Chapter 41: Shaking The Capital

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Of course, there was no way Jun Mo Xie would know that the item in his hands was actually a supreme treasure. Instead, He was thinking what explanation he could give if he returned it to the Tang Family.

What reason could he use to explain how he got this item.

Even if he decided to not return the item, what kind of benefits would it even provide? He didn’t even know what the item was, much less its value!

After some time passed, he was still unable to think of anything. Then, he sealed up the Xuan Core and placed it into the Cold Jade box, and back into the Goldensilk Sandalwood box. After weighing it in his hands, he placed it beside his pillow.

After considering for some time he pushed it deeper and covered it with his pillow.

It was not that he had recognized it as a precious treasure and wanted to keep a close eye on it. But instead, it was because he had heard that the Sandalwood box would be extremely beneficial to his sleep…

Once there was a person who had bought a box but ended up unknowingly returning the pearls within it, a extremely hilarious tale! However, Jun Mo Xie’s actions today, were extremely similar.

The rain had finally stopped after it reached late night.

Tang Wan Li’s grey hair was ramrod straight, his rage soaring past the skies!

Even as he controlled himself as he rushed towards the Li Family and Meng Family, intending to raise hell for both of them. But when he had reached the Li Family, he had instead felt like had ran towards a rubber wall and was forced to leave without managing to cause any trouble there.

He then decided to focus his rage upon the Meng Family, giving endless troubles there, releasing all the anger built up in him, causing chickens to fly and dogs to jump. Unexpectedly, he was unable to return as an extremely heavy rain had started, causing Tang Wan Li to become even more filled with fury. In retaliation, he then threw an even bigger fit in the Meng Family Residence, cursing everyone to the point of choking on their own spit.

How could he have thought that as he was throwing a fit, someone from his place would urgently come and report a stolen item from his residence? At that moment, Tang Wan Li felt as though a bomb exploded in his head as all the blood surged upwards to his head…

He came to vent his wrath on others but came to find that his own house was turned upside down by someone else. And it had even been an inside job!

Tang Wan Li could guess that the item stolen must be one that he personally valued; otherwise, why would the messenger rush over here through such a weather to inform him! As for which personal valuable item was stolen, there was no need for any discussion, the most valuable could only be the Xuan Core!

Although he had thought of it, Tang Wan Li held on the hope that it wasn’t as such and inquired about the stolen item. As long as it was not the Xuan Core, then all will be right.

However, what he had feared the most had indeed come true!

The Xuan Core, which he valued as much as his own life, was indeed the stolen item! Tang Wan Li’s saw nothing but darkness and he almost fainted right then and there.

Ever since he had managed to get it, Tang Wan Li knew that he had a precious treasure in his hands. All that was needed, was for his descendants to focus on cultivation and reach Earth Xuan rank. Which he would then do everything in his capabilities, even throwing his face away, to invite a few Sky Xuan experts or perhaps even a Spirit Xuan Xuan expert to help him out. With their help, the Xuan Core could be utilized to propel his descendants into the Sky Xuan rank!

Once that happened, the Tang Family would also prosper as long as the Sky Xuan expert remained alive! As for himself, he was already too old. Even if he were to use the Xuan Core to increase his level of cultivation, an extension of his life was only possible if he could achieve the Spirit Xuan rank, even with the help of the Xuan Core, he did not have the talent required to reach it!

How could he have expected the changes that would affect his plans?

He had two sons, the first had no talent to speak of, the second was fairly capable but was more interested in literature and disliked martial arts cultivation.

He stopped cultivating after reaching a mere Ninth Xuan rank, never bothering to even attempt breaking through into the Silver Xuan rank.

Even though his career as a government official had gone smoothly, there was no powerful expert within the family. This feeling where their family’s future and well-being rested upon the hands of others was simply distasteful.

The civil and military officials were naturally all under the governance of His Majesty, the Emperor. However, as long as their family has a Sky Xuan expert, then even the Emperor must consider carefully if His Majesty wished to deal with them!

Faced with no other options, Tang Wan Li could only place his hopes on his grandsons instead. This time around, his hopes seemed to be well worth it as a few of his grandsons had shown promising talent. With the exception of the eldest grandson, Tang Yuan who preferred business to martial arts, his other three grandsons highly respected the value of Xuan Qi cultivation and worked arduously in regards to Xuan Qi cultivation.

This allowed the old Tang Wan Li to feel relieved. He believed that one of his grandsons would be able to step upon the Earth Xuan rank within ten years’ time. As for himself, he was positive that he could continue on for another ten more years.

He believed that the positive effect of using the Xuan Core on his grandson would surpass the effect of using it on his son. As long as everything proceeded smoothly, Tang Family would not face any problems from the royal court or outside for a whole century.

How could he have foreseen that after waiting for so many years, after enduring thousands of bitter hardships to gather the necessary herbs, after his grandsons had already succeeded in breaking through to the Silver Xuan rank, possibly requiring only a few more years before meeting the necessary requirements, the most critical item ended up being stolen!

At this moment, Tang Yuan was in the middle of venting his own anger. Clutching one and a half million worth in silver bills, he grabbed onto Meng Hai Zou’s collar, insisting on redeeming the sword and accompaniment jade. How was Meng Hai Zou to produce them? All he could do was bow profusely and bootlick endlessly, his face dripping with sweat.

Feeling helpless at his own predicament, Tang Wan Li issued the command to return home. Feeling irritable and filled with only the thought of reaching home, he lashed out a kick at Tang Yuan who was still ranting non-stop.

Before leaving, Tang Yuan hollered at them. If they were unable to produce the precious sword and accompaniment jade in three days’ time, then he would go forward and report it directly to His Majesty, the Emperor. Those words caused Meng Hai Zou lose control of his bowels.

Of course, each word he said came at a price, for each word he said, Tang Wan Li gave him two vicious kicks, causing his buttocks to roll around.

After hurrying home urgently, Tang Wan Li erupted with anger again. He had every one of the Tang Family’s elite house guards sent out, openly and wantonly searching all corners! As for those sixteen men who were killed trying to escape from the Tang Residence and the six corpses found on the streets, he had them well preserved. In addition to finding people to identify the bodies, he also had their images drawn out and handed over to the Ministry of Justice. Through the Ministry of Justice, he offered a reward of one hundred thousand silver Liangs for any knowledge of these people!

As for the few escaped servants from his own residence, the reward for them was double. No matter what, he must capture the mastermind!

In a single day, the entire capital was turned upside down.

In three days, the entire world was turned upside down!

At the same time, Li You Ran and the Li Family showed no external movements on their part, taking on the attitude of a watchful bystander.

Secretly, however, they were moving with all their might. Li You Ran had everyone involved strictly interrogated, and anyone that a single hint of suspicious behaviour was tortured brutally without end.

Killing a thousand innocents was better than letting go of one criminal!

It was important for him to find out who was trying to go against him!

After merely two days, many had found themselves unable to cope with the cruel tortures and died! The Li Family’s secret forces too moved out in full force, seeking information from all four corners.

All the great families within the capital were able to catch the scent of something unusual within these series of events. All of them kept a close eye on the capital’s movements, guarding themselves from being sucked into this muddy “whirlpool”. However, they too sent out their men to inquire information. What was going on in the Tang Family?

The entire capital’s forces had at this moment, started moving secretly. As for the holding cells of the Ministry of Justice, they were all suddenly filled to the brim! Tang Family’s unrestricted use of its power and influence had caused an “earthquake” within the capital, causing everyone to feel insecure.

And yet, no news came forth. Tang Wan Li’s heart was filled with worry and irritation. He threw a fit every day. Li You Ran maintained his gentle demeanour on the outside, however behind his chilling eyes was a different story, a pair of poisonous serpent-like glint could be seen.

If his eyes were to lightly gaze upon someone, then that person would die.

If his eyes were to stare heavily at someone, then that person’s entire family would be exterminated!

As for the person who had reaped the biggest benefit from this ordeal, Jun Mo Xie, remained unaware of what was happening. He was relaxing at home, holding on to the Goldensilk Sandalwood Box while he slept at night, sighing loudly to himself, it turned out that it really did great wonders for his sleep…

In his mind, he kept wondering why his mind would wander towards his widowed sister-in-law…

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