One Piece: Shendu ch 7

Chapter 7: Caught (2)

Sandersonia is first time getting out from her Island and doing this type of thing. She was so shocked that she left the hand of Hancock and starts crying.

As soon as she left the hand, she got visible without clothes. Hancock acted in a super fast manner to make us invisible again.

Allen didn’t remove the invisibility but takes a step in from of Sandersonia to cover her.

Allen said: “Uncle Rayleigh and beautiful sister Shakky is really powerful to find us so soon.”

“My….My… Beautiful sister. Boy, your way of talking is really sweet.” Shakky smiles and said.

“Uncle…. Brat, I am still younger than you.” Rayleigh also retorted.

Suddenly his own face and Shakky face turns red from shame.

“You can see, we have no clothes, so can we talk after you let us wear something.” Allen said.

“Ohhh, ok, I also don’t like a boy naked in front of me.” Rayleigh also smiled.


Shakky took out some clothes but all are big. So she pointed towards the store and said to him to take some clothes from there.

Allen patted on Hancock’s shoulder and assured her, not to worry.

Allen walks out of the store and eyes of both Shakky and Rayleigh starts to shine.

Rayleigh turns his face towards the location of Hancock and starts to ask.

But he didn’t know that when they concentrate on Allen, Hancock walk towards the seats to sit.

Hancock’s voice came from the different direction that they were here.

Rayleigh moves his face towards the seats and asked: “Little girl, Is this your devil fruit power or that boy?”

Hancock is not a fool to answer this type of question. She directly said: “Uncle, you have to ask this type of thing from Allen directly, I can’t answer.”


Rayleigh first got shocked than surprised that this girl definitely knows his identity and still didn’t answer.

To make it as a joke, Rayleigh release his Conqueror Haki to shock Hancock, but instinctively Hancock also released her Conqueror Haki to counterattack.

Rayleigh and Shakky smiled and thought: “This girl has potential. Even have the Conqueror Haki at the age of 9-10.”

Rayleigh: “Little girl, where do you belong?”

Hancock knows that Allen minds word better than her, so she once again repeats: “Ask Allen about these things.”

Rayleigh shook his head that these girls have not much future because they rely too much on someone else.


Allen took 10 minutes and come back to the bar while wearing clothes.

He gave clothes to the Hancock’s sisters and pointed towards the door and asked: “Can they use the washroom?”

Shakky smiles and spreads her hands.

Hancock sisters walk into the washroom with each other.

Rayleigh looks at a boy whose age is only around 15-16. He tried to measure his strength with Observation Haki but failed.

Allen looks at Shakky and said: “I have a deal for both of you. Are you interested to listen?”

Rayleigh didn’t like a normal conversation direction and directly shook his head: “I am not interested.”

Allen smiled and said: “Even if it is related to Roger.”

Suddenly Rayleigh releases his Conqueror Haki at full power on Allen.

Reasons are pretty simple. He doesn’t know the strength of Allen and wants to test.

Conqueror Haki almost makes Allen sit on his knees but suddenly Devil-Dragon blood starts to act. Suddenly a different type of pressure other than Conqueror Haki is released. It directly pressures on the soul and makes Rayleigh roll out of his chair to the floor.

Rayleigh’s eyes are full of shock and fear, and little blood starts to leak out from his lips.

Allen is finally able to control the pressure released by his blood.

Allen stood straight and look at Rayleigh with anger. His voice gets hoarse as it comes from another dimension.

“Pathetic human, wants to attack on my child. This is your first and last mistake. If this happens again, then you will feel the torture for millions of years without death.”

This is just acting of Allen to make him look like mystery. To make it more really, he release the soul pressure with his last physical strength.


Rayleigh really get convinced and stood up. He looked at Allen with fear then his face got relaxed because condition of Allen is also not good. His face turn white after using his last physical strength.

He directly sit on the floor while gasping.

Shakky look at Rayleigh and her eyes are also filled with fear.

Rayleigh put a hand on her soulder to let her relax.

Rayleigh smiles and sit on his chair once again, and asked: “Boy, now I am very interested in your deal. Tell me what you want and what you will give in return.”

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