One Piece: Shendu ch 18

Chapter 18: Dragon state

Allen first time changed into the Dragon state.

He finally knows the importance to increase his bloodline.

Sengoku may have used only 5% of his power, but still, if Allen didn’t change himself in dragon state, he will definitely be injured.

Dragon state directly increases his powers up to 1 time.

Allen asked: “System, which option is good. Directly consume this devil or absorb this devil fruit and then increase my bloodline.”

[Host, are you a fool? You are already a fire dragon, what is the use of directly consuming this devil fruit. My advice is that you absorb it and increase your bloodline proficiency.]

Allen now knows that System also has emotions.

Allen directly ordered the system to absorb the Fire Dragon Devil fruit and increase bloodline proficiency.

[Host, are you confirmed?]


[Host, it will take 5 days to absorb this devil fruit. System will stop working at that time, but you can use the power of Talisman which you have absorbed permanently. Good Luck! Host to survive, Bye]

“What? System… system.”

Allen finally doesn’t know what to do. He can’t stay here in the already destroyed forest. He can’t go to Shakky Bar, because it will create too much problem for her. He can’t rome into the market as well.

Suddenly Allen remembers the house of the Dragon. He knows that no-one will dare to check the house of Dragon.

But did he have to carry this little girl with him?

He can’t let this girl stay with Shakky, because Navy definitely try to find a thief with this clue that this slave girl is also missing.


Allen directly starts going towards Shakky Bar.

Allen picks one paper and writes his condition on it.

Allen and Baby enter into the Bar, and no-one noticed. Even Shakky didn’t notice anything.

Allen walks into Hancock’s room and find that no-one is there. He walks into the backyard and finds that Hancock is practicing.

Allen heart also got warm. He walks toward, Hancock and said in her ear.

“My darling, how are you?” Hancock got shocked and wants to attack, but it was easily caught by Allen.


“Yes.” Allen smiles and removed his power.

Allen and Baby got visible in front of Hancock.


Hancock’s eyes got red once again, and she just about to cry.

Allen hugs her directly and told gesture towards her to stop crying.

“Who is this girl?” Hancock looked at Baby with vigilance.

Baby after looking at Hancock’s eyes, directly hid behind Allen.

“She is our partner from now on. Her name is Baby.” Allen explained.

Just as Hancock about to ask some more questions, Allen looked behind.

“Miss Shakky, it is not good to hear others conversation.” Allen directly said.

Shakky comes out from the Bar backyard, and she smiles.

“I just come to collect my money.”

Allen looks at her and said: “I need 5 more days.”

Shakky shook her head and said: “Even after stealing 3 devil fruits, you still didn’t have the money.”

“It’s not that I don’t have the money, but these devil fruits I got are very useful for my partners, so I can’t give them to you.” Allen directly rejected.

“Ok, that’s not a problem, but can you tell me which devil fruits you got atleast.” Shakky smiles.

“You will know, when you see them eating.” Allen also said.

Allen directly took out two devil fruits which are invisible in his hand.

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