Chapter 13: Who’s Plotting Against Me?

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“This is the truth, Third Young Master!” Tang Yuan grabbed Jun Xie’s arm as he spoke. Jun Xie felt as if his arm had been wrapped in a layer of oil. “They promised that they’ll hand over the promissory note to me as soon as the Third Young Master enters the Thousand Gold Hall. They’ll not pursue this matter any further.”

“Oh! Did they say that?” Jun Xie frowned. His eyes flickered as he gave it a thought. Something felt wrong about the whole situation. This discussion was supposed to be about Tang Yuan losing his wife in a bet. How did he end-up becoming a part of it? Some kind of a foul game seemed to be involved in the situation. Was he the target of a conspiracy?

Jun Xie was sure that it was a set-up.

The original Jun Mo Xie was an idiot. His temper would’ve blown on hearing about how his brother was bullied. He would’ve been excited on hearing about how his opponents were giving him such an importance. His presumptuous nature would’ve led him straight into the trap set-up by his enemies.

If a trap had truly been laid… then the enemies had full knowledge of Jun Mo Xie’s character.

But, why would someone lay such a detailed trap for a useless person like Jun Mo Xie? This conspiracy was probably meant for Grandpa Jun. It was possible that there was another mastermind behind these people. After all, ordinary people like them wouldn’t dare to provoke Grandpa Jun.

Jun Xie looked at Tang Yuan as he tried to figure out his role in the conspiracy. [Is he a friend or an enemy?] He noticed Tang Yuan’s fearful expressions. [This fatty is an absolute patsy if he isn’t pretending. And, he’s a great actor if he’s pretending to be afraid. In fact, in that case… he’s truly an extremely dangerous person… whose real face is hidden behind a mask of fear.]

Jun Xie started to wonder if he should or shouldn’t go to the Thousand Gold Hall.

However, he reached a decision within a few seconds. He decided that he wouldn’t miss out on such an exciting event. Why would he fear about losing with his gambling skills? Moreover, he wouldn’t find out the identity of his enemies if he didn’t go. Jun Xie didn’t believe in letting his enemies plot behind his back. He believed in revealing their identities and killing them.

Jun Xie smiled as he secretly circulated the divine Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. [I’ll not lose even if they’re great gamblers. It’s too easy for me to cheat with this kind of an internal energy at my disposal.]

Jun Xie seemed to have made-up his mind. He turned around and asked Little Ke, “How many silver bills do we have?”

Little Ke felt both joyous and shameful as she heard the word ‘we’ in Jun Xie’s question. Her heart was filled with sweet emotions. She blushed and replied, “If we subtract the money which the Old Master deducted last time… the silver box holds a hundred-and-twenty-thousand liang silver bills, thirty-thousand liang gold bills, three-hundred liang gold leafs, one-hundred ingots white silver, fragment silver…”

“Enough… that’s enough… I’ll not be using so much money…” Jun Xie stopped Little Ke as she continued to report Jun Mo Xie’s wealth in detail. She would’ve even stated the number of copper coins in Jun Mo Xie’s possession if she hadn’t been stopped.

“Get fifty-thousand silver liang bills… and arrange a dozen pieces of fragment silver,” Jun Xie said.

Tang Yuan jumped-up. He cried, “This amount is very less. It won’t be enough. Brother, Third Young Master, this amount won’t cover even a fraction of my debt. Are you trying to send me to my death? I’m begging you…”

“Brother Tang, didn’t you say that the promissory note will be returned to you as soon as I enter the Thousand Gold Hall? I’m going there to gamble… not to give them money. Why do you want me to take so much money with me? Wouldn’t it become taxing for me? Don’t you have faith in my unmatched gambling skills?” Jun Xie replied.

“Your unmatched gambling skills…?!” Tang Yuan’s foolish eyes became round in surprise. This wasn’t an ordinary feat for him. His mouth twitched. He would’ve burst out laughing if his mind wasn’t filled with dread and fear. He mumbled to himself, [I never happened to see you winning with your unmatched gambling skills. You’re skills are certainly unmatched… but they’re probably your losing skills.]

[It doesn’t matter. Everything will be fine as long as you come with me. I won’t be fearful of anything… as long as I get the promissory note. Son of a bit*h! How could I lose my mind as far as pawning my own wife? This is really a strange matter. In fact, it’s wise to take less money. At least… the losses will be limited in that case.]

Jun Xie kept the bills in his clothes. He then commanded to prepare a couple of horses. Tang Yuan had become extremely impatient and frightened. He rotated his small eyes as he rolled all the way to the door. “Third Young Master, please hurry up. Everything will be over if we bump into your grandpa. You’ve no idea how much pressure I’ve to go through… whenever I come to visit you…” Tang Yuan sighed.

Jun Xie laughed as he mounted his horse, “But today… you don’t seem to be scared.”

Tang Yuan’s horse neighed and trembled as he mounted it. Its hooves were almost bent to the ground. It could only stand-up after it had put-in a lot of effort. The horse seemed to be wondering, [I’ve carried a large number of people in the past. I’ve ran while carrying generals along with their armors. But, why can’t I carry this person? I can lose my front hoof with a slight miscalculation.]

Jun Xie couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He then started to ride his horse. Eight bodyguards with sturdy physiques followed him.

Tang Yuan’s horse also started to move with great difficulty. It neighed loudly as it caught-up with Jun Xie.

They finally arrived at the Easterly Wind Street; it was the most extravagant street in the entire Tian Xiang city. The street was filled with people, and was bustling with activities. Tang Yuan took the lead without any consideration of the state of his horse. He kept on looking back with a worried expression on his face. He seemed concerned since Jun Xie was moving a bit too slow.

A restaurant named Thousand Miles Fragrance Restaurant was located on the north after crossing the Easterly Wind Street. It belonged to the Li family. There was a huge unused courtyard behind the restaurant. This was the place which was known as the Thousand Gold Hall. This was the place where the Young Masters of noble families spent huge amounts of money. There was no limit on betting in this place. One could bet whatever one wanted.

Jun Xie was about to enter the place when a few people appeared from the side of the road. They seemed to be following a young woman. The woman shouted as she advanced forward, “Stop following me! You’re irritating me to death.” One of the fellows was trying to persuade her while following her. Eight bodyguards were closely following behind them. The woman seemed to belong to a wealthy family.

Jun Xie looked at the young woman. She seemed to be pouting. However, she was good-looking. Suddenly, the angry woman’s eyes fell on Jun Xie as he was in the midst of staring her. She shouted, “You lecher! What are you looking at?” The young woman had decided to take out her anger on the notorious playboy Jun Mo Xie.

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