Chapter 26

the next day,

The navy headquarters battle platform.

The stands were already full of people, all of whom were watching today’s round of 16.

After all, this is related to who is the strongest matchup of this new recruit, and everyone wants to know what the so-called top three rewards are.

Sitting in the center of the stands are officers from the Navy Headquarters.

Marshal Kong was also here today, and sitting beside him were senior officers such as Sengoku and Garp.

Zephyr is in charge of presiding over this duel in the audience to prevent unexpected situations in the duel.

In the lounge under the stands, 16 people including Teya just finished the draw.

In the first game, Teya played against a recruit named Ruth, who was selected from the division during the World Conscription.

But Ruth seems to be much stronger, and wearing a short undershirt, showing slightly darker but strong muscles, and with a glove in his hand, he looks a bit like a WWE player.

Teya, who was standing in front of him, had to look up at him slightly.

Although Ruth looked fierce, he was very easy-going and shook hands with Teya very politely after the draw.

The officer standing at the entrance of the lounge informed the two of them that they were ready to play, and the two entered the left and right channels respectively.

There is a rule for this competition assessment. Those who have not played can only wait in the lounge and cannot watch other people’s duels. This is to prevent some people from preparing ahead of time based on other people’s tricks.

When Teya walked out of the passageway, he saw an open-air round stand, like a small football field, with a stone square battle stand in the middle.

Seeing someone on the field, many recruits shouted to get better, and the shouts came and went one after another.

After being watched by so many people, Teya felt a surge of blood in his heart.

Both of them stepped onto the battle platform. Several officers stood around the battle platform, and Zephyr was also in the audience.

It’s just that there is a whistle hanging around Zephyr’s neck, which really looks like Teya’s former physical education teacher.

It’s just that Teya looked at the aggressive Ruth opposite, and the feeling instantly changed from a gym class to a wrestling match.

On the stands.

Kong watched Teya and said to Garp: “The one on the right is the kid Zephyr said.”

Garp replied: “Yes, very talented in physical skills.”


Kong nodded thoughtfully, and the duel officially began.

At the beginning, Ruth strode directly towards Teya, rounding his arms like a full-power diesel engine.

On the other hand, Teya was still standing still, as if nothing happened.

Ruth had rushed to Teya and hit Teya with a right uppercut. Some recruits near the stands could vaguely hear the sound of breaking through the air.

“It’s over, this punch must be unavoidable.”

“Teya won’t give up, right.”

While the recruits in the stands were still guessing, the punch had already come to Teya’s face.

Just when everyone thought that Teya was steadily under the attack, some people found that Ruth’s expression seemed wrong.

Because Ruth actually stopped in front of Teya, still holding the posture of throwing his fists, it could be seen that he was pushing forward, but his expression was gritted his teeth and seemed to be struggling.

Ruth looked at Teya incredulously, because only he knew that he had been blocked by a wall.

Seeing Teya’s left hand pressed against Ruth’s fist, it turned out that he had blocked Ruth’s attack with one hand just now.

He didn’t even use any moves, just tried his strength, and took a heavy punch effortlessly.

Teya gave a light push, and Ruth staggered back a few steps, a cold sweat on his cheeks.

He looked at the teenager who was still smiling in front of him, and he couldn’t help but feel a primitive fear in his heart.

Ruth considers himself a genius in strength and has always been the strongest recruit in the branch.

After coming to the headquarters, although he knew that he was likely to be defeated, this frustration was too exaggerated, and it was difficult for him to accept it for a while.

Even if you lose, you have to lose plainly.

However, at this time, Teya felt a little helpless.

Originally, I just wanted to try to see how strong he was, but now it seems that Teya really underestimated himself.

When I really reach a certain level, I still think that I am stuck in the past.

Is this a psychological shadow?

Teya laughed at himself, but Ruth saw in his eyes, but there was an unknown fire.

He slammed his right foot on the ground and rushed towards Teya again.

But in an instant, Ruth flew upside down again, flying out of the field.

The originally noisy scene was suddenly silent.


“What just happened?”

“I didn’t see it clearly.”

No one noticed that Marshal Kong’s eyes showed a glimmer of light just now, and he disappeared immediately.

It turned out that the moment Ruth rushed over, Teya had already used “shave” to rush to Ruth first.

He hit Ruth seven punches in total.

And just relying on the impact of the last punch, Ruth flew out.

So in the eyes of the recruits, Ruth rushed forward but suddenly seemed to hit a wall, and then was bounced back.

Because it was so fast, only some of the people present could understand what happened.

After confirming Ruth’s status, Zephyr shouted: “Winner, Teya!”

Gradually, the audience burst into applause.

Many recruits don’t know Teya very well, unlike others, such as Sakazuki, who are well-known talents, but Teya should be regarded as the most mysterious one.

After all, there are various versions of the biography, and even the story is very exciting but the situation where his name is wrong has been encountered.

Teya calmly returned to the lounge amidst applause.

Others should have heard the cheers from outside, so there was not much reaction.

After all, there is a rule that does not allow language communication between players.

So everyone’s expression also shows the attitude.

Roy smiled and seemed to be happy for Teya. Kizaru sat lazily. As for Akainu, he didn’t open his eyes at all, as if he thought that Teya could not lose.

Teya sat in the empty seat, waiting for his free time.

Oops, I can’t communicate with each other, it doesn’t suffocate people.

In this draw to determine the quarter-finals duel, none of the previously strong people actually met.

I really don’t know if it’s lucky or if others are unlucky.

Teya sat in a chair thinking about how to deal with the next duel.

It seems that in the top eight, there are four people: Akainu, Kizaru, Roy, and Momonga, plus me, five.

For the other people, Teya thought about their names. After thinking about it for a long time, I never heard of such a character in the original book.

It is estimated to be soy sauce, so it doesn’t matter.

The biggest problem now is that I am not familiar with the opponent’s tricks. I know that Momonga use swords, but there shouldn’t be much problem with him. The difficulty is the other three people.

Although Teya and Akainu had fought each other before, nearly a year has passed, and I don’t know how far the Akainu is now.

Then there is Kizaru and Roy. Roy is better. The most important thing is Kizaru. He has never played against him, but he should be better than Kizaru.

I just hope that the duel can go faster.

Teya didn’t care about the rewards at all. What he wanted more was to be able to put on the navy coat of justice sooner.

For nothing else, Teya just thinks this cloak is handsome, and has long wanted to wear it.

The duel continues,

In less than an hour, the quarterfinals have all appeared in the competition.

Sure enough, as Teya expected, except for the other three supporting roles who were too lazy to remember, the remaining five guessed correctly.

However, Teya was the first to play, and he was one of the supporting trio.

Not surprisingly, Teya solved the battle in three minutes.

No way, the gap lies there.

But this made many recruits start to feel very upset.

What’s up? Others’ duel is very interesting, how come when you come to Teya, the butt is over before you sit hot.

Teya spread his hands, turned and left.

But the audience on the stage began to turn their attention to the newly aggrieved recruits who lost the duel.

“Hey, who, you are colluding with Teya.”

“One move knocked you down, you picked it up in the quarterfinals.”

“Yes, what’s the matter with you little brother?”


The recruits who were confronting Teya were also very depressed when they heard these words.

What can I do, I am also desperate.

The opponent is not human at all, so we are not at the same level at all.

When he got off the court, he heard that the stage was still chirping and crooked, and he might not hold back for a while and shouted loudly: “If you think I can’t do it, try it if you don’t accept me?!”

As a result, he was ridiculed by all the recruits, and even threw shoes down.

The scene was suddenly chaotic…

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