Chapter 39: Guan Qing Han

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The heavy rain had finally weakened considerably, yet still continued on. Jun Mo Xie walked leisurely, causing those who saw him through the door or the windows to wonder

Oh, God! What kind of madness is the Young Master up to now?

Well, compared to his previous sort of trouble, the ones nowadays seemed more reasonable, although it does seem rather peculiar.

What was he doing outside when it is raining cats and dogs?

As he was passing by the gardens, he suddenly heard the melody of a flute slowly emanating from within.

Within the melody of the flute was an unforgettable sorrow.

Listening to the sound of the flute, one could imagine the sorrow and hidden feelings of resentment filled in the person playing the flute.

But when Jun Mo Xie heard the sound, he felt that it coincided with his current mood. Unable to control himself, he went towards the source of the tune.

In a pavilion situated in the middle of the garden, a woman with white robes sat on a stone bench, her back facing Jun Mo Xie. Her hair rolled up high like dark clouds, her waist slender; looking at her from behind, one would only think that she was a cold but refined woman. However, to be accompanied by such a mournful melody from the cold flute in this desolate autumn, it would appear that this woman was also lonely and dismal.

Jun Mo Xie stood quietly in the rain, he closed his eyes slightly, listening to the sorrow filled tune coming from the flute. His mind fell into a trance, as though he was listening to his favourite song from his past life, the song “Wang Ning Mei” from the famous, Dream of the Red Chamber, that same graceful sorrow and tearful resentment…

Jun Mo Xie’s felt a bout of maudlin going through his head.

In this heavy autumn rain, for whom were this pain and sorrow for?

At this moment, Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt that the woman before him was suffering the same solitary loneliness as him! However, when compared to himself, hers was one that was far more helpless.

Amidst the sorrowful resentment of the flute’s melody, even the wind became suffocating…

The flute’s melody gradually became weaker, just like a thread of silk swaying in the air, swaying until there was nothing. The white-robed woman remained seated; she placed down the jade flute and faintly sighed. The sound of her sigh was covered by the sound of the rain, showing how weak it was in comparison.

Jun Mo Xie’s heart moved, he could not help but also let out a gentle sigh.

Even though the sound was light, the woman became shocked. She immediately turned around, her gaze locking onto Jun Mo Xie.

Her face showed surprise, then, faint disgust as she looked at Jun Mo Xie with contempt.

“It is you.”

“The flute melody is not bad, very beautiful.”

Jun Mo Xie smiled as he leisurely stepped into the pavilion. His rain-soaked body caused the floor of the pavilion to become wet.

“Sister-in-law, how did you suddenly have this elegant interest?”

The woman’s looks were as if from a painting.

Her bearing was graceful and dignified, but her face cold and aloof. The contrast made more obvious by her history.

This woman who was graceful yet cold was none other than Jun Mo Xie’s sister-in-law and Jun Mo You’s wife, Guan Qing Han.

She was the only daughter of the famed Guan Family, a well-known family in the Tianxiang Kingdom.

In truth, calling her Mo You’s wife may be inappropriate. Their engagement was something that was set when they were both still toddlers. Three years ago, Jun Mo You was twenty-two and Guan Qing Han was eighteen. It was then when the two families began preparing for the marriage between the two.

However, a war suddenly erupted with the Shenci Kingdom. Jun Mo You and his little brother, Jun Mo Chou, were selected to join the expedition against Shenci. Thus the two families decided to hold the marriage after Jun Mo You returned victoriously.

Before Jun Mo You left for the army, they had already finished with the engagement ceremony and Guan Qing Han was already considered a member of the Jun Family. Once Jun Mo You returned, their wedding would take place. As for the wedding date, that too was already set in stone.

However, none of them would have expected that Jun Mo You would never return, his body left to rest upon the battlefield. The two childhood sweethearts were now separated, faced with regrets forever!

A precious talent, dying in an unclear and pitiful manner!

When the bad news arrived, Guan Qing Han fainted on the spot. After that, she disregarded her family’s advice and chose to enter the Jun Family. She adopted the identity of a widow of the Jun Family and helped in taking care of the elder in the Jun Family. Grandpa Jun had asked her not to a number of times.

After all, there was no need to fear not being able to have a good marriage due to her good looks and background. He had even proposed breaking off the engagement to allow Guan Qing Han to gain freedom from this situation.

But Guan Qing Han persistently refused. Even after exhausting themselves, the elders of both families were unable to change her mind. All they could do was wait. Should the time ever came when she changed her mind, then they would send her back to the Guan Family.

Everyone in the Jun Family from the elderly Grandpa Jun, Jun Wu Yi all the way down to the servants treated this young maiden with respect, not slighting her off in any way. However, there was one person who constantly made her unhappy, and that was her little brother-in-law, Jun Mo Xie!

After his beautiful sister-in-law moved in, the prodigal debauchee, Jun Mo Xie became restless, his manner of speech flippant, his bearing frivolous, causing Guan Qing Han to feel extremely disgusted. Unable to tolerate him, she had once given him a harsh lesson. Even though she was the only daughter, she was quite proficient in martial arts.

While not at Silver Xuan, she was already at the peak of the Ninth level Xuan!

Dealing with someone like Jun Mo Xie was hardly a difficult task.

However, the beatings did nothing to change this self-indulgent brat. Knowing that his beautiful sister-in-law would not inflict heavy injuries upon him, he would always peep at her secretly. Seeing such a thick-skinned person, Guan Qing Han was unable to find a way and chose to simply hide in her room most of the time.

However, due to today’s rain, her heartfelt bitter and sorrowful, affecting her emotionally. Thus, she decided to go to the pavilion to express her sorrow with the flute. Unexpectedly, this debauchee would brave the rain to come over!

What an obsessive person, do you not understand that my Ninth Xuan Qi is far higher than yours? It would not take much of an effort to take care of someone like you! The reason I choose not to, was simply because I did not want to disturb the peace of this residence, and also to not cause gramps any heartaches. Did you think I was afraid of you?

Hearing Jun Mo Xie’s words, Guan Qing Han felt even more disgusted,

“Oh, I just have nothing to do at the moment and decided to play the flute for a bit. Could it be that Third Young Master is an expert on this subject?” One could clearly hear the undisguised barbs in her words.

What does this debauchee know about the melody of a flute? Beautiful? Not bad? He is obviously trying to strike up a conversation with me! She stared at him coldly, wondering what kind of new “face” was he intending to show today.

With Jun Mo Xie’s wisdom, how could he not understand the meaning behind her words? However, this woman was someone he admired. Not mentioning, how he knew how insufferable the original Jun Mo Xie was. It was no wonder everyone would look down upon him! On the other hand, Guan Qing Han’s affectionate devotion was something that Jun Mo Xie found himself respecting.

“The melody of the flute comes from the heart, the past is but the past, it would be better for sister-in-law let go of the past. Let bygones be bygones,” Jun Mo Xie hesitated slightly before replying.

Guan Qing Han gave out a ‘hmph’ before turning her body to the side, ignoring him.

Jun Mo Xie began losing interest. If someone chose to ignore him, then he would simply ignore them even more!

So what if she was a beautiful woman?

Can beauties simply throw disdainful looks at others?

“I was presumptuous earlier, causing a disturbance for sister-in-law. I will go back now.” Having reluctantly said that, he smiled, turning around and walked away without hesitation. You are going to ignore me? That is fine. I will just go to sleep.

Guan Qing Han became greatly surprised.

She originally thought that he was planning to stalk her again, using false pretences to get near her. Unexpectedly, he actually said some humane words. He even chose to leave on his own regardless of the rain.

Observing Jun Mo Xie’s back as he left through the rain, Guan Qing Han opened her mouth, but then hesitated; gazing at him again, she found that her little brother-in-law seemed really different today.

This brat had always had his eyes filled with dishonesty, never sporting eye contact while having a nasty roguish grin plastered on his face.

Whenever he saw her, he would drool in an unbearable manner.

However, his earlier actions did not show any trace of his previous frivolousness and were instead solemn, a very… calm and profound demeanour.

Furthermore, his eyes did not stare upon her at all. Observing his back as he left through the rain, she saw that he remained calm…

Did he really change?

Guan Qing Han inwardly gave a cold sneer.

Since his usual actions did not yield any results, he decided to change tactics and wear the face of a ‘gentlemen’ to trick me? Hmph! Jun Mo Xie, did you expect me to believe your act that easily? Even if your act has a thousand changes, in my heart, you will forever be the dirty, shameless prodigal debauchee! That will never change!

Even with such a heavy rain, you actually allowed yourself to be drenched as you came over here only to say those few sentences? As if anyone would believe that? This could only prove that you have hidden motive for your actions! You, a gentleman? Who would believe that?

Guan Qing Han’s beautiful face instantly turned ice cold!

However, this brat actually did not show any fear when he saw me glaring at him today… hmph!

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