One Piece: Shendu ch 20

Chapter 20: Dragon was murdered!

Allen took some food from the kitchen to Hancock and Baby.

He already informed them that we have to hide here for 5 days, after that we can leave.

Suddenly, an irritating voice comes from the door.

“Those fucking useless Navy guys, they can’t even safeguard the Auction House. I will complaint to the Five Elders about this.”

That guy just come, and opened the door.

A round meatball like human enter, he just comes and directly fell on the bed.

“Ohhh, I am tired, I will sleep for a while.”

That round meatball type of guy just fell and slept.

Hancock’s eyes are just filled with disgust.

Allen and others, can’t go out now, because there are guards at the door.

Allen patted Hancock’s shoulder and let her relax.


In the night, that pig woke up and shouted for tea.

A maid suddenly runs inside the room with tea.

Dragon starts to drink his tea. Allen, Hancock, and Baby took the opportunity and just come out of the house.

“Hey, bring out the slaves, I want to play a little.”

Charloss wasn’t able to enjoy in the Auction house, so he went out his anger on slaves.


Allen, Hancock, and Baby are in the corridor, so they saw that a door opened and few beautiful girls and Fishman comes out. They all have a weird collar on their neck, and eyes are full of listless.

After they enter into the Charloss room, Allen took the courage to enter into the slave room, and the seen in front of him is just too devastating.

Whole underground slave room is filled with darkness, cage have no bathroom facility, so they have to poop on the cell only. No water and food facility. Those who turned useless by the torture of Dragon, they were cut into pieces to feed the dogs.

Anger directly filled the eyes of three of them. Allen can’t let Baby and Hancock have too much influence from these things.

When he wants to close the door, Hancock’s eyes turned red when she saw a head of an Amazonian warrior hanging.

The Amazonian girl is the playmate of Hancock and her sisters. She ran away from Amazon Lilly because she wants to open her own pirate group and travel the whole world. After this girl run away, Hancock and her sister also planned to run away, and captured by Traffickers. If Allen is not there to help them, maybe they will have the same ending.

Hancock starts to sob, and Allen used the ability of Snake talisman to cancel her sound from coming out.

Suddenly, a terrible plan immersed into the mind of Allen, and he just took Hancock and Baby away from the Dragon House.


After reaching to Shakky Rip-off bar, Allen said: “Hancock, I need to return to that pig house. Remember one more thing, now when you touch a living or non-living thing, you can make them invisible with you. Navy is all around the island, and they are looking for a guy, who can make himself invisible. So, you have to be careful.”

“I will send you to a merchant ship, which takes you both to Water 7 Island, you go there and stay safe. I will also go there, as soon as possible.”

But before Allen can say anything, Hancock rejected his proposal, and said: “I will not let you handle all danger by yourself, you know we are partners.”

Baby eyes are also red and she said: “You also want to abandon me.”

“Foolish girl, I am not doing this of impulse. If I am captured, you can come and save me at least. If we all are captured then, it is totally disastrous. And also, you have to finish a mission on Water 7.”

Hancock’s eyes are still red, but she still asked: “What mission? Don’t make me fool.”

Allen shook his head and said: “One, you have to take good care of Baby. Second, you have to find TOM shipbuilder and convince him to make a ship for us. He is the shipbuilder who builds Oro Jackson for Gol D Roger.”

“What? Really.”

Hancock exclaimed.

“Yeah, but this mission is just too dangerous, because TOM is under the strict surveillance of CP9, so you have to be careful. If you are not able to contact him, just ignore everything and stay safe on the Island. I will come and meet you there.”

Hancock nodded and agreed.

She understands totally by seeing the security of Navy on the whole Island that if any mistake happens, they all will be captured.

After deciding their mission, Hancock took Baby and entered into the Bar.

Allen knows that he just can’t babysit for both of them, because if he does that, it will be devastating for their talent.

Pilots who are able to drive the ships in storm, will become the real ship captain.


Allen also turned around, and his eyes are just filled with killing intent.

Allen is also not a good guy, but he will never watch an innocent guy tortured by others, because if he didn’t help that innocent guy now, when someone bullies him, no-one will help him as well.

Allen already knows that Dragons are worst kind of guys, but this is just too disappointing.

After that Allen enters into the Dragon house once again, and starts to wait till Dragon sleeps once again.

Because when Dragon is sleeping, he can just go the treasure house and absorb all the devil fruit, and then he will kill this Dragon in his sleep, and finally run away before anyone finds out.

Allen suddenly patted his head, when he remembers that System will not work for 5 days, so 1 day is already complete, just 4 more days he has to wait.


After 4 days,

Allen is ready to execute his plan, as soon as the system comes online.

In these 4 days, he has done nothing other than roaming in the Market.

He also found the other house of different World Aristocrat. He checked his treasure house as well, but this Dragon is just too poor compared to the previous one.

Or Maybe this Dragon mostly likes to torture Slaves, so he doesn’t concentrate on collecting devil fruits.

Navy also stopped searching for him, but one thing surprised Allen is that they found his photo. It was the time, he tried to open the chains of Baby, so at that time, he showed his face. It was captured at that time. There are 3 Devil fruits are hanging on his belt, and he is carrying Baby in princess pose.

Navy put a bounty of 80 million Bailey. Dead or Alive.

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