One Piece: Shendu ch 2

Chapter 2: System.

[Ting! You have an unopened Package. Do you want to open it?]

Allen got excited and said.

“Yes, open it.”

[Ting! You get Devil Dragon Bloodline x1]

[Ting! You get permanent Talismen absorbing opportunity x2]

[Ting! You get Talismen lottery x1]


Allen didn’t understand too much about this talismen in this chaotic condition.

Allen asked: “System can you explain, what are these things in details?”

[Ting! Boss, this system is almost same as Shendo in anime Jackie Chan Adventures.]

“What? Really like that Shendu. So this Talismen lottery means…..”

[Yes, Talismen are almost same as those in the anime.]

“Hahahahaha, finally my wish can be fulfilled. As soon as, I run away from these guys, I will definately be the king of the whole world.”

“Hey wait….”

“What is the meaning is the meaning of almost?”

[Boss, system got affected by the meteorite which blasted on your mountain and also have to travel to the different plane. So, some of the powers may have changed.]

“So, what are the changes happened?”

[I don’t know Boss. As you unlock all the system powers, you may know about that as well.]

“So, now explain me the devil dragon bloodline? I remember that this type of bloodline is not present in Anime.”

[As you can see, Devil Dragon bloodline is the purest bloodline of the mixture of Devil and Dragon. It is the Bloodline of Shendu with some variations.]

“So, what are the variations?”

[Boss, because it have the power of Devil, you can eat as much as devil fruits you want.]

“What? Are you not mistaken System?”

Allen didn’t wait for system to answer and started to laugh out loud.

Even Hancock and her sisters got scared. Guards standing outside shook their head and thought that this guy really got mad by the fear of being kidnapped.

Allen didn’t know their thoughts. And even if he know, he will not care.

System gave him one more surprise.

[System is not mistaken Boss. And one more thing, you will not be cursed by the sea when you eat devil fruit]


[Yes. And also because it has the power of Dragon, you will get powerful even when you sleep. But this will only happens when you permanently absorb the power of Talismens]


“So, it means I don’t have to exercise ever to get stronger!”


[But only those aspect will increase which Talismen you have already absorded, like you absorb Cow Talismen, so you will get the basic strength and after that you will get stronger everyday]

[And if you don’t have Rabbit talismen then Only your strength increase, not your speed]


Suddenly some voice comes from outside and after hearing those words, Allen almost pee in his pants.

He heard: We are about to reach Sabaody Archipelago Island. After selling these brats, we will find some ladies to play.

After hearing these words, Allen know that he doesn’t have time to enquire about the functions.

Allen directly said to system: “System, Is accepting Bloodline will be painful?? And How much time it will take??”

[Boss, it will not be painful, and it will take only 30 second]

“Good, then start changing my Bloodline….. Hey, wait…. System, will my face change and turn into that ugly Shendu?”

[Boss, I have checked already. It will not change your body shape or face but add one more transformation where you can transform into that Dragon]

“Ok, nice. Then start changing my Bloodline soon, and also start the lottery of Talismen.”

[Ok, Boss.]

[Ting! Changing Bloodline of Host to Devil-Dragon.]

Suddenly warm energy flow comes from the soul of Allen to his body.

In that warm flow, his wounds starts to heal. And even his power starts to increase.


[Bloodline has been successfully changed.]

[Host property status has been changed]

Host: Allen

Strength: 50 (Common human : 1)

Speed: 48 (Common human : 1)

Skill: ?

Innate Skill: Fire, Dragon Change.

Conqueror Haki: Not Awakened

Observation Haki: Not Awakened

Armament Haki: Not Awakened

Talismen: ?

System Space: Talismen lottery x1, permanent Talismen absorbing opportunity x2.

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One Piece: Shendu
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