Chapter 25: The Operation

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The body of the Xuan Beast of the third level and above formed a special crystal on its own. This crystal was known as the Xuan Core. The Xuan Beasts of the seventh level possessed special abilities to absorb the Xuan energies from the other life-forms. This ability helped them in increasing their rate of growth.

Therefore, the cubs of the Xuan Beasts of the seventh level were extremely rare. Moreover, the prices of the ones that were available were excessively high. Naturally, the cubs of the Xuan Beasts of the eighth level were priceless. Only legends could get access to them…

No one had been heard to have possessed a Xuan Beast of the eighth level in the past few decades.

The high-level Xuan Beasts resided deep within the Tian Fa Forest. The Tian Fa Forest was an extremely dangerous place; so much so that even a Spirit Xuan Expert couldn’t dare to enter the place. The Tian Fa Forest was wide in its area; its realm had no bounds. In fact, it covered a quarter of the land of the entire continent. The animals found on the periphery of the forest were low-level Xuan Beasts and a few species of ordinary animals. However, it got extremely risky if one was to delve deeper into the forest. Moreover, a high-level Xuan Beast ran away as soon as it found itself unmatched. It was impossible for anyone to chase after these Beasts in the Tian Fa Forest. In addition, it was impossible for a person with limited strength to make his way out of the forest.

It took at least three Sky Xuan Experts to catch a cub of a Xuan Beast of the eighth level. A minimum of three Sky Xuan Experts could deal with two adult Xuan Beasts of the eighth level; that too with great difficulty. Moreover, the defensive capabilities of the Xuan Beasts were stronger than that of a Sky Xuan Expert. It was impossible to imagine the outcome of a situation if the Sky Xuan Experts were to come across a group of Xuan Beasts of the eighth level. Even a Spirit Xuan Expert would end-up getting buried on the spot if that were to happen.

Only the powerful experts with precious identities attained a Sky Xuan rank. These experts possessed great wealth. Then, why would a Sky Xuan expert risk his life in order to catch a Xuan Beast of the eighth level?

Therefore, Grandpa Jun smiled bitterly as he heard Old Pang’s suggestion.

Jun Zhan Tian felt that his grandson was undergoing strange changes in his personality. He said, “Let’s go to the library… and see what this wastrel is up to…” Then, both of them started to walk towards the library building.

However, they didn’t find anyone in the library; it was empty!

The bodyguard assigned to watch over the library building reported, “The Young Master left the library building a couple of hours ago. I don’t know where he’s gone.”

Jun Zhan Tian and Old Pang looked at each other.

Grandpa Jun was tired after walking for such a long distance. He said in a melancholic tone, “Let’s go to my study room.” He then started to walk towards his study room, “Bring all the books that he has been checking out.”

Meanwhile, Tang Wan Li had been leading his men towards the Li and Meng residences…

Li You Ran was dressed in a pure white robe. He stood under a peony tree in the courtyard of the Li family residence. He was looking into the distant dark sky with a shallow smile on his face.

Li You Ran’s clothes were blown in the air by a sudden gust of wind; his persona looked like that of a jade tree. This sight would’ve filled anyone’s heart with admiration for him. Li You Ran’s personality was truly unique.

Li Feng and his two brothers stood in front of Li You Ran. Their faces were dripping with sweat even though it was the pleasant autumn season. The sweat dripped from their forehead onto their eyebrows and got into their eyes. The three of them were hugely discomforted by this. However, they didn’t dare to wipe-off the sweat from their faces.

“Whatever you’ve said isn’t related to this matter. So, let’s end this discussion. Let’s assume that today was Jun Mo Xie’s lucky day. As far as you guys are concerned…” The three of them trembled as they heard Li You Ran’s words. They were extremely scared of Li You Ran even though they belonged to the same generation. No one had ever seen Li You Ran getting angry. However, his mere presence scared the three of them to the depth of their bones.

“Each of you will get forty disciplinary beatings… and your expenses will be deducted by half a year’s worth,” Li You Ran smiled and said while looking into the distance. He then said in a soft tone, “Tomorrow… continue with the things that you’re supposed to do… understand?”

This punishment was clearly harsh; especially when it had been granted to one’s close cousins. The forty disciplinary beating would’ve torn-off a layer of their skin even if it wouldn’t break their bones and snap their muscles. Moreover, they were supposed to stick to their plan the next day. Li You Ran had punished them with a calm voice with an indifferent expression in his eyes. It seemed as if he was dealing with dogs; not humans.

However, Li Feng and his brothers thanked Li You Ran repeatedly. They had accepted the punishment… as if they had been granted amnesty. They felt that they had been granted with a light punishment in the light of what they had done.

“Jun Mo Xie… hehehehe…” Li You Ran smiled and said in a light tone. “You guys can now leave.” The three brother departed as they heard these words. They walked in a submissive manner with a blessed expression on their faces.

Li You Ran then clapped his hands and ordered, “Come here!” Suddenly, a couple of black-robed figures appeared by his side. They bowed down as an indication to receive further orders.

“Go and find out how Jun Mo Xie won the game today. I also want to know why the drugs didn’t have any effect on Jun Mo Xie. Also, find out if Dugu Xiao Yi’s presence in the Thousand Gold Hall was a coincidence or on purpose. Jun Mo Xie shouldn’t have won the game even if Dugu Xiao Yi was there. Let me know when you get all this information,” Li You Ran said in a soft tone; it seemed as if he didn’t want to spend too much of his energy in speaking.

“Sure!” the black-robed figures saluted and replied. Both the figures then turned around to see a green-robed person entering the courtyard; he was panting. The person slowed down and tried to normalize his breathing as he saw Li You Ran. However, his face was still red. “Reporting to the Young Master: Tang Wan Li – The Tang Family Duke is advancing towards the Li residence with Young Master Tang Yuan and hundreds of soldiers. His mannerisms suggest that he’s extremely angry.”

Li You Ran raised his eyebrows and said, “Oh! So, they want to give us some trouble. I didn’t expect Tang Yuan to possess this level of deceit. I guess that I’ll have to make a few changes in my plan… hehehe… Go and inform Li Feng and his brothers. Tell them to say this if Tang Wan Li questions them about the matter. Also, make sure that the disciplinary punishment is executed immediately. Don’t let Wan Li Tang question them until half of the punishment has been executed.” One of the black-robed figure nodded and left the courtyard.

Suddenly, Li You Ran turned around and said with a smile, “Is there any man among the people accompanying Tang Wan Li on whom we’ve been keeping an eye?”

“Yes… three men…” the green-robed man said without any hesitation.

Li You Ran said with a smile, “That’s great!” He then raised his head and looked at the clouds in the sky. The warm autumn weather was now mixed with a cool breeze of air. Li You Ran muttered, “It’s about to rain. The Tang family’s elites have now moved out. So, this is a good opportunity.” Li You Ran said carefully, “Notify Qin Hu to make use of this opportunity. The Tang forces have moved out. So, he must obtain the item that I had asked him to obtain earlier from the Tang residence. He should be successful in this endeavour. He’s not allowed to fail. We’ll not get this opportunity again. Tell him that he has the entire afternoon to execute this.

“Also… inform him to use those that have never appeared in public before. They must not leave any trace; whether they succeed or fail.”

“Sure!” The other black-robed figure saluted and left the courtyard.

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