One Piece: Shendu ch 9

Chapter 9: Advice!

“Why? Do you think I fear about the Navy!” Rayleigh eyes became sharp and asked.

Allen look at him and sneer.

“Are you really foolish? or just acting like one.” Allen asked Rayliegh.

“Do you not understand why Roger didn’t gave you the custody of Ace rather that Garp.”

Rayleigh look a little confused.

Allen patted his head and thought: ‘Is he really Rayleigh? or someone else.’

“Old man, it is pretty easy to know. Whose family is most safe in the whole world other than those foolish Dragons?” After looking at the face expression of Rayleigh, Allen said, “Yeah, that are Navy. If Ace is with you, your most powerful umberella i.e. Roger is dead. Who will protect you from all the Navy!”

Rayleigh know that Allen is correct. He can’t be impulsive, to endanger Ace life.

Once more Rayleigh looks at Allen and asked: “Can you tell me, How you know all these things? Even some of these things are future predictions.”

Allen smiles and said: “Everybody has some secreats, it is not good to ask about the secreats!”

Rayleigh drinks a mouthful of alcohal and didn’t say anything.

Allen also take a chill while sitting on the window seat of the bar and eating sea king meat starters.

Allen once more asked Hancock that ‘Are you sure that you want to stay with me?’.

Hancock pretend like she didn’t heard it.

It’s quiet normal that she wants to go home. She is only a little brave girl, who go out to play and got kidnapped. She also know that if she tells that I want to go, Allen will definately let her go, but she just can’t let that foolish guy die, with his foolishlessness.

Atleast I am user of Haki, so I can help him be alive. Even I can also travel the world.


While taking rest, it already reach till the next morning.

Rayleigh comes to the door and knock it.

“Hey, little girls, be ready to go home.”

Hancock and her two sisters woke up. They look at each other. Two sisters look at Allen and once more asked Hancock, to come with them. But Hancock shook her head cheer for them.

Hancock comes in front of Rayleigh, and starts to stare. She unconsiously release her Conqueror Haki + Dragon Pressure towards Rayleigh.

Hancock said: “Uncle Rayleigh, I know you are very powerful, but if something happens to my sisters while you send them to Amazon lilly, I will use my full power to take revenge. I will also not spare anyone who lay hands on my sister.”

Rayleigh already experianced Allen’s Dragon pressure, but he still got surprise that the same pressure comes from Hancock.

Rayleigh smiles and said: “Little girl, I really underestimated you. You really have a bright future ahead of you. Don’t worry about the safety of your sisters, currently no-one have the power to kill that person, whom I want to save.”

Rayleigh pointed towards two little girls and said: “Come on, little girls, we have to go.”

Allen also woke up when Rayleigh knock, but he still pretends to sleep. He wants to give one more chance to Hancock, to return to her home. Because he also know that future with him may not be as smooth as future on Amazon Lilly. But now Hancock decided to stay with me, I will definately do my best to give her the best lifestyle she can get.

Just when Allen is thinking about this, Hancock kick on his balls.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh…. Hancock, what the hell you want to do? Do you not want to have babies with me in the future?”

Hancock got flustered and said: “When the hell I told you that I want to have ba.. bab…ba… Babies…..? You Bastard.”

“You Bastard, stop pretending to sleep or next time, I will definately crush you baby making machine.”

After saying this, Hancock run out from the room with red eyes. Allen don’t know that they are from Shyness or anger.

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