One Piece: Shendu ch 11

Chapter 11: Price

Allen put his hand on Hancock shoulder and let her control her emotions.

Allen still didn’t explain his plan, but from the types of question, anyone can guess that Allen is planning to rob World Nobles.

Allen didn’t know that there was a Phone bug in Shakky’s pocket which directly connects to Rayleigh. Shakky called him when Allen starts to ask the questions.

He was also near the port and planning to board the boat, to send these to little girls to their home.

He was also surprised by the daring plan of Allen.

Allen look at surprised Shakky and asked: “What is the price of all this information?”


Shakky comes out from her thoughts and looks at Allen.

“What are you planning to do?”

Allen smiles and said: “I am not planning to do anything, these are for my future plans, not right now. You just concentrate on telling me the information.”

Allen didn’t want to explain his plans to anyone. If he didn’t have to ask this information, he will not even mention this to Shakky.


Shakky finally knows that Allen will not share his information with her.

Shakky finally smiles and said: “This information will cost you around 200 million Beilay.”

Allen face didn’t change and asked: “Ok, I will pay, as soon as possible.”

Shakky gave him the Devil Fruit Illustration, Mary-Joa Map with mention the specific properties of Particular Dragons and Number of Devil they might possess, Map of Sabaody Archipelago with details, also the information of Auction house which has devil fruit.

Shakky didn’t care about this money, but still wants to hear Allen answer to get some clues about his plans.

Shakky smiles and said: “So, when are you going to pay me 210 million Beiley?”

Allen smiles and said: “I want you to do one more thing.”

Shakky asked with some surprise: “And what is that thing? You know I will never do a thing with money.”

Allen smiles and said: “Yeah, I know. You just have to take care of Hancock for me. I will be back within two day. If I come back safely, I will pay you total 300 million Bailey and take Hancock with me. If I am not able to come back safely, you can take Hancock to Amazon Lilly and ask the Queen to pay 300 Million Bailey. Even if she didn’t pay, you take care of her and I will pay everything with interest to you.”

Shakky eyes shrink and want to say something. But before she can say something, Hancock hold Allen collar and asked while having tears in her eyes.

“Do you want to abandon me? Why do you want to this to me? I stay here for you and now you are doing this!!”

Allen holds her shoulders and hug her directly.

“Foolish girl, why will I abandon you! I am going to do some dangerous task, and you are not powerful enough to participate in it. When I do that work, we will leave this place directly to a much better place, where we will stop by and practice.”

Shakky finally understands that this boy will do something in two days and then run away.

Hancock asked suddenly: “Then why you said that you may not able to come?”

Allen said: “It makes sure that Shakky will get her money and take care of you for better.”

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