One Piece: Shendu ch 4

Chapter 4: Killed Captain and all the Traffickers!

Allen started his power and found that only their body got Invisible, and not their clothes. So Allen said to Hancock and others.

“Remove your clothes fast, before someone came in.

Hancock and other girls already know that their clothes are visible, so only option is to get naked if you really want to run away.

“You really can’t see us when we get invisible??” Hancock asked Allen.

Allen said in urgent behavior: “Hey, do you want to die here, so soon? I don’t want to die with you. If you are not removing then I am leaving alone. Hurry up before they come.”

As Allen said, he started to hear some footsteps coming near to the gate. So he started removing the clothes on himself.

Hancock and his sister also understand the condition and starts undressing.

In just 30 Second, all four are bare naked. Without any jewelry or clothes.

All three girls are holding left hand of Allen.

Because Allen is using his powers to make them Invisible, he can easily see them.

Three girls look so hot in Allen eyes that his face almost turned red while looking at them that he can’t turn away his face.

Hancock easily perceive his eyes and sarcastically said: “Have you not looked enough? We have to go.”

Hancock though in his mind that she has to dig his eyes to look at them with his lustful behavior.

Allen also returns to his senses and starts to move. But moving with girls holding his one hand is difficult if you have to suppress the voice of walking.

[Boss, if you want to let these girls also enjoy your powers, you just have to sign partner contract with them.]

“What? Can I really do that?” Allen exclaimed.

[Yes. Any partner with you will be loyal to you but their character will not change. You can also let them use the power of Talisman. But only Talisman which you have absorbed can be used.]

“But Snake Charm has not been absorbed by me.”

[Yes, but when you make your first contract, you will be given a free opportunity to try. It will only work for 3 hours.]

“So, how should I make a contract?”

[Just look at the person you want to make a contract and thought about the contract.]

Allen looks at Hancock and said: “Hancock, moving like this is too troublesome.”

Hancock got alert and feared that this boy will leave her and his sister here, and run away alone.

“Do you want to leave us here?” Hancock’s eyes got red and almost tears to come out from helplessness.

“No, why are you thinking like this?” Allen said with surprise.

“So, what you want to do?” Hancock knows that walking like this is too difficult while suppressing the voice of walking.

“I want to make you my partner on my Pirate ship. If you promise to be my partner, you can also use the power of Invisibility without touching me.”

“What? Do we you really need to make partners before letting them using this power?” Hancock asked.

“Yes, this is the restriction on my powers.” Allen said.

Hancock thought for a while.

She knows that being a partner with this pervert is 100 times better than being slaves. She already heard about the conditions of slaves from her mother.

Hancock said: “Ok, we will be your partners.”

Allen smiled and send an invitation to Hancock. In Hancock mind, an electronic voice came and asked: “Do you want to join Allen’s team??”

Hancock also got surprised and thought ‘yes’.

In Hancock’s mind, a voice came: “Congratulation to become the partner of Allen’s team. Now you can use Snake Charm for 3 hours.”

Hancock feels that a new power generated in her body and she can use it, whenever she wants.

In Allen mind.

[Congratulations Boss to get a new team member. Now she can use the charm for 3 hours for the first trial.]

Allen left the hands of 3 girls and they got visible. He looked at Hancock and said: “You hold the hands of your two sister and try out the power.”

Hancock held the hands of Sandersonia and Marigold, and started mobilizing her power. Finally all three got invisible. Hancock can easily see her sister and finally know that they are bare naked in front of this guy eyes.

Hancock looked at Allen and only said one word: “Pervert.”

Allen know what Hancock refering. He seriously look at Hancock and said: “Do you want revenge against these guys?”

Hancock face filled with anger and said: “Yes.”

Allen said: “Ok, follow me. Before attacking these low level members, we have to kill the most powerful one, then only we can decide the victory.”

Hancock nodded and follow.

At the gate, two pirates are standing. Gate is not there, so Allen, Hancock and her sisters easily got out.

After coming out, they starts to look for Captain room.

[Ting! Snake Charm proficiency +1]

Allen directly ignore these notification because he know that he is in life threatening condition. It is first time to kill an human like Assassin in the games.

He already notifies Hancock that she has to kill the Captain, because he has not killed anyone in his life. So, he will practice on these low-level pirates.

Hancock already knows because she can see the shivering hands of Allen.

Allen holds the hands of two sisters and Hancock walks into the Captain room.

Allen follows her to make it a safe side for Hancock.

When Hancock enter into the Captain room, she looked at the tortured condition of slaves. Her anger starts to rise up and she also felt happy that Allen help them or her condition will be the same as these slaves.

She walked near a sword, after picking up, sword also got invisible with her.

Allen got shocked that Hancock now is more proficient in using Snake charm than him.

Hancock walk on the back side of Captain who is still immersed in torturing the slaves.

She directly slice the sword towards his head. And Captain’s head directly rolls off.

His body starts to vibrate without head just like fish without word.

All slaves got shocked and shout.

Allen wants to puke when he looked at the blood coming out of Captain’s headless body. But suddenly devil’s bloodline starts to work and he didn’t feel anything.

Captain room is always filled with slaves cry and shouts, so pirates didn’t got alert.

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