One Piece: Shendu ch 24

Chapter 24: Decision


This time Allen is just too shocked. System helped him giving advice too many times, he just didn’t to loose it.

“System, Is it really need to return to your world? Can’t you stay with me?”

But system just stopped answering any question.

Allen also feels helpless about it.


After controlling his mood, Allen just stopped thinking about this.

Allen didn’t use the opportunity to absorb Talisman permanently for a time being.

Allen knows that if he didn’t just absorb Talisman for a while, he can just activate or deactivate according to his needs.

“System, activate Ox and Rabbit Talisman for a while!”

[Ting! Ox and Rabbit Talisman activated.]


[Host property status has been changed]

Host: Allen

Strength: 600 (Common human : 1)

Speed: 590 (Common human : 1)

Skill: ?

Innate Skill: Fire Lv: 4 (Proficiency: 00/10000), Dragon-devil Change Lv: 4 (Proficiency: 00/10000), Hide Lv: 3 (Proficiency: 05/1000), Lava Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 00/10), Super Speed (Temporary Active), Super Strength (Temporary Active).

Conqueror Haki: Awakened Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 00/100)

Observation Haki: Awakened Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 00/100)

Armament Haki: Awakened Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 00/100)

Talismen: Ox, Rabbit, Horse, Dog, Pig.

System Space: Talisman lottery x0, Permanent Talismen absorbing opportunity x3.


Allen chooses Ox and Rabbit to be active, because, in current condition, they can really help Hancock and Baby, if they met some Navy and CP9 guys.


Water 7.

Hancock and Baby already reached to Water 7.

This is the first time Hancock looked at the island like this. Even Baby is surprised.

Hancock never went out from Amazon lily island, so, this is really a mind-blowing experience for her.

Hancock and Baby mostly stayed in invisible form, after they started their journey.

Hancock totally understand that her strength is just too low compared to adults, so she has to use her mind to complete the mission given by Captain.

Hancock landed on the Island, and Allen’s voice comes into her mind.

“Hancock, are you and Baby safe?”

Hancock face unconsciously have a beautiful smile.

“Don’t worry, we are safe. We just have reached the Island. How are you? Have you left the Sabaody Archipelago Island?”

Allen also smiled and said: “Yes, I am fine and also just left the Island.”

“Listen, To find the information, enter into the bar, but don’t information from anyone directly. Because the whole island is filled with world government members, so use your invisibility powers to get some information.”

“If the whole Island is full of alert, then don’t take any risk, and enjoy sitting in some hotel. I will be there in 5 days.”

“After I came, we will form some other plan.”

Hancock listened carefully, and arrange her plans according to the instruction given by Allen.

Hancock already steals some money from some nobles on the merchant ship.

She took Baby with her, and booked one room in the hotel.

Hancock enters into her room with Baby, and ordered some room service.

She didn’t know that because of her little mistake to not hide Baby, Hancock already entered into eyes of Navy.

Baby is already regarded as one of the targets by Navy, because someone who stole 3 devil fruits from Auction house, and also killed 2 World Nobles. This crime is enough to kill them on the spot.

Hancock satisfied with the room, so as soon as she wants to take a bath, subconsciously she opened her observation Haki to check everything is normal or not.

When she opened her Observation Haki, she heard the conversation of Hotel waiter.

Waiter: “Captain, we got the lead of one of the partners of Worst criminal of history.”

“We got information about the girl, which devil released from Auction House. She just came here to take the room, one more girl is with her.”

Phone Bug: “Ok, put some medicine in their food. I will send the support to arrest them as soon as possible.”

“And remember, don’t make too much noise, otherwise, your identity will leak.”

Waiter: “Yes sir.”

After saying that, phone bug got disconnected.

Hancock’s face turned white, because she didn’t even start investigating and Navy already get their traces.

Hancock immediately ordered Baby to turn invisible, and run away with her.


Allen didn’t have much to do, so he started exercising his Armament Haki, and Observation Haki.

At the current level, he can maintain both Haki for 1 minute, and after that whole strength got consumed.

Allen can’t show his weak side in front of these captive pirates.

After one minute practice, Allen takes rest, and then repeat the same practice again.

After doing it multiple times, Allen suddenly thought of something, and deactivate his Ox Talisman and activate his horse Talisman.

Suddenly so much vitality enters into his body, that Allen feels refreshed.

After doing that, Allen activates his Observation Haki and Armament Haki, and found that his vitality is so powerful that he didn’t even get weakened while using Haki.

It is like the strength consumed by Observation Haki and Armament Haki, recovered so fast that Allen didn’t even feel anything.

Allen checked and found that with the speed of increasing experience of both Haki, he will level up within 2 days.

That is like a miracle for him.

He totally understands the Meaning and Importance of Haki in One Piece World.

Navy Hero Garp most strength comes from Armament Haki.

Just by learning Haki, Luffy strength goes leaps and bounds.

If Allen learns these two Haki to an appropriate level, then he will definitely absorb Horse and Dog talisman without tension.

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