Chapter 36: Earth Xuan Expert?

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Silver is but the beginning while Gold is the growth; only those who had managed to break through from the Ninth level Xuan Qi to the Silver level could understand the meaning embedded in this phrase. Only then could they be considered to have stepped onto the starting line of experts! In the Xuan Xuan Continent, Xuan Qi cultivation was a widespread practice. Even the normal soldiers of the military would have cultivated themselves in Xuan Qi. However, a majority of them would be unable to breach the bottleneck of the Ninth level, doomed to be unable to move forward!

That was why none of the experts of the Jun family was unable to refute what Jun Mo Xie had said to them. More than eighty percent of the three hundred men possessed cultivation of the Eighth level, some were even at the peak of the Eighth level. However, not a single one of them could attain the next step, the Ninth level Xuan Qi. It was a measly difference of a single level, and yet the distance towards that level was like Heaven and Earth!

A similar bottleneck existed between the Ninth level and the Silver level. The members of these two groups were separated by a huge chasm! Nine and below was nothing but ants! This phrase alone was enough for people to understand the difference! It was from the Silver level onwards that a huge difference would emerge in their Xuan Qi cultivation!

The other five men also stopped in their tracks. Six sharp gazes pierced through the rain; the bodies of the five men radiated with a dense black glow. These five men were actually at the peak of the Ninth level! As for the man in the front, his whole body had a brilliant silver glow. This man was obviously a peak Silver Xuan Qi expert, one who was about to step into the realm of the Gold level, and the one to detect Jun Mo Xie’s presence.

No wonder they would be able to steal something from the Tang Family. They selected a time when its strength was at its weakest, and then sending in twenty capable experts; it was obvious they had already known the location of the item beforehand, prepared a plan prior to the heist and did it with an insider.

If they still could not pull off this heist under such conditions, then the strength that the Tang Family possessed would be absolute. However, among the twenty experts sent in, only these six were able to escape. Assuming that the fourteen men who had to died were all at the Ninth Xuan Qi cultivation, then the strength of the Tang Family was something to be proud of!

At this moment, the heavy rain was still pouring down endlessly. The rain and dense fog had caused both sides to be unable to observe the situation clearly. Not to mention, they were now currently in the late afternoon of autumn.

Jun Mo Xie felt anger at his current strength. It was far too little; even though he had tried to conceal his presence, he was unable to conceal himself as well as his past life, one which was perfect! It seemed that he would have to face an uphill battle today! However, with his current level of strength, could he defeat these six experts? He had absolutely no confidence in even defeating only one of them, much less six of them! It was unfortunate that he had already been witness to their crimes. There was not even an option of running away. At this point in time, they would want nothing more than to kill him to silence him as insurance. In order to preserve his life, he will need to come up with some other methods.

Once the dignified king of assassins, he had now found himself caught in such an unreasonable situation. How laughable!

While reflecting upon his gloomy situation, Jun Mo Xie came to a realization, a very important one. This realization caused him who was depressed to make a break into a grin, so much so that he might end up laughing with joy. Although his six opponents were all experts with strength surpassing his own, Jun Mo Xie had found an assured method of victory!

Jun Mo Xie’s body was hidden by the rain and fog, which made the six men unable to figure out how many people were watching them. They only knew somebody was watching them, but not how many, and definitely not the appearance of Jun Mo Xie. Thus, all of them remained cautious, unwilling to make a single reckless movement! After all, they had just emerged from a bloody battle, having lost a suffered severe injuries and thus, losing much of their capabilities. Any carelessness on their part could bring about a fatal disaster!

But the same could not be said for Jun Mo Xie! For him, there was currently no difference between now and day! It may be more accurate to say that it was even clearer than day for him!

The Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune was an extremely mysterious art, one that was shrouded in mystery. However, Jun Mo Xie had only practised it for around one month, his cultivation shallow and was naturally unable to understand its intricacies. As such, he was unable to see well in the darkness. But, the six men before him had channelled the Xuan Qi to the limit, causing their bodies to radiate brightly in the foggy rain with an unmistakable silver and black glow, as though fearful that their opponent would be unable to spot them. In his eyes, they had transformed into six beautifully crafted target dummies!

Jun Mo Xie felt like a ship that had lost its way in an endless ocean, suddenly found a lighthouse in front of it! With such a degree of radiance, even an ordinary missile will surely hit its mark!

Jun Mo Xie had found the biggest flaw of this world’s Xuan Qi; it was just too eye-catching! Sneak attacks could be performed! In order to battle, one must first channel the Xuan Qi within their bodies. But once the Xuan Qi has been gathered, the body would end up emitting a radiant glow! When matched against the best assassin, Jun Mo Xie, these six men were no different from six naked pigs, waiting to be butchered with a dignified expression!

It was no wonder that nobody suspected anything back when Jun Mo Xie had cheated during the game of dice. As long as one had practised up to the Fifth level Xuan Qi, it would be possible to cheat as well. However, doing so would cause their bodies to emit a radiant glow! Unless the cheater was a Supreme God expert, whom would not fall so low as to require to cheat in gambling.

“The one who created this Xuan Qi cultivation method was simply a genius! How did that person know that I would end up transmigrating here and face this kind of situation? This method was simply made for my sake so that I can have an easy and convenient time in killing people! This method is simply the most well-suited cultivation method for my enemies!” In Jun Mo Xie’s opinion, if these six men were pigs, then Xuan Qi at this moment was pig’s feed! Only after having eaten a good amount of pig’s feed would pigs be able to grow to the desirable plump and fat shape.

Not just that, they would even take the initiative to rush to the butcher, showing off its plump and fat body, as though it was proudly saying: “Can you see? See how fat I am? Come, it’s time to butcher me! I am ready whenever you are!”

And Jun Mo Xie’s current role, was none other than this butcher.

Naturally, killing pigs would require some skill! That was because the pigs before him were not that easy to kill. A small lapse in concentration would cause him to take a blow from them! As of now, the body state of this “butcher” was still too weak, unable to endure even a single blow from them!

Moving his long sleeves, he tilted, his muscles flexing in coordination with his movements. Eighteen pieces of coin-shaped darts which were hidden on his chest fell silently onto Jun Mo Xie’s palms. Jun Mo Xie then remained motionless, his eyes emitting a bloodthirst!

Fully channelling the energy flow of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune, he poured the energies from his meridians into the coin-shaped darts…

In this autumn afternoon filled with rain where the world had darkened, the king of assassins from another world bared his fangs for the first time! This was the first time since arriving in this strange world that he would reveal his artistic killing techniques!

“Splash, splash.” The sound of footsteps slowly sounded out as the six men moved through the rain, they gradually spilt themselves up, putting some distance between each other, as they moved to flank Jun Mo Xie’s position. All of them could feel that this person before them was still here, and had not made a single movement! This person must not be allowed to live! Regardless of who this person may be, they must eradicate him! That was the singular thought in their minds.

Amidst the heavy rain and fog, the person before them seemingly made his move. After which, they all saw six brilliant yellow lights emerging from the rain. These six lights flew like lightning, each aimed at the throats of each of the six men!

The unique energies that Jun Mo Xie had poured into the coin-shaped darts, caused them to radiate an eye-catching brilliance, bright to the extreme!

Once the yellow light appeared, all six of them felt a chill running down their spines! Their bodies stiffening, their minds shocked beyond belief! One of them stared with bulging eyes and muttered in a despairing voice. “Earth Xuan…”

What kind of person can emit such a brilliant yellow light? With such speed and vigour. With the exception of an Earth Xuan Ranked expert, no other stages can emit this type of Xuan Qi and light!

The Gold Xuan was above the Silver Xuan, and above it was the Jade Xuan, and only above the Jade Xuan was there the Earth Xuan! Such a difference in power was like Heaven and Earth, incomparable and impossible to bridge! This… How were they supposed to fight this battle?

They wanted to silence this person? It seemed that they were about to be silenced by him!

If they were at their tip top condition and faced a Gold Xuan expert, they may not even be able to compete with him. But now that all of them had suffered such grievous injuries, they actually bumped into an Earth Xuan expert?


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