Chapter 11: A Complete Transformation

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Jun Xie was an ace assassin in his past life. He knew the world and its innumerable hardships. Therefore, he easily understood the thoughts of the little girl who stood in front of him. He moaned as he pondered over the disappointing state of the first owner of this body; he was so useless that even his young servant was scared of him. He sighed and said, “Your work here is done… You can go now.”

Little Ke bowed to him and left the room. She thought, [You’ll not be able to harm me as long as I stay away from you. Moreover, you’ll not be able to catch me with your weak body.]

Jun Xie went to the window and took a deep breath. He then willed his Qi in order to check the current state of his body.

Jun Xie had observed a change in himself from the moment he had woken up. However, he hadn’t had the time to make a thorough analysis of the situation. So, he was surprised to notice the changes in himself. He noticed that he could see at a much farther distance than before. In fact, he could even see what was happening at a distance of thirty feet. He could even count the number of the legs of the tiny insect crawling on the floor. The entire world had transformed in front of his eyes. He saw the trees and grass as lush green and full of vitality.

Jun Xie didn’t feel a sting in his eyes as he raised his head to look at the sun for a prolonged period of time. The sun felt to him like a ball of warmth; nothing more.

Jun Xie noticed that there was also an improvement in his hearing abilities. Now, he could hear even the faintest sounds made by the bugs rushing about in the grass and the earthworms wriggling on the ground. He had truly started to see the beauty of the world. The world had become alluring to him all of a sudden.

Jun Xie had only had such a feeling in his past life when his cultivation in internal arts had broken through into the pre-celestial stage. Still, it hadn’t enveloped his entire body. Jun Xie was a transcendent born from Heaven and earth. He felt elated, [Can it be possible that I’ve attained the pre-celestial stage with only a night’s practice? Isn’t it too fast?] However, he was disappointed to see the flow of Qi within his body.

The flow of Qi within his body had become lucid. However, it was still weak. Such a Qi could only be used to cut vegetables; it certainly couldn’t be used in real fights. His Qi wouldn’t have been so weak if he had stepped into the pre-celestial stage.

How could his body perform at such ‘high-specs’ if he hadn’t stepped into the pre-celestial stage…? Jun Xie guessed that it could’ve happened owing to the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. His spirits were lifted as this thought crossed his mind.

Jun Xie felt stunned as he rolled-up his sleeves. Could his body be considered as that of a man’s? He had delicate snow-white arms with a tinge of pink. His arms could put a woman to shame. His heart fell apart as he saw himself in the bronze mirror. His facial features looked the same. However, his face had become tenderer than before. Jun Xie loathed these kind of faces. It was the face of a flowery boy. It belonged to a flowery boy with a milky-white skin and frail-looking body.

Jun Xie felt as if he had seen a ghost. He laughed and muttered, [When I came into this world… my situation was similar to a person who had seen a ghost. I’ll not be surprised if something even stranger happens…]

He had a session of the Pulp Rending Meridian Cleanser the previous night. In fact, he might even have opened a slight gap in the ‘doors’ of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. Then, how could his body be so feeble?

Jun Xie re-examined his body with these factors in mind. He was surprised to notice that his muscles and flesh had reorganized to become denser and tougher; even though his exterior looked frail. Even the structure of his body in his past life looked less powerful than its present state. The quality of his body – including the skeleton frames and meridians – had reached an extremely high stage. His present body could be described as blessed; it seemed to be the best body to practice martial arts.

No one could guess that the owner of this seemingly frail body could be an ace assassin. So, it was a natural camouflage for Jun Xie.

Jun Xie started to feel even more passionate towards his training as these thoughts crossed his mind. He felt a desire to regain his original strength as fast as possible.

Something unthinkable happened in the Jun residence during the next month – the well-known debauchee Jun Mo Xie stayed inside his home for a month. He didn’t go out for his hooligan pursuits, or to visit the Flowery Night Lodge, or for cockfighting and hound-racing; not even for arson and murder. Instead, he spent his time in his room, or the library! What was most surprising was that he didn’t even try to take liberty with the maids.

In fact, he had become polite towards the servants.

Everyone in the Jun household found these occurrences strange. They felt as if the Sun had risen from the west or north or south. It seemed obvious that the Sun hadn’t risen from the east in the light of their current circumstances.

[Gracious Dear Heavens above! Gracious Great Earth! You’ve at last opened your eyes to favor us… The Third Young Master is finally showing signs towards becoming a better person.]

Even Grandpa Jun was relieved to see this. He felt that Jun Mo Xie was finally making efforts in the direction of the betterment of his personality.

Jun Xie was finally successful in reaching the first stage of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. He had also managed to stabilize his cultivation up to an extent. Moreover, he had gathered decent knowledge about the Xuan Xuan Continent. His knowledge about the continent wasn’t at par with any historian, but he could be considered a scholar if his knowledge was to be compared with that of the original Jun Mo Xie’s. In fact, Jun Xie and the original Jun Mo Xie were as different as Heaven and earth.

However, Jun Xie wasn’t satisfied about the seven-colored nine-layered pagoda within his consciousness. He was still at its first layer even after a month of hard work. He had been putting himself to test in order to breach its second layer. But, he always ended-up suffering a great deal of pain whenever he tried to test the progress within himself. The pain he felt was equivalent to getting stuck by ten million long needles.

This caused an even stronger urge within Jun Xie to reach the second layer. The first layer had provided him with the incredible Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. So, he was sure that the second and the third layer had better offerings in store. However, the access was still denied to him.

Jun Xie wasn’t sure what he could do to make the situation better.

He kept on trying, but to no avail. Even a person of Jun Xie’s perseverance finally decided to give-up. He had seemingly made peace with the fact that he couldn’t reach the second layer by ordinary means. He believed that an appropriate opportunity would itself arise for him to walk into the second layer; like it had been in the case of the first stage. It would be futile for him to continue trying until a suitable opportunity arrived. So, he decided to continue practicing the art. After all, the number of attempts didn’t make any difference.

Meanwhile, Jun Xie’s knowledge regarding the Xuan Qi passed on by the Jun family had increased incredibly. He realized that his present Xuan Qi and internal strength was almost similar to that in his past life. It could be said that these two Qi Art existed between the two different classifications. However, a qualitative change occurred and triggered a transformation in the color of Qi whenever a Xuan Qi practitioner made a breakthrough. This reminded Jun Xie of the Five Poisons Art that he had encountered in his past life. But, Xuan Qi didn’t contain any poison.

Jun Xie practiced the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. So, he looked down upon the so-called Xuan Qi. But, he had decided to train in Xuan Qi in order to deceive the public. He managed to reach the fourth level of Xuan Qi, and decided to stop there.

Xuan Qi ranged from first to ninth levels in Xuan Xuan Continent. It was followed by Silver Xuan, Gold Xuan, Jade Xuan, Earth Xuan, Sky Xuan and Spirit Xuan. The first to third levels were marked by the colors light-red, pink-red and thick-red. The fourth to the sixth levels were marked by the colors light-purple, stable-purple and thick-purple. The seventh to the ninth levels were marked by colors purple-black, grey-black and dark-black. The Silver level was marked by the color silver, and the Gold by the golden color. The Jade level was marked by the green color, and the Earth rank by yellow color. The Sky rank was marked by blue color. However, the Spirit Xuan rank was colorless.

It was extremely difficult to advance through each of the stages of Xuan Qi as one had to go through a great deal of pain. It was quite similar to that of internal strength practice of scouring the marrow. Jun Xie could only emit a light purple color of the Fourth level Xuan Qi in his present state. It was a meager outcome when the status of his advancement was kept in view.


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