Chapter 27: Friendship Showdown

The competition for the top four continues, but the recruits in the stands feel even more outrageous.

Why is this game time getting faster and faster?

Not only Teya, but other people’s duels were basically unilaterally crushed, so the finals of the four were even faster than the finals of the eight.

The most ornamental is the last duel between Roy and Momonga.

Teya feels distressed for the supporting role trio, not knowing how long they can last in the hands of Akainu and Kizaru.

The draw for this duel is a little too lucky.

If it weren’t for the lottery drawn by Teya himself, he even felt that there was a problem.

Teya, who had nothing to do, sat in the chair and started thinking about it again.

At this point, the final showdown has begun.

This time, it is stipulated that everyone can choose their own weapons in battle, but they will use standard weapons uniformly, that is, one of their choice within the range of cold weapons provided by the Navy, of course, they can also choose not.

Momonga is a swordsman, so he chose an ordinary long sword.

But Roy had no choice.

Probably most people think that a person with a weapon is definitely more advantageous than a person without a weapon.

Just like playing a game, laning with long-handed heroes is somewhat better than short-handed heroes.

But when two people are at the same level, it is indeed understandable.

Roy and Momonga are almost equal in strength, except that he is outstanding in combat speed and endurance, and Momonga are better at fast attack.

Roy was suppressed very much at first, but he was not distracted at all and was always looking for an opportunity.

Even if the clothes were accidentally cut by the sword, and the whole situation seemed almost to be defeated, he was still able to dodge the fatal blow many times with his agility.

After a long battle, Momonga seemed a little impatient.

What Roy was waiting for was now, and finally caught the opportunity, punched Momonga’s arm joints, knocked off his weapon, and won the game.

The duel between the two people seemed to be tense, and many people’s hearts became tense together.

Now it’s like a stone falling to the ground.

Momonga stared at the sword that was shot down to the side, closed his eyes, and then sighed in a daze.

It seems that my practice is still very long and my mood has not yet reached…

Picking up the sword on the ground, Momonga smiled and bowed to the stand and Roy, then turned and left.

Kong looked at Momonga’s back and sighed: “One never gives up in adversity, and the other can pick up a weapon and regroup after defeat. These two children are both good talents.”

Different people have different shining points, just like treasures buried underground. Even if the light is hidden now, the future will definitely bloom.

At this point, the top four were born.

They are Teya, Sakazuki, Borsalino and Roy.

After an hour of rest, the battle for the top three finally began.

The recruits, who had been a little depressed, suddenly became excited.

Because the next duel must be very exciting.

Forget the top 16 and the top 8 can bear it. If you come out of the top four, it would be too much to draw.

In accordance with the order of the previous draw, the next matchup was Sakazuki vs. Borsalino, and Teya vs. Roy.

Teya frowned slightly and looked at Roy thoughtfully.

The thing I was most afraid of encountering finally came.

From the beginning of the new barracks, no one looked down upon themselves, only Roy became friends with him.

If you don’t have this mark, you may not even be a recruit, and I am afraid that you can only become the elimination in the tide of travellers.

Now, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Now that it’s here, let’s fight hard.

Teya’s eyes were immediately full of fighting spirit, and Roy was the same.

This is a showdown of friendship.

Since the first game was a fight between Akainu and Kizaru, Teya estimated that the two men would be able to fight until the year, and they would be happy to sit in the lounge and wait.

But it didn’t take long to hear the loud cheers from outside.

Are these two people fighting so intensely?

Teya started to be a little curious about what was happening outside, but unfortunately he couldn’t see it.

After ten minutes, the battle seemed to be over, and the officer informed the two men to make preparations.

“I thought it would last an hour, but I didn’t expect it to be so fast.”

As soon as Teya finished speaking, he saw Akainu walk in with a face of anger, like a volcano about to erupt, and he sat down on the sofa fiercely.

What’s the situation, didn’t he win?

What’s wrong with this…

Teya looked at Akainu suspiciously, but he didn’t expect that Akainu’s temper came up again, and shouted at Teya: “What to see, you wait for me.”

Teya: “???”

Fuck? I provoke you, can’t you see?

When Teya walked out of the lounge, he thought, “Akainu, wait for me. When I finish this friendly match, I will take care of you.”

“The second game, Teya vs. Roy, please prepare.”

Hearing Zephyr’s notice, both people stepped onto the stage.

This was only an hour, how could this table become so broken.

Teya murmured while walking, and the battle platform at this time had become a bit broken.

It seems that the battle just now was really exciting.

It’s just that, why is the person with the nostrils in the upper right corner so familiar? Isn’t that Kizaru?

At a glance, he saw the more eye-catching Kizaru in the crowd, and Teya began to wonder how the last matchup was determined.

No time to care about others, be more serious.

Teya held his breath and was ready to fight at any time.

With a whistle, the duel officially began.

The speed of the two people was very fast and they ran into each other directly.

The two pinched their hands tightly, and the battle of strength had begun.

Roy smiled and said, “I wanted to fight you a long time ago.”

Teya also smiled and replied: “Me too.”

At this time, Teya discovered that Roy’s strength had suddenly increased a bit, and he actually pushed him back two steps.

It turns out that Roy still hides his strength.

“Is Roy so strong?”

“He can actually…”

The audience in the stands also showed surprise.

If the previous duel with Momonga was slightly better, then the strength he showed now is no longer of the same level.

At this time, Momonga in the stands also opened his eyes.

It turns out that he is hiding his strength for the final finals? The gap between me and him is too big.

At this time Teya had separated from Roy and looked at Roy warily.

Teya was also shocked by Roy’s sudden strength. I didn’t expect Roy to be able to achieve this level. It was really unexpected.

However, I will not lose.

Teya started to shave, took Roy’s back at high speed, and slammed Roy with a punch.

But the punch was empty because Roy suddenly disappeared.


This time Teya was completely shocked, because Roy used exactly the same shave as he did.

Roy smiled and said: “When I saw you use it for the first time in the new barracks, I knew it was a shave in the sixth form, but it took a long time to learn it.”

Hearing these words, Teya laughed out loud.

It’s getting more and more interesting. This feeling, the feeling of super anticipation, is so exciting.

Teya has begun to enjoy the surprise and excitement brought by the duel.

This feeling is really pleasant.

The two used shaving at the same time, and the afterimages collided with each other, and the sound of punches to the flesh came.

The recruits in the stands looked silly.

The same recruits, why is the gap so big?

After the battle lasted for a while, Roy gradually fell into a disadvantage, and then was kicked to the ground by Teya.

After Roy rolled a few times, he squatted down on the ground in embarrassment, panting while wiping the blood spilling from his mouth.

Sure enough, compared with a ghost like you, is there still a big gap?

At this time, Teya had already seen that Roy was almost at the limit, but still shouted with a smile: “Come on, Roy!”

Looking at Teya waving his fists and rushing towards him, Roy chuckled lightly, with the same brilliance in his eyes, and clenched his fists to greet him.

At this time, the battle has lost the magnificence of the moves, and no one has used the six styles.

Both of them used the most primitive attack method, which is also the fighting method between men-fists.

You punched me in the face, and I punched your stomach.

Facing Roy’s attack, Teya didn’t evade, and they didn’t need much skill at this time.

The friendly showdown, to end in this way, is the best proof.

Raining fists fell on Roy one after another. He had reached the limit and his vision had gradually blurred, but he still mechanically waved his arms and hit Teya.

As everyone knows, at this time Teya has stopped attacking.

The blood-stained right fist lightly hammered Teya’s shoulder, and Roy fell slowly.

Teya supported him and gently lifted him up.

The scene was silent and no one disturbed them.

Roy lying on Teya’s back said softly: “Am I… lost?”

Teya chuckled softly and said, “No, you have won.”

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