One Piece: Shendu ch 8

Chapter 8: Information

After 2-3 minutes, Allen able to control his condition, and also Hancock and others comes out from Bathroom.

Allen looks at Rayleigh and pointed towards Hancock’s sister: “I want you to send these two girls on Amazon Lily safely.”

Rayleigh smiles and said: “So, these girls are from Amazon Lily. Why only send these two girls, and not the other one.”

Allen smiles: “Because now she is my first partner.”

Rayleigh smile turns evil.

Suddenly Hancock comes in front of Allen and said with red face: “Tell them properly or they will be mistaken. I am not his that type of partner. I am his crew member on his Pirate Group.”

Allen smiles and didn’t say anything.


Rayleigh smiles and said: “Ok, I agree with your part of the deal, but what will you provide in return?”

Allen thought and said: “I can provide you with the information of Roger’s son and who is going to inherit the will of Roger!!”

Shakky and Rayleigh’s face are full of surprises.

Rayleigh look at Allen and asked: “How can I believe you?”

Allen shook his head and said: “With your information connections, it is easy to verify.”


Rayleigh face became serious and look at Allen and asked: “When you sell this information to me, you will also sell this information to others.”

Allen waved his hand and said: “Do you think I am that kind of person? I came to you because I believe in the character of Roger that his crew will not hurt little girls for a little bit of money. Or do you think I will take the risk to make a deal with you.”

Rayleigh face also got relaxed. He looks at these two girls and asked: “When are you ready to go to your Island?”

Both the sisters of Hancock face get paled and they look at Hancock with miserable eyes. They want to left Hancock on her own.

Looking at the condition, Allen also moved and waved his hand, and a contract comes in front of Hancock.

Allen smiles and said: “If you want to go to your Island with your sister, just tear this Contract and you can go. I also don’t want to carry a little girl around me.”

Hancock suddenly understands what Allen wants to say. But after looking at the smile of Allen, Hancock anger got vanished completely. Now she is not angry that she was forced to join a Pirate group to save her sister.

Hancock picks the contract and put in her pocket. She smiles and said: “Amazonian girls will not take back their words. I am your partner from now on.”

Hancock looks at her sisters and said: “You have to go your own to the Island. Practice well and don’t let someone capture you once again. I will stay with my captain.”

Sandersonia and Marigold finally understand that her sister decision will never change.

Rayleigh also looks at Allen with a different view. Rayleigh thought that ‘he can let his partner go for their own happiness. This boy is different.’

Rayleigh smile and said: “I will send them to the Island tomorrow morning, ok?”

Allen smiled and said: “No problem.”

Rayleigh asked: “Now fulfill your part of the deal.”

Allen said: “Ace is the son of Roger which got adopted by Garp. He stays in Foosha Village in East Blue Sea. As for the child who will inherit the will of Roger, that child is Luffy. Son of Monkey D. Dragon and grandson of Garp.”

Rayleigh starts to laugh like a mad man.

Garp is the man who most hinders Roger and finally his own grandson will inherit the ‘Will of Roger’. This is the best joke.

Allen continue to say: “Luffy may be born or will be born in this year only. If you don’t want to alert Navy, it is best to not go East Blue to meet Ace.”

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