One Piece: Shendu ch 17

Chapter 17: Devil Fruits

First Allen tries to find the information about this Logia devil fruit.

In devil fruit illustration book, only 5 types of logia fruits are printed. But the luck of Allen is really good and found that this is the devil fruit of ‘Magu Magu No Mi’.

Everyone who seen One Piece, definitely know the power of this Magu Magu No Mi.

If you still don’t get it, then check Akainu devil fruit.

It’s the most famous Lava-Lava fruit of one of the future Admiral.

After reading this, Allen finally understands why Sakazuki is currently on the Island.

Allen directly ask his system: “Is there a possibility to take this devil fruit? It is very powerful.”

[Host, you definitely can take this devil fruit, but system can’t help you remove the curse because it doesn’t that level, also it doesn’t match any of your powers, so Talisman also can absorb it to upgrade.]

[Host, do you want to absorb Magu Magu No Mi devil fruit and convert energy for Talisman lottery?]

Allen directly denied system request. This fruit is too powerful to use for just the lottery purpose.

Allen moved to the Paramecia devil fruit. This fruit is really Hancock’s devil fruit ‘Mero Mero No Mi’. After checking this, Allen decided not to absorb this fruit. He wants to give this fruit to Hancock as a gift.

Allen now starts to check which devil fruit is this. He checks the whole Devil Fruit illustration, but didn’t find any mention of this fruit.

This is an unidentified Devil Fruit.

Allen doesn’t want to take the risk to take some unknown devil fruit.

“System, directly absorb this devil fruit.”

[Host, do you want to absorb Fire Dragon devil fruit and convert energy for Talisman lottery or Absorb to increase your Dragon Bloodline?]

“What? Is this the Mythical Zoan devil fruit of Fire Dragon? Hahahahaha.”

[Host, I recommend you to stop laughing for your safety. But you are already got detected.]

Allen really wants to curse himself but he doesn’t have time. He used invisibility power and also inform Baby throw system that not to run or fear or make noise.

Sengoku just comes out from the Auction house and heard someone laughing in the forest. He directly used his observation Haki and not find anyone.

He was a little surprised and thought to check the condition. Maybe he is lucky and finds the thief in the forest.

Sengoku uses Shave and enters into the Forest while using Observation Haki, but he didn’t find anything. But he also knows that his instincts are telling him that someone is in the forest.

Sengoku directly uses the Moon-step and when he reaches at the top of the forest, he turned into golden Buddha and used shockwave attack on the forest, to let that guy come out by himself.

Navy care too much about that Logia Devil fruit, he can’t let that devil fruit fall into the hands of Pirates.



Lots of trees got uprooted and whole area got destroyed like it is natural destruction.

Allen holding Baby body under him and turn into dragon form for the first time. He is still in the invisible form, so Sengoku didn’t found about.

Allen is ready to attack and then run away, but suddenly Marshal phone bug starts to make sound.

“Blur… blur…blur”

“Hey, what happened?” Sengoku asked.

“Marshal, we found that Beast Pirate boats are coming towards Sabaody Archipelago Island! What should we do sir?”

“Kaido!!! Why this madman coming to Sabaody Archipelago Island now?”

“Maybe he also got the information about the Logia Devil Fruit.”

“Ok, where he is? I am coming right away.” Sengoku said.

“Sir, we are in illegal zone, near 38 tree number.”

“Ok, I am coming.”

Sengoku hurriedly use Shave and goes into that direction.

Allen hurriedly check condition of Baby. She was not hurt at all.

Allen finally breath a sign of relief.

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