Chapter 28 Teya vs Akainu

After setting up Roy, Teya returned to the battle stage.

Zephyr announced that since Roy no longer has the ability to continue fighting, he and Kizaru will no longer fight for the third or fourth place.

According to the rules of the previous points system, Kizaru ranked third and Roy ranked fourth.

It is worth mentioning that in the first battle between the Akainu and Kizaru, the two people were tied, so it was too late to tell the winner.

In the end, Kizaru might feel too troublesome, so he conceded and ran out of the stage to rest.

I’m afraid that’s why Akainu is so angry.

When Teya returned to the field, he found that the Akainu was ready.

He glanced at Akainu secretly, and saw that he was carrying a katana behind his back, with his arms crossed on his chest, and his serious expression, he looked really pretending.

This was the last battle, and I didn’t expect that I would face the Akainu in the end.

Teya walked to the other side of the Akainu and looked at each other with a smile.

“Last time there was no winner or loser, I must defeat you this time.” Akainu clenched his fist and pointed to Teya, as if he was bitter.

“You’re really stubborn.” Teya reluctantly grabbed his bangs, and seemed to have expected the behavior of the Akainu.

Zephyr also came between the two.

“The last matchup, Teya vs. Sakazuki!”

There was a burst of cheers on the scene, and the duel between the strongest finally came.

“You two…” Zephyr paused for a moment, with a smile on his face, “Come on with each other.”

Showdown! Start!

Akainu took off the samurai sword behind him, “Cang Cang”, the sword was out of its sheath.

Akainu, holding the sword in both hands, was attacking and aggressive, like a fierce beast bound by chains, always breaking free from the shackles and killing the enemy.

“Unexpectedly, you are actually a master with swords.”

Akainu did not answer, but moved his right foot forward.

I saw Teya clenched fists with both hands, and the knuckles were squeezed and rattled.

The first attacking was Akainu, who stepped on his right foot and rushed towards Teya like an arrow shot out.

Waving the sword in his hand with both hands, there were three “swishes” sounds, and the white knife slashed through the air like a cloud of white mist.

But Teya saw that there were three sword qi flying towards him.

“Paper Art!”

The agile Teya’s figure seemed to be distorted, and easily evaded the sword aura like paper. The remaining power was more than that, and the three swords flew to the wall of the stand behind him, making three marks that are not shallow or deep.

The recruits hadn’t realized what was going on at all, and the Akainu on the stage rushed in front of Teya.

With a slash, this wind-like aura even rolled up the gravel on the ground.

Teya’s expression changed slightly, and he punched the opponent at the same time with a soft sound.

It is the first time that these recruits have seen the katana fighting with their fists.

However, the fist, which was originally a flesh and blood body, made a clear buzzing sound when it collided with sword.

It’s like a collision between iron objects.

Akainu pressed down hard, but found that there was no way to shake Teya, so he stepped back abruptly and looked at each other vigilantly.

Akainu asked coldly: “Is it an Iron block?”

Teya smiled and nodded.

This is when the fist is thrown, keeping the blocking posture and then starting the iron block, but it seems to be flexible, but the iron block still cannot move after being used.

But Teya is currently able to remove the iron block at any time and then defend the enemy’s continuous attack.

Although it is still unable to move after using an iron block, it can still do some attacks by virtue of its inertia.

For example, Teya jumped into the sky and then launched an iron block, and fell in free fall to create a “thing from the sky”!

Akainu couldn’t make a hit, and it was Teya’s turn to attack.

To deal with the Akainu, Teya never thought of keeping his hands.

Teya raised her right leg and kicked Tempest Kick frantically, much more powerful than sword spirit.

A cyan vacuum sword aura flew towards Akainu on the ground of the battle platform.

Akainu roared, and the katana in his hand spun quickly, using his sword aura to deal with Tempest Kick, but there were still several attacks that hit him, but it was a pity that he was blocked by Akainu with the sword in his hand.

At this time, the stage was already full of smoke and dust because of Teya’s crazy Tempest Kick. After the smoke and dust dissipated, the people in the stands found that the Akainu was standing in the center in a little embarrassed manner, and his clothes were covered with dust.

However, Teya was not found.

Akainu was a little numb. Just now he tried his best to block so many attacks, because he found that the vacuum sword qi kicked out by Tempest Kick seemed random and disorderly, but in fact it blocked his retreat route.

Sure enough, it’s strong enough, wait, how about people?

After the smoke cleared, Akainu found that Teya was no longer visible around him.

“Look at that!”

Many recruits in the stands pointed to the sky.

Akainu looked up and was shocked.

After Tempest Kick attack ended, Teya used Moonwalk to fly into the air, falling down quickly.

Maintaining the same posture, it was like a cannonball blasting towards Akainu.

Teya shouted: “I learned this trick from you!”

Akainu seemed to move his mouth slightly, not knowing what he was talking about, and hurriedly hid away.

There was a loud bang.

The battle platform, which was already miserable, suddenly became torn apart.

The people in the stands looked stupid, this is something a madman can do.

Akainu, who was kneeling on the side, stuck his sword on the ground and coughed constantly.

Not far away in the smoke and dust, Teya gradually came out.

The clothes on the upper body seemed to have become torn due to the impact, and he tore it off and threw it aside. The naked upper body showed a very coordinated muscle.

Kizaru in the stands curled his lips and muttered softly: “Fortunately, I didn’t run into this lunatic.”

With that blow just now, Teya didn’t know what the consequences would be, after all, the impact was quite big.

However, after using it, Teya did not feel any side effects, it should be because the distance is not too high.

Akainu on the side had stood up and rushed up again with a roar.

You come and I go, the battle is more intense, the sound of swords and fists is endless.

After eating a lot of attacking Akainu, they became even more angry, and the frequency of attacks became higher and higher.

“I practice desperately just to defeat you!”

On one side was Akainu who looked like a madman, and a dozen afterimages appeared as he waved the sword crazily in his hand.

“Then I’m so worthy of you.”

On the other side is Teya, who has been smiling, still able to face the crazy attack of the Akainu.

The speed of Akainu is not slow, and Teya found that he could not perform a more effective attack after using the shave.

On the contrary, the offensive of the Akainu became more and more fierce.

Seeing this scene, Teya felt that Akainu was like a wolf.

The two powerful auras met, and there was a gust of wind on the scene, and the hats of many recruits were blown off.

Teya suddenly separated from Akainu a certain distance, but still maintained his speed.

He was thinking about preparing an effective attack.

However, Akainu rushed over reluctantly, his eyes flushed.

Seeing Akinu’s angry look, Teya gave a wry smile.

“Are you a mad dog?”

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