One Piece: Shendu ch 5

Chapter 5: Annihilation

Hancock also filled with happiness when she finally took her revenge.

Allen looked at Hancock and asked: “Do you know, which other pirates are powerful?”

Hancock look at him and thought.

“Yes, one more guy, who uses sword is powerful. He is the one who caught us.”

“Ok, you handle your sister, I will handle other problem by myself.”

After saying this, Allen picks up Captain’s sword and walk out without saying anything.

Allen also wants to kill someone because he got excited after seeing the blood of Captain.

He walks out of the Captain’s room and enters the opposite room where one pirate is sleeping. He walks into the room without any voice and directly cut the head of the pirate without any suspense.

Invisible sword got the blood on it but the power of invisibility starts to work on the blood as well and it get invisible again.

Suddenly a pirate enters into the vice captains room and looks at his headless body. He shouted like a little girl: “Ahhhhhhhh.”

“Vice-captain is dead….”

He turns and enter into the Captain’s room, and look at the headless body. He once again shouted: “Ahhhhh, Captain is also dead.”

“Run…. both captain and vice-captain are dead.”

Suddenly Allen comes near him and moved his sword to cut off his head. Head starts to roll.

All pirates run towards the room of Captain but whoever meets with Allen, there is only one thing happens. i.e. Death.


After around a minute, all pirates on the ship are dead.

It is pretty easy because they don’t Haki and also Allen is invisible, so before they know it, they has already been cut.


After solving these pirates, Allen returned to look at the Captain’s room for treasure.

Hancock already searched every corner and found around 2 million Beiley. She also released all the Slaves which are captured by pirates.

Hancock and two sisters are still in the invisible form so no-one saw the face of the killer. When Allen comes he looked at Hancock and signal her to run away with him.

She also understands that if other pirates or auction house member comes to collect them, it will be problematic for them.

After she comes out, Hancock whispered towards Allen: “Can we can take clothes now.”

Allen thought and look towards the coast. He found that there are some peoples waiting. He finally shooks his head and pointed towards the coast.

After wearing clothes, we will get visible, that will be very dangerous. After we enter into the Island, we will look for some store or some houses to just stole some clothes.

Hancock also agreed.

Since all the pirates are killed, Allen dropped a smaller ship into the water to reach at the coast. To remove all the suspicion, he even let it go it on.


After reaching at the Coast, everyone already decided the direction and start running. No-one noticed that.

After running for some time, Allen looked around and found that this is the black market area of Sabaody Archipelago Island.

Allen only remembers that Rayleigh lives in Tree number 13 area and in Shakky’s Rip-off Bar. So, in current situation, he can only trust Rayleigh. So after finding the direction, he starts to walk towards it without hesitation.

Hancock and her sisters first time came to Sabaody Archipelago, so they are all attracted towards the bubbles formed on this Island.

Allen look behind and find that Hancock and her sisters are not walking. He coughs and directed them to walk in this direction.

Hancock is curious and want to know where they are going.

Allen whispers and explains their own condition.

1) They don’t have clothes now.

2) He doesn’t know that his fruit ability also works when someone uses Observation Haki.

3) If some of these pirates know that 3 little girls naked walking in this area, you can understand your future.

4) We have to find a reliable person who can send your sisters to Amazon Lily Island.

“What? why only send my sisters? Am I not going with them?” Hancock asked in a ferocious manner.

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