One Piece: Shendu ch 25

Chapter 25: New Partner.

Hancock and Baby easily run away from Navy encirclement with their invisible Ability.

Even is someone wants to detect their position with Observation Haki, they just can’t do it.

Hancock takes Baby towards the city, and spent their whole night on the roadside.

Hancock was shocked to see the number of Navy and world government people around.

It is like the whole island is filled with only government officials.

Hancock thought that they are finished this time. Because sooner or later, they both will be arrested, if condition stays like this.

Murder of Dragon is the worst crime that has not happened in the previous 800 years.

Pressure on Navy is just too much.


Next day morning.

Voice of Allen comes in Hancock mind once again.

“Hancock, how are you?”

Allen asked casually. He didn’t expect that something will happen in just one night.

“Allen, we are fully trapped. The whole island is covered with the navy soldiers and government officials.”

“We will try to get out of here, but you don’t come here. If you come, you will also be trapped.”

Hancock gave warning to Allen.

“What happen Hancock?”

Allen anxiously asked.

“Well, Navy spy identify Baby. So, he informed the Navy.”

Hancock explained briefly.

“Hancock listens, don’t panic.”

“Try to find some small ship, and drive those ship directly towards Sabaody Archipelago Island.”

“I will pick you all from the middle.”

Allen gave some idea to Hancock.

Hancock thought and said: “Ok, I will do that, but start executing this plan at night.”

“Ok, no problem. I will make them speed up fast.”

Allen disconnects his mental connection with Hancock, and informed all captive pirates to increase ship speed, as much as possible.

“Hey, what happened?”

Girl’s voice comes from behind.

Allen turned and saw the girl, who he saved before.

“Actually, my other partners met with some danger. So, I need to reach there as soon as possible.”

The girl nodded and didn’t ask much.

“If you feel hungry, just go to the kitchen, I left breakfast for you.”

After saying that Allen starts to concentrate his mind on Haki cultivation.

When you use Observation Haki, you can’t plan anything. Because whole mental strength is working on Observation Haki.

Allen has to increase his strength as soon as possible, so he can handle every unexpected condition.

The girl looked towards Allen, who is just sitting in a position while maintaining a posture.

The girl went to eat her breakfast, and starting to plan for her future.

Her own last relative also tried to sell her. Now she is totally alone, with no strength, no money, no background, and only with this cursed beauty.

She knows that even if she went anywhere in this world, Doflamingo will not let her go.

She thought about the boy, who is sitting outside. He saved her life from Doflamingo and didn’t even try to take advantage when I fainted.

After eating her breakfast, she comes out.


Allen already knows she is standing behind him, because he already activated his Observation Haki.

“Don’t cough so much, just say it.” Allen opens his eyes and stopped practicing his Observation Haki.

“I want to join your group!” Girl gather her courage and said.

“Oh…. Do you know who I am?” Allen asked her.

The girl shook her head.

“Take this newspaper and read.”

“If you still want to join my crew after reading this, I will let you join.”

After saying that Allen threw a newspaper he bought just now, when this girl went to have breakfast.

Allen already knows that he is now a 500 million bounty pirate, who ruthlessly robbed and murder Dragon, robbed Auction house.

Allen didn’t care much, but in that photo, he is carrying Baby in his arms, so Baby is in too much Danger.

Girl took the newspaper, but didn’t move.

“I don’t care what you do, and what you are. When I already decide to join your group, I will not change my mind just for this newspaper.”

Girl stubbornly said.

Allen took out a contract and said: “Ok.” After that Allen send a contract notification in that girl’s mind.

“Do you confirm to join Allen’s team?”

A voice comes into the girl’s mind. And she subconsciously answered: “Yes.”

[Ting! Congratulations to Join Allen’s team. You got the gift of Demon-dragon bloodline and invisibility power.]

After informing the girl, a warm heat covers the whole body.

Girl look towards Allen in surprise, and Allen just nodded towards her.

“Hey, what is your name?”

Allen finally asked.

Girl smiled and said: “My name is Sakura.”

Sakura smile is really nice, even in her dirty condition.

Sakura didn’t even take bath after running away from Sabaody Archipelago island.

Allen knows that she curses her beauty almost every day, and wants to destroy it as well.

“You don’t have to hide your beauty from now on. Till I am alive, no-one in this world can force you to do something, which you don’t want.”

After saying this, Allen closed his eyes and once again start practicing his Haki.

Sakura eyes suddenly got wet. No-one ever promised her like this.

Sakura turned around and enter the room, she slept before.

She wants to first check all the condition of Allen, so she can at least help him by providing some idea.

She also has to adjust his body strength, because it increased so much just by joining Allen’s team.

Also has to test her new power of invisibility.


Allen asked from the System: “Will temporary Active Talisman can be used by Hancock and other teammates like Invisibility?”

[Ting! No, that was just the novice gift for your joined first crew. Now only those Talisman can provide their powers to your teammates, which you have absorbed permanently]

[That also only provide them 10% of its original strength]

This is the reason Allen changed Ox talisman to Horse talisman.

To improve the further speed of training, Allen deactivates Rabbit Talisman and activate Dog Talisman.


[Host property status has been changed]

Host: Allen

Strength: 200 (Common human : 1)

Speed: 190 (Common human : 1)

Skill: ?

Innate Skill: Fire Lv: 4 (Proficiency: 00/10000), Dragon-devil Change Lv: 4 (Proficiency: 00/10000), Hide Lv: 3 (Proficiency: 05/1000), Lava Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 00/10), Super Healing (Temporary Active), Undead (Temporary Active).

Conqueror Haki: Awakened Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 00/100)

Observation Haki: Awakened Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 67/100)

Armament Haki: Awakened Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 67/100)

Talismen: Ox, Rabbit, Horse, Dog, Pig.

System Space: Talisman lottery x0, Permanent Talismen absorbing opportunity x3.


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