One Piece: Shendu ch 23

Chapter 23: Threat!

Allen sudden come near the room of the girl, where she comes out. He placed the girl there, and said: “You stay here, I will handle the situation here.”

After saying that, Allen used that same speed come in front of the Pirates.

Girl’s eyes are just on the body of Allen, she just didn’t hear anything.

It is like a condition, where you lose all hope of living, and suddenly comes a boy and saved you from all danger. This type of fairy tale, every girl dreamed off.

She really doesn’t think that this is happening to her.


The Pirate Captain which was kicked by Allen, falls into the sea. Some of his pirate crew members also jumped into the sea, to save him.

Before they can save him, Allen wants to clear out all the areas.

He looked at everyone and said: “All who don’t have any relation with this Pirates, or this bastard, move back.

Before giving any time to respond, Allen starts attacking pirates and mercenary who come with the Weird Uncle.

His both hands pointed towards them like a machine gun, and fire bullets start coming out from the finger.

[Yes, this is Ace move. He just can’t use the big move, or the whole ship will be destroyed]

In less than a minute, all the pirates and mercenaries are burned alive.

Pirates which jumped into the sea, and found the Captain’s body, they petrified, because Captain is directly killed with just one kick.


After killing all the mercenaries and Pirates, Allen decided to capture the pirate ship, and go away from here, as soon as possible.

Allen looked towards the girl and asked: “Little girl, do you want to go with me? or with these merchants?”

That girl comes out from her dreamy state and directly plunge into the arms of Allen.

Allen got his answer, and directly jump from Merchant ship to Pirate ship. There are still some pirates on the board, but they are scared by looking at Allen that they piss in their pants.

“Great god, please let us live…….. We will never do this type of work, please?”

Pirates started to bang their head on the boat.

Allen moved his hand, and big fireball starts to generate. Everyone turned quit: “Well, I need some worker on my boat. If you work perfectly, I may let you live.”

Around 5-6 Pirates are on board, and all of them starts nodding their head like chickens.

After getting the confirmation, Allen directly opens his mouth and eat that fireball.

Allen is a fire dragon, so the fire is like food for him. But this scene, scared the hell out from the observers.

Allen moved pointed to guy, and throw a permanent pointer to the guy: “Sail the ship in the direction of the pointer as soon as possible. If Navy catch up with our boat, then I will let you feel that death is much beautiful then living.”

Allen has no time to show mercy on these guys. He can totally understand that if he is not present on the ship, then what will gonna happen to this girl.

Allen also patted the shoulder of the girl, so she stops hugging him. She is like a panda who sleeps while holding the tree.

When Allen check, this girl really is sleeping, while hugging him. Maybe she fainted. Allen is not sure.

He called a guy and asked: “Where is the Captain room?”

Pirate lowered his head, and pointed towards a door.

Allen also took the girl, and enter into the room.

Allen didn’t know that this girl’s uncle didn’t even call the Navy when pirates have arrived, because he already has a deal with them.

Allen put the girl on the bed with lots of difficulties.

Just when the girl hugs him before, Allen understands that the figure of this girl is just too good. Even most of the fitness model failed in front of her.

After putting the girl down, Allen comes out of the room and sit in the middle of the boat, to watch the work of these guys.

He heard from the uncle that Doflamingo wants to sell this girl to some World Noble. It means that he interfere in the plan of Doflamingo. So, he has to be fully prepared to fight against that guy.

Allan knows that his strength is increasing at a very fast speed, but it is still not enough to fight again Navy.

His current strength is 200, and even Kalifa whose strength is 630, can easily crush him. Her physical strength is 630, but with the uses of Navy Six, it is definitely around 1500. How the hell 200 strength can fight against 1500?

This time Doflamingo definitely have more than 3 times the strength of Rob Lucci (4000).

In the current time period, Rob Lucci and Kalifa may be training with CP training ground.

Current Doflamingo is too weak compare it to when Luffy fought him. But still, with at least 12000 strength, he can crush Allan like an ant. So, running is the best option for Allen right now.

Allen finally remembers that he had not used the lottery from the system.

“System, starts the lottery of all five chances.”

[Ting! System starting the lottery for Talisman, please wait]

[Host, you are really lucky this time.]

[Host gets Ox, Rabbit, Horse, Dog, Pig Talisman]

“Wahhhhh, Nice…”

[Host, I told you before that you can’t use more than 3 Talisman till you got Tiger Talisman]

“What? If I used forcefully then?”

[Then you will die]

“System, what should I do?”

“If I absorb Horse and Dog talisman, I am turned basically into an immortal, but without any strength.”

“Ox, Rabbit, pig are all important Talisman, which can give me the strength to protect my self.”

“Can you give me any suggestion?”

[Sorry Host, your trial period is over, currently, I am totally forbidden to give you any advice.]

[And I also forgot to give you one important information, you can talk to me only for 2 months. After that, I will return to my own world. You will have a system, but without AI operator. It only works when you give the command. Thank You]

After saying that system stop saying anything.

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