One Piece: Shendu ch 12

Chapter 12: Hancock determination!

Hancock eyes are red and asked: “You are not taking me with you because I am not strong enough, right?”

Allen’s eyes became serious, and he said: “Yes, I don’t want you to get hurt. You also understand when you get kidnapped that your power is not enough. And also when you sign the contract, you understand that invisibility power you can only use for 3 hours.”

Hancock’s eyes are red but filled with determination: “Don’t worry, I will practice hard from now on. Next time we will go together on these tough mission.”

After saying this, Hancock turned and moved into the room.


Shakky looks at this scene and shakes her head.

“Boy, it’s not too urgent to collect money for me. It’s a very dangerous plan. If you get caught, then 90% chances are that you will be killed directly. And 10% chances are that you will be taken as a slave for World Noble.”

Allen smiles and said: “I know you are worried about me. But don’t worry, it is too difficult to take my life. And also, I owe you. You helped me, when I was in deep trouble. So, I will repay for that later.”

Allen moved directly towards the gate without looking back.

Hancock is standing at the door of the room and heard everything. She even don’t know why her eyes are filled with tears.


Allen walks out of the Bar, and starts to talk with the system to understand his power better.

“System, why my clothes will not disappear with me?”

[Ting! Host, they will not disappear because you are not able to show the true power of Talisman before you absorb it completely.]

“Ohhhh, So if I absorb this Talisman permanently, then it’s power will maximize?”

[Ting! No, Host. But it is much better than your current condition. It also starts to increase its level with proficiency]

“So, how do I absorb it?”

[Host, you already have two chances to absorb the talisman permanently, but I will not recommend you to use them.]


[Because it will not affect your properties too much. Think, if you find a Devil fruit and with lottery system you get ‘Dog Talisman’ which can provide eternal life. Or you find, ‘Horse Talisman’ which can heal any damage. If you absorb any of these two talismans, they will be more beneficial.]

“You are right. Let’s first go to the auction house and check where the devil fruits are.”


After wandering around on Island, Allen finally reaches at auction area.

He looks at a building which just looks like a football stadium, just this one is covered from the top.

Allen looked around and enter the nearby forest.

He stands on the branch of a large tree. He starts to remove his clothes and hide all on that branch.

Allen finally starts his invisibility and got invisible.


Allen finally walks in front of the Auction house, and looked at the guards.

From now onwards, he has to move slowly as much as possible. Definitely, there are no guards which are as powerful as Rayleigh and Shakky.

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One Piece: Shendu
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