One Piece: Shendu ch 6

Chapter 6: Caught

“Hey, you joined my pirate group, how can I send you to your Island!!” Allen looked at Hancock with a smile.

“Arrrrrr” Hancock just wants to bite this asshole but she knows that she signed a contract before.

Also, she is so proud, how can she just breaks her words!

“Ok, but who is that reliable person, who send my sisters to Island?” Hancock wants to confirm that her sisters are safe.

“Well, you know Silver Rayleigh? He is the guy who will send your sister home safely.” Allen explained.

“What? you know ‘right hand of Roger’.” Hancock asks in exclamation.

“I don’t know him, but I know a little news which can make him definitely help us.” Allen said in a mysterious manner.

“Hey, can we not go ourselves to send my sisters to the Island? I promise, I will not stay on the Island and come to travel with you.” Hancock pleaded.

“Yes, but you know where your Island is?” Allen asked.

“Yes, I know. It is in the windless belt.” Hancock said with excitement.

Allen looked around and asked: “Which direction?”

Hancock finally understands what Allen wants to say.

Allen didn’t tease her more while walking. He said: “First, we have no navigation skill. Second, we have no strength if someone attacks other than getting invisible after removing all clothes. Third, Windless belt is full of Sea Kings and they don’t use eyes to identify prey. They use smell, light movement.”

“So, it is pretty safe if we let him send your sisters than sending ourselves. And also if we want to take his help and you think that he is a pervert, then think like this, that he is the ‘right hand of Roger’, what type of tressure he has not seen before.”

“And also, if he wants to attack, we can’t do anything.” Allen explained all conditions.

Hancock also nodded and understand all things.

Allen suddenly said: “There is one more way.”

Hancock asked with enthusiasm: “What’s the way? tell me.”

Allen smiled and said: “You can also let your sister joins my pirate group. Then they don’t even have to return.”

“No.” Hancock directly rejects his proposal.

“Sister, we also want to be with you. Let us also join.” Hancock’s sister said.

“No. He is a pervert. I can’t let you with him.” Hancock ruthlessly rejected.


Shakky’s Rip-off Bar.

Allen reaches to her door and whispered in three little girls ears about his plan.

“Walk slowly into the bar. Don’t let anyone touches you, or else you will be discovered. After you enter into Bar owners room, find some clothes to wear. After that, we will talk with Shakky.”

Hancock asked: “Who is Shakky?”

Allen whispered: “Don’t waste so much time. First mission is to find clothes.”


Allen and Hancock three sisters enter through the bottom of the door and looked around.

It is afternoons time, so almost no-one is in the Bar, other than an old man and bar owner.

Allen finally finds the door to enter into Shakky’s room. They start to walk slowly towards the gate.

Just as they about to touch the door, Shakky voice comes from the Bar counter: “Little boy, it is too rude to enter someone’s room without permission.”

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One Piece: Shendu
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