One Piece: Shendu ch 13

Chapter 13: Search Auction house.

According to the information he has collected from Shakky, Auction house is the best place to get some devil fruit.

According to Shakky, Auction house is planning to sell a Paramecia Devil fruit tomorrow. This means that most probably this devil fruit must be sold with Hancock and her sisters.

If he didn’t save them, then they will definitely be caught in the auction house. And they will also sell them with this devil fruit. Maybe I am lucky and find ‘Mero Mero No Mi’. It will be a perfect gift for Hancock. Or maybe I will eat this myself and became the most handsome man in One Piece.

Nah, it’s good fruit, but it doesn’t suit me much.

Power is the basis of this world, if you are powerful, you can get whatever you want.


After he enters, he knows that he enters from the public main gate. He has to find the backyard or storage room for tressure.

Allen starts to search.

After more than two hours, Allen finds lots of slaves and other guys, but can’t find the devil fruit.

It looks like I have to come tomorrow to get the devil fruit.

After deciding everything, Allen comes out from the auction house.


Allen starts to plan to enter in one Dragon House to check whether they have some devil fruits or not.

After deciding this, Allen directly moves towards the Dragon house.

Dragons which comes to live in Sabaody Archipelago Island, are mostly those who got bored while living in Mary-Joa. Mary-Joa is a preety good place, but after some time it also makes you feel bored, so they come here to torture civilians.


Allen finally reached to Dragon house, but just as he thought about entering, he saw Akainu going inside.

After seeing Admiral in the palace of Dragon, Allen directly changed his mind, and moves towards the market.

Allen know that if he theft from Dragons house now, he can’t take things from Auction house, so make a sequence i.e. Auction, then Dragon house in Sabaody Archipelago, and then Dragon house in Mary-Joa.

If he theft from Dragon house now, Auction will be canceled definitely.


After wondering and sleeping in the forest, a full day almost got out.

Today is the day when Auction will start.

Allen still has time, because it will starts around 11’o clock.

Allen has not worn clothes from yesterday. Because he is Dragon himself and these powers are created out of his body, so it consumes very little energy. It is so little energy that if you eat food on an interval of 2 hours, then you can stay invisible for a whole week.

Allen also likes the feeling of being not disturbed by others. You can eat whatever you want, you can take whatever you want, and also you can see whatever you want. (You know what I mean)

Allen walks into the famous bar, and looked around. He saw a wall where bounty poster are pasted. He walk towards it to find who are the most famous pirates in 1501.

Allen looks at the posters and found 4-5 familiar persons.


Dracula Mihawk.

Red Hair.


Gekko Moriah.

Bartholomew Kuma.


Allen at least feels good about them.

Some peoples are talking about Ohara. When Allen feels that the information is pretty important, so he starts to pay attention to them.

They are carrying some newspaper and discussing.

“So people of Ohora are devils who want to revive the ancient weapon and rule the world.”

“Hahaha, Idiot ancient weapons are just a myth.”

“No, since World Government is so concern about Ohara, that means Ancient Weapons are real.”

“If I get one of these Ancient weapons, I can rule the whole world. Hahahahaa.”

“Fool doesn’t talk like this, if World Government heard this, they will definitely kill you or arrest you.”

“Hey, it also mention that a little girl survive the attack.”

“She is preety powerful, she killed over 1000 navy soldiers, burn down their boat, and run away.”

“Navy starts to call her, ‘Devil Child’. Her reward is even higher than our super star Red Hair Shanks. Hahahaha.”

“What? what is her bounty prize?”

“If I tell you, you will not believe me, so look yourself.”

Allen also got surprised after hearing these details. He know what really happens on that Island but he can’t say this.

That means, Robin’s dangerous adventure already started 3 days ago.

Allen thought: “I have to find her, and let her join my Pirate group. She is a trust worthy person. And even if I don’t take her into my pirate group, after this theft mission, Navy will definately try to find every method to catch me.”

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