomorrow, then all three hundred of you can get out! The Jun Family will not waste its money on trash! Especially trash that is unable to keep up with a debauchee!”

Watching Jun Mo Xie’s back as he left, anyone could see that his legs and the muscles on his body were trembling uncontrollably. This was the surefire sign of being exhausted to their absolute limits!

However, Jun Mo Xie’s face did not even have a single trace of his fatigue! In terms of mental strength, everyone here was way incomparable to this young debauchee!

If their debauchee Young Master was able to endure this hellish training, then could these veterans of hundred of battles say otherwise?

Could they be able to speak the words “difficult” when their young master had undergone the same type of training as them? What a great humiliation that would be! If they were to say those words, then the best scenario would be being looked down on with contempt by their comrades. But if they had ended up being looked down on by this debauchee Young Master, then they should seriously just take their own lives!

Would they take their own lives due to shame if they were to know that Jun Mo Xie had eight weights attached to his body?

None of them knew that at least a dozen spots on Jun Mo Xie’s body were torn off due to the weights! Blood oozed out slowly from the wounds.

The training that Jun Mo Xie underwent was estimated to be at least three times more intense than the house guards’!

That was a frightening difference! If not for the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune supporting him, Jun Mo Xie with his current body would have died from over-exhaustion ten times over! However, the reason Jun Mo Xie had trained as such was to be able to use the divine powers of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. While being pushed to his absolute limits, he would be able to break through the limitations of his body!

Although Jun Wu Yi had no idea that Jun Mo Xie was practicing with weights attached to his body, Jun Mo Xie’s performance today had moved this man who was once a great general who oversaw tens of thousands of soldiers!

Watching Jun Mo Xie’s departing silhouette, Jun Wu Yi felt greatly pleased. However, a suspicion remained within his heart

Could this be his true character? If so, this is simply being too hard on yourself! What would happen if an accident were to happen if this continues?

Although one must be strong to forge metal, if one was not careful, one would instead destroy the precious metal.

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