Chapter 20: You’re the God of Gamblers!

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Li Zhen, Li Feng and the other people seemed excited. They knew that Meng Haizou was quite accomplished in the game of dice. He had never lost before this occasion. Moreover, he had prepared the dice himself. It would be highly shocking if Meng Hoizou still didn’t win. Everyone was aware of Jun Mo Xie’s low skills in gambling. However, they were still clueless about how he had won the previous games. But, this game was between Meng Haizou and Jun Mo Xie. Therefore, it was almost impossible for Jun Mo Xie to win.

“Who’ll roll first?” Jun Xie’s legs shook as he asked. His leg was still paining from Dugu Xiao Yi’s kick.

“I’ll go first.” Meng Haizou grabbed the dice and held them in his hand. He then weighed them as he tried to calm his mind. He closed his eyes, and tried to suppress the rapid flow of blood in his nerves. He then murmured something; he seemed to be begging to someone. He had to win this round. This roll of dice contained the total worth of almost everyone present on the table. So, he knew that he couldn’t afford to lose this game.

Jun Xie sighed and gently tapped the table. He then whispered to Dugu Xiao Yi, “Do you feel that he’s trying to summon the spirits of his ancestors to help him in the game? I feel very spooky. Something isn’t right.” Suddenly, he pulled-up his sleeves and shouted, “See… I’ve got goose bumps.”

Dugu Xiao Yi was trying to maintain a straight face since she knew that this game was more than a gamble. However, she burst out laughing as she heard Jun Xie’s words. She couldn’t believe that this wastrel was such an amusing person.

Li Feng and his group stared at Jun Xie with anger in their eyes. They understood that he was trying to break the thread of Meng Haizou’s concentration. However, Jun Xie and Tang Yuan didn’t feel anxious. Instead, they stared back at them.

Meng Haizou let out a roar after a while. He then lifted his palms in the air, and revolved them. Suddenly, the three dice rolled down on the table and started to spin.

“Three sixes…” Li Feng and the other people in his group roared as they looked at the spinning dice. The atmosphere of the Thousand Gold Hall had become extremely fierce. It seemed as if they were in a casino surrounded by hundreds of people.

Two dice stopped spinning one-by-one. Both of them had rolled a score of six each.

Li Feng and his group burst out into an applause. It seemed as if they had already decided the winner even though the third dice was still spinning. Their eyes lit-up as they shouted, “Six… six… six…” Jun Xie would certainly lose if the third dice too rolled a score of six. He could only be saved if he too rolled three sixes in that case. Otherwise, he would lose.

But, could three sixes be rolled out so easily? Everyone looked at Jun Xie with an elated look on their faces.

The last die finally started to slow down. Its spinning pattern indicated that this too would be a six.

Meng Haizou heaved a sigh of relief. This score had surpassed his expectations. Even scoring two sixes was considered to be a great feat in normal times. However, three sixes had assured his success.

But then, the third die started to roll towards the other two dice. It continued to spin between the two dice, and then knocked over the die to its left. Then, it started to spin towards the die on its right. It bumped into it and caused it to roll over. After that, it stopped spinning.

Suddenly, the room became dead silent.

Li Feng, Li Zhen and Meng Haizou couldn’t help but stare in amazement. Their expressions became pale, and their eyes became red. Li Feng and Meng Fei curled-up their lips. It seemed that they would start crying any moment.

The three dice now showed the scores of a one, a two and a three. This result would be known as the Common Loss if Meng Haizou was the banker. This also meant that Meng Haizou would lose irrespective of Jun Mo Xie’s score.

[It’s over.] Meng Haizou lost his consciousness. The rest of the people stood motionless with a dull expression on their faces. They seemed to be on the verge of crying out loud.

“Wahahaha…” Tang Yuan jumped-up high in the air. It was impossible to believe that a person like him could achieve such a feat. He grabbed Jun Xie’s shoulders and shouted, “Third Young Master, your luck is on a high today. The God of Wealth has finally arrived… wahahahaha…”

“The God of Wealth has arrived? No… the God of Gambling has arrived. It’s my turn to roll the dice.” Jun Xie then faked an expression of fear on his face and said, “You really scared me with your preparations earlier. I hadn’t expected that you’ll roll over such a high score. I truly admire you.” He laughed and continued, “This play allows one to roll over any score one wants. It’s unbelievable how one can accomplish anything with one’s heart’s desire. An average person can never achieve this level of competency in this game. You… you… you’re really the God of Gamblers.”

“It’s your turn? No… Third Young Master. You don’t need to roll the dice. You’ve already won as per the rules of Common Loss. He has scored a one, a two and a three.” Tang Yuan jumped again several times before he finally came to a stop.

“It’s nonsense! You haven’t won yet. There’s no difference between a banker and a player in this game. What if you also score a one, a two and a three?” Li Feng shouted. He was trembling; his eyes had turned red.

“Do you really think that such a scenario is possible?” Tang Yuan sneered. [He’s mad to ask this kind of a question. How could I lose to such a person?]

“You’re right,” Jun Xie laughed and said. “Let me show you my unmatched gambling skills. But before that… someone wake-up Young Master Meng. I don’t want him to claim that he didn’t see the result with his own eyes. After all, one has to see it to believe it.”

[Damn it! How come this idiot is acting so smart today?] Li Feng and the other people in his group looked at each other. The last trick up their sleeve had also failed.

Dugu Xiao Yi joined them and said, “Is he still not awake? Don’t worry! A few kicks of mine will wake him up.”

Meng Haizou lay awake on the floor. However, he was pretending to be unconscious. He had been planning to deny seeing anything. He was waiting for Jun Mo Xie to throw the dice. Everything would’ve been taken care of once the dice were collected. Meng Haizou would’ve claimed that he didn’t see the result even if everyone confirmed Jun Mo Xie’s win. Then, both of them would have to roll the dice once again, and he would’ve got another chance.

Meng Haizou had even planned what he would say, [You’re betting with me… and not them. So, I’ve to see the result and confirm it. I can’t believe what you’re saying is true… as I haven’t seen the result with my own eyes.]

He couldn’t believe that Jun Mo Xie had seen through his plan. Moreover, he couldn’t afford to bear Dugu Xiao Yi’s kicks.

Suddenly, Tang Yuan kicked Meng Haizou before he had the chance to get-up on his own. “Stop pretending now. Get up!”

Tang Yuan had summed-up all his sufferings and complaints in this one kick. The impact of the kick made Meng Haizou cry out, “Ouch!” He got up to see the smiling faces of Jun Mo Xie, Tang Yuan, and Dugu Xiao Yi.

Meng Haizou stood-up with a look of resentment in his eyes. He would’ve forcefully imprisoned Jun Mo Xie if Dugu Xiao Yi hadn’t been there.

Suddenly, a man entered the room. “Sir Meng… Sir Li…” He stopped in his tracks. He was the same bodyguard who had been sent by Li You Ran. He noticed the expressions on Li Feng’s and the others’ faces. He understood that the situation had been reversed. How could one have estimated that the situation would change in this manner?

“Now observe,” Jun Xie spoke as he grabbed the dice. He then looked at Meng Haizou with an expression of pride on his face. The faces of Meng Haizou and his companions looked pale. They clenched their teeth tightly; so much so that a gritting sound could be heard.

“I’m rich!” Jun Xie shouted as he left the Thousand Gold Hall. A bodyguard followed him with a huge package. No one had noticed that one of the tea cups had gone missing with Jun Mo Xie’s exit from the Thousand Gold Hall.


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