Chapter 27: Show Me Your Real Prowess

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“Third Uncle, we need to check our warehouses. If these herbs aren’t available there… then we must be extra cautious about the ways to obtain these herbs. No one should know the reason for why we’re trying to procure these herbs. So, don’t send a single person to buy all the herbs. In fact, make different people in-charge for buying different herbs. Not only should we remove all possibilities of people knowing about the combined result of these herbs… but also the probability of doubts in anyone’s mind. Moreover, I’ll check all the herbs personally after they’ve been procured… before using them for your treatment,” Jun Xie said.

He then added, “The condition of our Jun family isn’t great these days. But, I’m sure that there’ll be a huge change if Third Uncle’s body is fully restored. I’m aware that there are many people who don’t want Third Uncle to ever stand on his feet again. So, we need to maintain utmost secrecy about this entire matter. Third Uncle will turn out to be a hidden card in the fortune of our Jun family. I hope you understand what I’m saying.”

Jun Wu Yi looked at Jun Xie with a pleasant expression on his face and said, “What you’re saying is absolutely true. Mo Xie, you’ve grown up. Now, I’m sure that the Jun family will be saved even if I’m not cured.” Jun Wu Yi seemed to be in high spirits after listening to Jun Xie’s words. He was glad to see his once useless nephew planning for the future in such detail.

Jun Xie turned his head to the other side, and let out a soft chuckle. It was a different feeling to hear words like ‘you’ve grown up’ when one had once been an ace assassin.

In fact, Jun Xie was embarrassed.

Jun Xie didn’t consider himself to be worthy of these praising words. Thankfully, Jun Wu Yi had said –‘Mo Xie, you’ve grown up’. Jun Xie would’ve lost his face if Jun Wu Yi had used ‘Jun Xie’ in place of ‘Mo Xie’.

A person from Jun Xie’s past life would’ve choked to death if he or she had heard these words in his praise.

Suddenly, Jun Wu Yi started to feel a sense of restlessness as he heard the distant roars of the house-guards while training. He hadn’t felt like this in ages. He said, “Mo Xie, what do you think about the training of our house-guards?”

Jun Xie’s chain of thoughts was broken as he heard this question. “All style… and no substance,” he replied without hesitation. He didn’t even try to hide the tone of disgust in his voice.

Jun Wu Yi laughed out loud as he heard this. He then shook his head and said, “You find the training undergone by our house-guards with cultivation of Seventh or Eighth level Xuan Qi to be just style and no substance?! Mo Xie, your point-of-view is truly something.”

Jun Xie replied, “This can’t be counted as a training. Are these exercises even going to have any positive effect on our guards? It’s just an exercise regime; nothing else. How can you even think that an effective training session can look like this? This is just a gathering of people who’ve come together to tone-up their bodies. Oh no… actually… these exercises are not even good enough to tone-up their bodies. I wonder in what manner are these exercises going to help them in the battlefield. In fact, I doubt if our guards will be able to deal with our enemies… I don’t see any difference between these guards and a bunch of ordinary people. They’re useless people who are wasting time, effort and money in useless exercises.”

Jun Wu Yi couldn’t contain his anger on hearing these words. He raised his eyebrows and shouted, “Useless people? Useless exercises? Mo Xie, you don’t even practice martial arts. Then, how will you understand the relevance of basic training? But still, you’ve no right to insult these people. It’s alright to be ignorant. But, it doesn’t put you in a position to humiliate someone. All these people are elite war veterans. They’ve fought in over a hundred wars. They’ve only become guards as they’re no ongoing wars right now. Each one of them has proven himself time and again. Mo Xie, I’m taking your ignorant words as a causal joke. But, don’t repeat them ever again. Or else… I shouldn’t be blamed for being unkind to you. No one should ever even joke about these matters.”

Suddenly, Jun Wu Yi felt an awe-inspiring aura around him. Even Jun Xie seemed stunned. Jun Wu Yi’s persona was extremely powerful even though his body had been paralysed. There was no doubt that he would become a strong pillar of support for the Jun family if he stood on his feet again.

“A joke?! No, Third Uncle. You didn’t understand what I was saying. I was only stating the truth,” Jun Xie stretched his arms and said in an innocent manner.

He then continued, “I didn’t mean to humiliate them or call them ‘useless’. I truly believe anyone who has withstood a war and has returned victorious is worthy of being considered as an iron-blooded hero. I didn’t mean to question their dedication towards their workouts either. But still, it doesn’t mean that these exercises can help them win a war. In fact, it’s possible that they’ll die the moment they step into a battlefield. What I meant was that the manner in which they’re training is incorrect.”

Jun Wu Yi still seemed furious. However, he had started to grasp the meaning behind Jun Xie’s words, “The manner of their training is incorrect?” He knew that his nephew had changed a lot in the past few days. Off lately, each and every word of his contained some meaning behind them. [Can it be…]

Jun Xie raised his finger and pointed it towards two guards. He then said, “Take these fighting guards for instance… What do you think? They’re fighting or playing with each other? There’s a certain reservation in their movements while attacking each other. Even their faces have traces of smile on them. Hehehe… how can this even fall in the category of training? Even children aren’t trained in this manner. They’re simply having fun. Is this not only style and no substance? Now, look there. These men are lifting logs. They’re getting drenched in sweat even before putting the logs down. It seems to be quite difficult, but it’s useless. These guards aren’t utilizing their entire strength in lifting these logs even though they possess great strength. They put down the logs as soon as they start shedding sweat. So, they’re left with plenty of energy to spare. If they continue to train in this manner… then there’ll be no improvement in their physical strength even if they practice for ten years. They’re becoming more proficient in what they already know. But, their dormant skills aren’t getting highlighted. That’s why I said that they’re useless exercises.”

Jun Xie then glared at the guards in a cold manner and said, “These people can survive in the battlefield on the basis of only their luck. They become heroes and great warriors owing to fortunate accidents. These men can only be assigned to guard our houses. They can’t be entrusted with higher responsibilities. Third Uncle, do you still think that I was trying to humiliate them?”

Jun Wu Yi didn’t become angry after hearing Jun Xie’s blunt and rude remarks. Instead, he seemed to be lost in thoughts.

Jun Xie laughed out loud and said, “The Jun family would’ve been completely destroyed by now if Grandpa Jun had depended on these men for the safety of this family. I’m sure that there’s another group of elite soldiers which is the real strength of our Jun family. I’ve never seen or heard them. But still, I know that they exist. These people are only meant for display. Third Uncle, are you trying to tell me that you hold these people – who are meant to be used as a display – in high regard?”

Jun Wu Yi looked at Jun Xie with a strange expression on his face. He remained silent for a long while. He then said, “What if I put these men under your command? What kind of skills will they acquire under your training?”

Jun Xie curled his lips and said, “Put them under my command?! Third Uncle, I don’t have that much free time to spare. I’ll die if I’ve to smell the odor of their sweat on a daily basis. The odor of sweat is in no way similar to the sweet smell of warriors. The spirit of military doesn’t lie in shouts and sweat; it lies in killing the maximum number of people in the battlefield.”

Suddenly, Jun Wu Yi issued a ‘heng’ sound. His face looked pensive and firm. He then said, “Take me over there. Jun Mo Xie, show me your real prowess.”


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