One Piece: Shendu ch 21

Chapter 21: System appears again!

[Ting! Hello Host, System fully absorbed the devil fruit]

Allen is not much surprised, so he directly ordered the system to open his property panel.

[Host property status has been changed]

Host: Allen

Strength: 200 (Common human : 1)

Speed: 190 (Common human : 1)

Skill: ?

Innate Skill: Fire Lv: 4 (Proficiency: 00/10000), Dragon-devil Change Lv: 4 (Proficiency: 00/10000), Hide Lv: 3 (Proficiency: 05/1000), Lava Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 00/10)

Conqueror Haki: Awakened Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 00/100)

Observation Haki: Awakened Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 00/100)

Armament Haki: Awakened Lv: 0 (Proficiency: 00/100)

Talismen: ?

System Space: Permanent Talismen absorbing opportunity x1.


Allen really got a lot of surprises today. First, his firepower and Dragon Change reached Lv 4. It is just too much, even if you take a devil fruit. Second, his basic strength became almost triple. Third, he got new Innate skill, i.e. Lava. Forth, he awakened all three Haki as well.

“System, Lava fruit is eaten by my partner, so will I also enjoy her skills as well.”

[Host, you are the main party, so whatever your partner gets the benefit, you will also get the benefit.]

[This is one of the benefits, you got when your Dragon-devil change reached lv 4.]

“Oh, so what the other benefits.”

[Now your strength will increase 4 times when you enter into Dragon-devil state. You also got portable space storage from the system.]

“What? I really get what I need the most! Hahahaha.”

“Ok, now I can start my plan.” After thinking about that, Allen directly moves toward the rich Dragon’s house.

First, he enters into the treasure house, and completely absorb all the tressure into his space storage. His space storage is almost unlimited, so he doesn’t have to think about anything.

After taking away all the tressure, Allen moves towards the room of slaves.

He wants to release all slaves, so he has to kill all the guards silently.

This is not a problem with his invisibility powers, he started to harvest all the lives of the guards.

One by one, every guard who torturing the slaves are killed.

Some of the slaves detected the murder of guards, but they didn’t alert the guards. They are already filled with the hatred towards the Dragon and his guards.

After opening all the locks from their collar, Allen’s voice comes.

Allen is still in the invisible form.

“I, as a Navy Vice Admiral Sakazuki, release you from your slavery. When I kill the Dragon, you take the opportunity of chaos and run away. It totally depends on your luck that you can survive or not.”

“If you are able to run away, try to find a place where you can take a bath and change your clothes, so that Navy can’t distinguish between you and the common citizen.”

“Dragons murder is a really serious crime, so try not to get affected by this, so silently start running after 5 minutes. Good Luck, my friends!”

Every slave understands that this is definitely not a Navy Vice Admiral, but they didn’t reveal this lie. After 5 minutes, their luck has to decide their life.

Allen also comes out from the slave rooms, and enter into Dragon room through the window. Dragon mostly doesn’t have too much security because no-one ever dares to kill a Dragon.

Not even Whitebeard or Roger or Golden Lion dare to do.


After entering into the room, Allen took out a sword, and directly cut the head of Dragon. The headless body starts to tremble, but the quality of the bed is just too good, so the noise didn’t come out.

Allen directly took his blanket to cover his whole body, so blood scent will not come out directly.

After cutting the head off, Allen took some blood from the Dragon body and started to write something on the wall. After finished writing, Allen thought something and run into Slave room once again.

Some slaves are just counting time, and it still has 30 seconds left, but when they are about to be ready, a gate suddenly open, but no-one came in.

Voice of Allen once again comes out.

“You all just make a line, and touch my body. I will try to make you all invisible just like me. After that follow me silently. If anyone let go of their hands, I will leave you all behind without hesitation.”

“Do you understand?”


All slaves said.

They make a line, and all touched the body of the front person.

After Allen starts his invisibility power, he started to take out all the slaves out from the Dragon house silently.

No-one notices anything.


It has been more than 4 hours before Allen killed the 1st Dragon. In these 4 hours, Allen also killed the other Dragon, steal all his treasure, and release all slaves just like before.

After completing his plan, he directly picks one merchant ship, and sit in that ship.

His plan works perfectly because No-one dares to disturb the sleep of Dragon. If anyone dares, he will be killed like a dog. So, till someone bare enough to enter his room, and found out that Dragon is murdered, everything is normal.

But one thing Allen forgot, that he also robbed all the treasure from the Dragon, so guards may not dare to enter into the room of Dragon to check, but after they found the treasure room is robbed, they will definitely enter into the room of Dragon for security purpose.

Luckily, no-one found this devastation thing till night, and until that time, Allen and all other slaves are already gone away from the Island.

Before sending them away, Allen also gave them some gold, so at least they can enjoy their future life.

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