One Piece: Shendu ch 19

Chapter 19: Choice

He looked at Hancock and Baby, “These are the devil fruits I stole from the Auction house today.”

Shakky on the side got shocked and exclaimed: “You even got Logia devil fruit.”

Allen smiles towards her and said: “Yes.” then he moved towards Hancock and said: “One devil fruit make you the most beautiful girl of the world and also give you the power to petrify them.”

Before Allen explanation got finished, Shakky comes in front of Allen and said: “I want this devil fruit. Tell me about the price.”

Shakky pointed towards the Paramecia devil fruit which just Allen explained.

Allen shook his head and pointed towards Hancock, “You can ask her, if she is ready to give it to you, I don’t have a problem.”

Shakky looked at Hancock, whose eyes are also shining. She looks at Allen’s face and directly gave this fruit to Shakky.

Hancock smiles and said: “I can give this fruit to you, but I want unlimited access to your information house, and also I need a very nice boat.”

Shakky smiles and agrees directly.


Allen first got surprised and asked Hancock: “Do you like this Logia Devil Fruit?”

Hancock shook his head and said: “I don’t even want to eat devil fruit. Eating Devil fruits means that you can’t swim ever. Swimming is my favorite hobby. And I am already the most beautiful girl.”

Allen smiles and takes the devil fruit towards Baby.

“Baby, do you want this devil fruit?”

Baby look at Hancock and finally agreed.

Just after Baby eats that Devil fruit, Allen’s property status has changed.

Allen feels that something has changed in his body, but he doesn’t know. He tried to see property status, but it also didn’t open.


Allen finally decided to go to the Dragon House.

Hancock also knows that after Allen permanently absorbed the snake charm, she can also turn invisible whenever she wants. So, Hancock wants to go with Allen this time.

This time, even Allen has no issue regarding this.

Allen already explained it to Hancock and Baby that the house of Dragon is filled with danger, so you can’t talk and also can’t make noise. We have to stay there for 5 days until the pressure of the Navy will lose. We also stole some money and all the devil fruit from that guy.


Allen, Hancock, and Baby enter into the house of Dragon.

It was fully made up of white marble and just too big.

It must be a perfect place for their hideout. Allen took Hancock and Baby towards the corridor. He looked around to find a perfect room for them.

There are just too many rooms, and also too many servants. After checking for a while, Allen decided to stay in a particular room.

Every room is a luxurious room, so he doesn’t need to decide too much.


Navy is trying to find there clue like a hungry ghost, but they still can’t find anything.

Sakazuki also looking for that damn thief. If he didn’t steal that Devil Fruit, Navy will definitely acquire that devil fruit for him, if they can’t acquire it, he still contacted St. Charloss to acquire that fruit for him.

It is just the most suitable fruit for him, but it’s gone.

Borsalino already got his devil fruit, Kuzan also got his, only he is left alone.

Actually, he was trying to wait for illusion series devil fruit, but these are just too rare, so Sakazuki pick his second best choice, but that fruit is also got stolen.

Sakazuki didn’t know that this time his luck is just too bad, he missed the illusion series devil fruit as well as his Logia series devil fruit.


Sengoku reached to the beach, where he looked towards a boat, which is coming towards the island.

This boat belongs to Beast Pirate group, and if Kaido is on the boat, this will be too disastrous.

But the luck of the Navy is just too good, only some common beast pirates are on board. They are coming here to attend the auction because they heard that there is a Zoan devil fruit for auction.

Beast Pirate group only need the Zoan devil fruit.

Navy also didn’t disturb them, because they are just some little punks which the Navy can handle easily. Currently, their main issue is to find the thief who stole the Logia Devil fruit which belongs to Vice Admiral Sakazuki.


Allen let both stay in that room for some time, and also instructed Baby to listen to the commands of Hancock.

Allen stood up, and looked towards Hancock, and indicated to be careful.

Hancock smiled and nodded.

Allen moved out of the room to find the treasure house, and also some food for both of them.


After around 10 minutes of walk, Allen finally found the treasure room.

Unlike normal cases, this tressure room door is fully opened. It is even without a lock.

Everybody feels that no-one dares to rob Dragon House, because it is just too secure, so they don’t bother to even lock the door.

Allen looked inside and found that whole 100 square feet room is just filled with golds and different type of jewels.

In the corner of the room, there is some treasure chest.

Currently, Allen has no way to take away so much tressure. He also knows that he can’t steal devil fruits today, or navy will get informed, so he needs to just wait for 5 days. After 5 days, system will completely absorb the previous devil fruit and my strength will also be increased.

At that time, I will just steal all the devil fruits from this useless waste, and also took the money for buying a boat.

Allen started to check the number of devil fruit this Dragon has.

“He really is a rich guy. He alone has 8 devil fruits. 2 Paramecia type and 6 Zoan type.”

Now I just have to wait for 5 days more.

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