One Piece: Shendu ch 16

Chapter 16: Sengoku shock!

Sengoku enters into the Auction house, and start looking for the manager to understand the situation.

What surprise Sengoku most is that Manage itself run away from the auction house. All workers of Auction house are running in different directions to run away from this place.

Sengoku used Shave and caught one of the worker, and he asked.

“What happened here? Explain it to me, and I will let you go.”

Worker looks at Marshal and finally calm down.

“Sir, this was not done by me. We only heard the shout of Manager that someone stole 3 devil fruits. When we reached to the office of Manager, he was not there.”

“Sir, I only know this much about it. Can you let me go now?”

Sengoku finally thought that maybe Manager himself is a thief. He ordered the Navy Soldiers: “Search for the Auction house manager and bring him to me.”


Allen already entered into the forest and sitting on the tree.

Allen looks at the little girl which is also looking at him.

“Do you need me?” Baby 5 asked Allen with hopes in her eyes.

Allen touches her head and smile: “Little girl, do you want to be my partner?”

“We will sail all over the world, eat every delicious thing, and live a happy life.”

Baby 5 eyes directly got wet, and starts to cry. Allen immediately put his hand on her mouth to stop her from making noise.

Allen makes a gesture to let her be quiet. After Baby 5 understands, he removed his hand.

Baby 5 look at him and asked once again: “Do you really need me?”

Allen patted on her shoulder and said: “From today onwards, we are partners for eternally. No-one will make us apart.”

“What is your name, little girl?”

Baby 5 drops her head and said: “I don’t have a name.”

“Ohhh, so how about I will give you a name?” Allen asked.

“Really, yes… yes please give me some name.” Baby 5 asked eagerly.

“How about ‘Baby’? It sounds good and also matches your personality.” Allen suggests.

“Baby…. It sounds good. Ok, from now on, my name is Baby.” Baby 5 said.

“Ok then, now sign this contract and we will be partners forever.” Allen showed the contract.

Baby didn’t hesitate to sign it.

She also got the same information, which Hancock gets in her mind.


Allen took out the Devil fruit illustration from his pockets and started to check, which devil fruit he got.

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One Piece: Shendu
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