One Piece: Shendu ch 22

Chapter 22: Navy reacts!

In the midnight, One of the guards in the Dragon house wants to enjoy some time with one of the slaves. This can be seen as other benefits, other than salary.

After informing his other partner, guard enter into the slave room.

But the scene in front of him, almost makes him pee in the pants.

He didn’t dare to shout, and directly went to head guard to inform, that all the slaves run away.


After around 1 hour later, when guards checked all the places, and found no slaves. Their forehead started to release sweats.

If Charloss sama woke up and found that all the slaves run away, it will be a disaster.

Head guard has some connections with the Navy, so he called him secretly and asked his help.

After explaining everything, full Navy was dispatched from the station. Navy Officer also knows the seriousness of the case, so he directly contacts Navy Headquarters after they don’t found anyone.

Navy Headquarters, Marine Fort.

Sengoku is elected as a new Marshal by recommendation of Kong, because it was under his command that they are able to fully destroy Ohara Island.


“Hello, Marshal Sengoku here.”

Sengoku said.

“Marshal, all the slaves of St. Charloss ran away, and all the tressure is also robbed. We searched the whole Island, and still didn’t find it.”

“What? How can this happen?” Sengoku forehead is full of sweats.

Yesterday he became Marshal, and today someone robbed Dragon. If he didn’t handle this properly, this will be a disaster for my career.

“Ok, start searching house by house, and I will also send one Admiral to help you search.”

After disconnecting the phone bug, Sengoku directly informs Zephyr to come into his office with Borsalino.

Borsalino is the guy who can reach anywhere at the fastest speed, and Zephyr is the type of guy who handles almost any condition.


On the Merchant ship luggage room, Allen is sleeping.

Allen used too much strength to make every slave invisible. So, after entering into the luggage room, he just slept like a baby.

After around 8 hours of sleep, Allen woke up. After looking around, Allen takes a sigh of breath. When he entered into the luggage room, his condition is so bad that a normal navy soldier can arrest him easily.

Now, after full rest, Allen feels fully refreshed.

Allen starts to check the current condition of Hancock and Baby. He doesn’t know the position of both of them, but he can feel that both of them are safe, and he also feel in which direction they are.

Allen doesn’t know that in these 8 hours, whole Sabaody Archipelago turned upside down. Navy also found two dead bodies of Dragons. In the history of the whole One Piece world, Dragons are killed and robbed.

When the Navy and CP organization read the message written by Allen, they almost turned mad.

“I am the Vice Admiral Sakazuki, these pathetic pigs hold humans and other species as slaves. This is not allowed by heart justice, so I killed them. The money I robbed has some commission of Marshal Sengoku and Spandine. Sayonara (Goodbye).”

Zephyr immediately called Sengoku to explain the situation.

After hearing the news, Sengoku broke his table in anger. He knows that Sakazuki is not the person who has written this, because currently, he is in New World.

Most important problem is that no-one saw the culprit. He enters into the house, takes away all the tressure and slaves, and also kill Dragon without anyone seeing.

Suddenly, Sengoku remembers the guy who stole 3 devil fruit and a slave from Auction House. He must have the ability to get invisible, and also turn other things invisible with him.

This is really a troublesome ability, and with daring act, he is almost as dangerous as four Emperor.

Sengoku looked at the photo of a 15-year-old boy, and he finally started to have a headache.

Sengoku directly ordered the guard to inform Bounty department to increase his bounty directly to 500 million Bailey, Dead or Alive.

After doing all this, Sengoku starts to think, what this boy must be doing. One is laying low on the island himself, or run away from the island as soon as possible.


Allen sitting in the luggage room, took out all the devil fruits and start checking their uses.

Allen asked the system to show the details of all the Devil Fruits.

[Ting! You have a mouse, guinea pig, wolf, monkey, panda, snake, rattlesnake, bee, Kangaroo, deer, Glass-glass fruit, Speed-Speed Fruit]

“Fuck, almost all fruits are a waste, other than Speed-Speed Fruit.”

“Yeah, it is also pretty normal, Dragons are not fools who carry powerful devil fruit with them. Other may afraid of attacking them, but some fool are enough brave to rob Dragon, one or two devil fruits. So, they kept most of the powerful devil fruit in Mari Joa.”

But Allen didn’t know that this is the first time, someone rob Dragons, and also kill them.

“Ok, system, convert all fruit other than Speed Speed Fruit, into 5 lotteries of Talisman, and 4 permanent Absorption chances.”

[Ting! Host, every chance for permanent absorption needs double the amount of devil fruit from previous one]

[After creating 5 Talisman lottery, you left with 5 devil fruits, so by using 3 devil fruits, you can only get 2 permanent absorption chances.]

“Ok, not a problem, just start converting.”

Allen thought just like last time, it requires too much time just to absorb. His condition is just too dangerous right now, no-one knows when Navy catch up, and stop the ship.

It’s like God listened to his voice, because really stopped.

[Ting! Fruits are absorbed, and 5 Talisman lottery, and 2 permanent absorbing conditions are created.]

Allen checks the Property Bar.

[Host property status has been changed]

Host: Allen

Strength: 200 (Common human : 1)

Speed: 190 (Common human : 1)

Skill: ?

Innate Skill: Fire Lv: 4 (Proficiency: 00/10000), Dragon-devil Change Lv: 4 (Proficiency: 00/10000), Hide Lv: 3 (Proficiency: 05/1000), Lava Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 00/10)

Conqueror Haki: Awakened Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 00/100)

Observation Haki: Awakened Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 00/100)

Armament Haki: Awakened Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 00/100)

Talismen: ?

System Space: Talisman lottery x5, Permanent Talismen absorbing opportunity x3.


Allen first goes to check the condition outside.

He found that a pirate ship attacked the merchant ship. Allen luck is really not good. Definitely, merchant ship captain already informed Navy, and even if he killed all the pirates, Navy will definitely come.

When pirates started to come on the boat, Allen thought about trying his strength. He doesn’t want to get invisible every time the problem comes.

After deciding, Allen looked that hired missionary by merchants are also the partners of Pirates.

Allen wants to see, what will the pirate do? because if this is the normal case, pirate already attacks the passenger. It looks like they are waiting for someone.

Suddenly a girl comes out of the cabin. She also feels that the situation is a bit wrong.

She is the daughter of a merchant family in Sabaody Archipelago Island. Her parents are killed because their daughter is just too beautiful, and they don’t to sell this girl to Auction house. She runs away and hid on the boat of his Uncle.

When she comes out, she understands clearly what happened. Her Uncle sold her information to the Auction house, when he found her on the boat.

Girl look calmly towards her own uncle and asked: “How much you got to sell my information?”

It looks like she wants to know what price attract his uncle to sell his own niece to auction house as slaves?

Uncle looks towards his niece and grinned: “All you father business, and Doflamingo family support to my merchant ships. With this support, no pirate will destroy my ship.”

“Hahahahahaha, it is really a good price for selling your niece. I know I can’t run away, but no-one can stop me from going to my parents.” After saying this, the girl took out a knife to cut her throat.

“Sorry little girl, I can’t be allowed that, Dragon paid too much price to capture you.”

Pirate Captain directly caught her hand, and took away the knife.

Girl eyes filled with hopelessness and tear starts to come out. She sometimes really cursed god, that why he makes her so beautiful.

Allen looked at this girl, she really looks dirty right now? It is like, she played in mud before catching this ship.

Allen starting to clap, and everyone turned towards him.

Girl uncle ask: “Who are you boy?”

When this middle-aged man sells his own niece, he reached to that disgusting level, when Allen didn’t even want to talk to him.

Allen wants to test his firepower first, so he pointed his finger towards that Middle-aged uncle, and that guy really started to burn.


Heat is so hot from his fire that it took only 10 seconds to completely turn him to ashes.

It happens so fast that No-one reacted to it.

After testing fire power, Allen feels that he can turn into Human-Torch like in Marvel world.

Now Allen wants to check his speed and strength. So he used his full speed to reach to the girl, and take her away. He doesn’t want to create a hostage type of condition.

Pirate Captain react a little bit, but he still can’t keep the girl in his hand, because he just got a kick on his abdomen, and he just flies out.

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